McKinsey Recruitment: All You Can Do

In the council milieu, McKinsey is considered one of the best cabinets in the world alongside BCG and Bain. In France, recruitment at Mckinsey concert offices in Paris and Lyon. You can use all the information you need to run in the council in the middle of the big gate.

What is the advice?

Actually, the Council of the Wind lies in the heart of the students and graduates of the Grand Ecoles. The tendency to suppress the audit and the apparatus used as a sector to make numbers on your resume to be able to open many doors throughout your career.

Consultancies or calls to consultancies (or consultancy) are companies that sell services to companies: consultants, employees of private offices who work in particular with companies’ companies to offer packaging and expert training.

The orders to the customers are variable in terms of duration and geometry: a team of consultants can be a composition consisting of only one person with 10 employees. By the way, the consultants can only intervene in some cases or in the rest of the cases at the customer in the form of a recovery and complexity problem.

The consultants can benefit from their knowledge and competence to bring the client a solution that takes a different point of view and in terms of appearance. In terms of this expertise, they are very specialized in a certain area, but there are more types of mission missions:

  • The Council of Strategy: Discipline of the Council The Council, the Council of Strategy, as the indication of its name, all to teach the leaders or the decision-makers of the company in the adoption of the strategy. These missions are reserved for some actions.
  • Management Consulting: In addition to limitations, these mission missions support companies to support companies. The aim is to advise the company on the right way of working, on the desired function and on the way of working.
  • Operational Advice: These missions provide specific advice on specific areas, such as information, marketing and sustainable development.

The term “consulting” generally refers to the two main areas and the law of operational consulting.

McKinsey story

The McKinsey Council cabinet of this foundation in Chicago in the United States in 1926, by James McKinsey, is a professor of integrity. The project is currently under observation by the American Army’s logistics department. He also came up with the idea of ​​using tools and statistics to help companies and consultants in their operational and strategic endeavors. The McKinsey Foundation is dedicated to professionalizing the management of the company, which is illustrated by the expansion of the Master in Business Administration (MBA). McKinsey is based on the following certainty: analyzing the details of quantitative data does not allow us to improve the management and strategic expansion of organizations that are not the most complex activities. This analysis analyzes the effect plus clear and broader reality.

In 1929, McKinsey was associated with Tom Kearney and Marvin Bower. Suite with this new alliance, the council group with a new office in New York. The cabinet was developed and a number of new builds with various long-trusted companies. Toutefois, the various strategic differences between Kearney and Bower. The leading Saudi guard of the Chicago office is unsurpassed for opening new offices and a small part of the United States.

Annie 1939 marked the separation from Kearney’s other offices. Die dédie sa carrière à la Creation de Son Cabinet AT Kearney. The rest of the allies have long been associated with an old business follower. McKinsey was born in 1937. C’est donc Bower qui dirigera l’entreprise jusqu’en 1967. Il a pour ambition de faire de son cabinet une firma attractive en mesure d’attirer les profile les plus talentueux. It certifies that in an atmosphere of hard work and animation of the teams of experts, including the variation horizons, the answers to the big problems of the resident companies are more than one of the intelligence services of the norm.

The Deputy Director’s Advisor: Rising to his McKinsey Cabinet

McKinsey invested in the foundation, in addition to being able to pool the skills of its employees. There are various workshops and consultant meetings in the cabinet, all of which develop further in your company:

In the consultant department, the McKinsey sedans are part of the integration into a team, responsible for one or more missions. It is not possible to be in direct contact with the customer: every new recruit is hired to work on behalf of large companies, NGOs, organizations, etc. to analyze and solve problems.

In a function of expertise and competence development, a consultant plus student ultimately aspires to the role of project leader. This is the best way to work with the advisory teams and oversee the mission. You need at least 3 years experience at McKinsey.

What do you think of McKinsey?

As in all closets, the rooms are comfortable. Chez McKinsey, they are very comfortable. Cela is justifie tout d’abord par a recrutement de profil de haut niveau, possessed des qualités et connaissances très prisées, mais also un rythme de travail soutenu, de la part de l’ensemble des collaborators.

A candidate can save up to a fixed salary of between 45,000 and 60,000 euros. Annual salary is one of the variable variables. At the end of the year, the evolutionary salary that has the responsibility of an employee. A profile of more than 8 years of experience can be applied to a very important salary of more than 100 00 euros corresponding to a variable.

What is McKinsey’s ideal recruiting profile?

The measuring devices at McKinsey

In addition to advising, different profiles are recruited, in the optics of tours, to complete the best service for customers.

The latest posts are available on the McKinsey corporate site in the areas of data analysis, research, digital, design, etc. Et, comme toute grande enterprise, McKinsey a également des Besoinsdans les fonction supports: Human Resources, Finance et Comptabilité, Marketing et Communication, etc.

How do I publish the post customized to your profile?

For those who do not wish to take a test, McKinsey can take a test to determine which subject areas are relevant to their profile and interests.

It is also possible to access the additional resources of McKinsey employees to learn more about their studies, the positions that are prioritized and their specialization.

Which profile will maximize your chances of being hired by McKinsey?

For McKinsey’s recruits, he is in the business of Grandes Ecoles, a management and engineering management. The cabinet is very sensitive to candidates who have completed an MBA.

The recruits are expected to attend to past experiences, so they should be informed of their expertise in a clef domain, used in consultation. This is what McKinsey recruits, parfois of profiles and atypical ones such as medicine, senior officials and candidates available for conceptions in the legal field.

But the connoisseurs don’t have to! In addition, to be hired by McKinsey, it is recommended to have soft skills:

  • A problem-solving ability that is central to an analysis point, but also involves risk, reflection, creativity, etc.
  • Very good relationship quality, but also the strength to enter into long-term relationships of trust.
  • It also provides leadership, agility, strength, and other proficient skills.

We have a repertoire of certain methodological schools that are not affiliated with Jesus the McKinsey:

Top 10 Schools and Universities to Integrate McKinsey

Realizing a stage at McKinsey: is that possible?

It’s all possible to post stagnantly at McKinsey and integrate the cabinet before the end of your studies. The selection is very strict, but it is always possible to have a CDI offer at the end of the stage.

The McKinsey recruitment process

Enjoying the Council’s very good cabinet, McKinsey has a place in the recruitment process: three phases, all plus some additional benefits.

Cet entertiens durent environ une heure et se compont de trois phases. McKinsey is interested in all motives and avenues for candidates, a passage necessary for recruitment. You can see the study of the case to verify that the candidate is able to analyze the situation and complete a solution, but also, plus globally, to answer the questions and attentions of missions that are confusing. And once, in the last part of the contract, there is a period of switching between the recruiter and the candidate who can ask McKinsey’s question.

In the post you can test the inserts that are in demand in the cupboard.

Prepare for entertainment

In addition to the donor candidates for the majority of eux-même and for the majority of the magazine, McKinsey has prepared a practical guide to preparing for entertainment.

The last few videos give a glimpse of what the les-J candidates attend and all sum up the advice to keep in mind when recruiting recruits.

McKinsey’s home recruitment studies

On their company page, McKinsey has 4 sample case studies with fixes and the ability to support candidates and players at their level.

The final questions concerned recruitment activities

See examples of questions found at McKinsey:

  • Speak from my experience or you have the power to lead.
  • Speak from my experience or you will be able to meet a group.
  • Talk to me about your experience or you will be relieved.
  • what are you more than
  • Why do you have the advice?
  • How can a company generate money quickly?
  • What do you want to do when you come here?

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