Meeting with Annelaure Oudinot, new director of the GEM PGE

A few weeks ago Grenoble EM revealed the name of its new director of the Grande École Program. Annelaure Oudinot, former communications director, will take the helm of this flagship formation on 1uh July 2022.

The appointment of Annelaure Oudinot, head of the GEM PGE

How did you come to this position as director of the PGE?

The position had been open for some time. I arrived after ten years as a communications director, with an extraordinary team, full of great projects, launching campaigns, creating a unique brand… I had wanted to move for a while. It was during a conversation that I dared to show my interest in this challenging position.

What made the difference?

What made the difference, I believe, was my knowledge of GEM, the rankings and my atypical profile for a PGE director position. My profile is very focused on the development of marketing, communication and relations with stakeholders. I don’t have a typical background like what you find in other schools. I am more interested in coordination and development. So I will be a lot in the field, internally, but also with prepas, graduates and business partners, to develop this course.

What motivated your choice?

It is very exciting to be on the pitch and to meet people. I also have strong convictions about social engagement and this will be crucial for my stance. My only regret is that I leave an absolutely wonderful team, only to find another equally amazing family.

You said it yourself, you don’t have the typical profile of a Grande Ecole program director. Didn’t he scare you to take on these duties?

It made me and it scares me … And it’s pretty normal! I come with great humility. I can count on all the pedagogical and academic teams, teachers and pedagogical direction who are at the heart of the program and know it. Beatrice Nerson will also be by my side to accompany me in this role. I have a lot to discover, but I have strong teams who know me and who know the program. I have full faith in them.

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Annelaure Oudinot’s projects for the GEM EMP

What are your plans for the Grenoble EM Grande Ecole program?

I am part of the mission-based society project working group. We have focused our commitment on five pillars: ethics and personal integrity, equality, education for all, economic peace and the fight against climate change. This is already present in the teachings of the GEM, but it will be necessary to clarify what we do and take an extra gear on this topic. It is requested by students, by companies. We do not necessarily know, but we have been committed to the issue of sustainability since 2008, with the establishment of an internal steering committee. However, there is still a lot of work to be done on this topic.

The other project is obviously the consideration of all the reforms in progress: the reform of the baccalaureate, the preparation, the competitions. So I started thinking and working on these issues, also taking into account what the preparatory teachers had to say about the preparatory-Grandes Ecoles continuum.

There is also the question of the international. Today we can no longer do as before. We need to consider the issues related to climate change. At GEM, we know that the travel of our teachers and students plays a huge role in the school’s carbon footprint. We want to do things differently on this topic, especially with our new international director. We already have our transcontinental course offering which allows you to specialize in partner universities. The question that arises is: how to engage on these topics while offering a rich experience. We want to ensure an incredible stay abroad that brings great diversity to our students. We work with them on these topics.

Finally, the other important topic is hybridization in the way of teaching. We have a big project in the pipeline: our virtual campus. Things are progressing and some experiments will be launched at the beginning of the school year. We really need to think about our PGE in five years and imagine how we will teach. How to use digital while instilling a school culture and promoting social interactions? Great upheavals are coming and I can’t wait to see how the students take them.

What will your first big projects be?

My first big project will be to visit students, teachers, partners, but also my counterparts. You have to get your hands dirty to move the lines of the Grande École Program in line with the expectations of those who are only in high school today.

Eco-anxiety is an important topic. Today, a 21-year-old student returning to economics school sees that everything is going wrong: the economy, the planet … We want to work with them to show them that we must remain optimistic and that they can be actors in this transformation. We will also offer a brand new module on sustainability and transitions in January.

I have another belief, and that is that technology must be placed at the heart of GEM’s Grande Ecole program. The school was born because the world of science needed a managerial layer. This is the strength of our structure. These understanding of future technologies are essential to enable students to understand and be agents of change.

I am also convinced that there is a need to develop student support and services. We need to implement new measures to support them in every moment of their life, as soon as they encounter career, family, financial problems, etc. There are new services to be invented that will come through my exchanges with them.

I am convinced that we need to develop even more support and services for students: understanding their needs and providing support in every moment of the student’s life: career, family, financial issues, support … it has many new services to invent. These are things that will emerge from the meetings with the students.

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