Melysa Stephenson: Miss Guyana’s latest 2021 shoot

On July 16, Melysa Stephenson will return the crown of Miss Guyana 2021. A handover preceded by a last photo shoot for the beauty queen offered by the Patawa association. Which evokes in passing some anecdotes and memories of filming her during this year of reign.

The latest for Melysa Stephenson. After a year spent between fairs and photo shoots, the sociology and digital marketing student will have to return the crown and find the university benches. But, before taking leave of the scarf, Miss Guyana (ed: I arrive in the top 15 at Miss France) took part in the game of one last photo shoot at the MCMG (House of Cultures and Memories of Guyana) in Rémire Montjoly. Through this photographic session the vice president of the Patawa association, Andressa wants to highlight the beauty but not also the Guyanese heritage of this unique place of conservation of cultural, written, museum and archaeological heritage. “ From the outside, Miss’s shooting may seem like a trivial event, but it’s not. Here we want to play with shades, show this glamorous side through the memory of Guyana and a Miss who was able to reach unanimity. Not everyone knows MCMG and what it is, the treasures that are hidden there. It is also a way to (re) discover our landscapes “.

It is therefore about the Guyana House of Cultures and Memories around some collections of black-brown handicrafts, wickerwork, gifts offered by Rodolphe Alexandre, including the miniature of the Califourchon rotunda … posed by Melysa Stephenson before reaching the roof which offers an overview of Rémire Montjoly and its mountains and ‘Atlantic Ocean .


Melysa is happy to show up in front of the device Kathryn Vulpillat’s photographer. Once shy, she quickly learned the trade. Now a drug addict, Melysa has integrated which angle of her face to present to the photographer and how to pose professionally. “ I was not used to photo shoots, at first I was having a lot of trouble, I didn’t feel comfortable, I was reserved, I was having a hard time being guided, but today I go there today, I have fun, I try new poses. It’s a real job, you have to practice to be completely at ease “not to mention that when you’re a beauty queen, people stop you on the street to take your picture.


“It was a real pleasure with her”

Now at ease in front of the lens, the young woman talks about one of the photo shoots that marked her the most this year. “What I like is the result, the atmosphere during the shoot. What impressed me the most was the first one, but also my swimsuit for Miss France, which I very much appreciated, or the one with the dress of the selection ”.
The official photos of the shooting will be available on our weekly on Friday 1st July.

Five questions to … Nathalie Nouh Chaia vernet, president of the Miss Guyana organization

Was Melysa the perfect Miss Guyana?

(Laughs)! I don’t know if we will have a perfect miss, but Melysa met a lot of criteria. A pleasant, caring young lady, available ready for anything. It was a real pleasure with her, she will be nostalgic for everyone.

What’s the perfect miss for Nathalie Nouh Chaia?

We can say that she is the available miss, close to the population, who manages to be Miss France… I don’t know if we can talk about a perfect miss. In any case, what is expected of a miss is that, and giving everything to go as far as possible to Miss France. It also means being benevolent in her role as Miss, being present for dedications, photos, listening to both the committee and the population. In this sense Melysa was good, always available, smiling, nice and she shone in Miss France with an honorable career finding herself in a beautiful top 15. Guyana was proud of her and it was important because a miss needs to hear the population at the his shoulders to continue and shine in his year.

What do you remember of his adventure?

A humanly rich year. He said I’m his second mom. My role was also to pay attention to his image, to accompany him. She defended the cause of endometriosis that she suffers from, she went beyond her pain to represent, play the role of her Miss. In a word, pride.

You are at your third organization, you are finally working as a chef! What was the most complicated?
(Laughs)! I am a professional organization, in the meantime I have organized the glam night just to name a few.
I took up this challenge with the desire to do and do well. Around me there is a great team of professionals who want to do as well as I do. I think the key to success lies in relationships and rigor, we give everything so that the public, the partners are satisfied.

This year 9 candidates, very few finally… Is it always difficult to have candidates?
The goal is to have 10 candidates, we will always find him. We are very happy to have 9.

Miss Guyana 2022:

The Miss Guyana 2022 gala will take place on Saturday July 16 at Progt de Matoury at 8pm. An event in collaboration with France-Guyane.

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