Mutuelle Mip takes a strategic turn

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Mip is a historic mutual fund, founded in 1929 by the major French oil companies. It started a strategic shift in 2021, to reposition itself in the social protection market. It materialized on January 1, 2022 with a change of name and company name. Formerly called Mutuelle de l’Industrie du Pétrole, it became Mutuelle Mip l’Entreprise Santé, thus acquiring a more interprofessional identity. Julien Remy (Director of Offers, Marketing and Business Development) talks about the current events of the sector, its challenges and the response provided by the renewal of Mip offers.

How is the healthcare sector doing?

In fact, the French are not doing very well. Covid obviously had significant pathological consequences, from the pandemic itself, but also from the complications and renunciation of the treatments it caused. But the consequences go further: we observe the French, in all age groups, withdraw into themselves. Less ties, fewer relationships with the outside world, more refuge in one’s home and habits, more isolation. For me, we have not yet perceived all the impacts of this crisis on the health of the French, and especially on their psychological health.

As for the health system, it is Certain in crisis. Hospitals are suffering and facing great recruitment difficulties. Furthermore, access to treatment remains difficult despite the increase in teleconsultation, as large areas of France are now medical deserts.

Faced with this difficult context, a structural threat seems to emerge, pushed by the “Grande Sécu” project.. It was first mentioned during Emmanuel Macron’s first term and may therefore still be relevant despite announcements to the contrary during the campaign. The goal would be to group all complementary health insurances and merge them with Social Security to form a single organization capable of reimbursing all health care costs.

How does this project risk disrupting the sector?

It is a pharaonic project! It would require immense work and therefore very high costs, for long-term and uncertain results. Furthermore, it does not answer the two questions mentioned above, namely the state of health of the French, and the difficulties that penalize our health system. However, in our opinion, these are the two main issues to be addressed as a matter of priority.

However, the French are very attached to the current social security / complementary health system, as are companies, which it provides the flexibility to build an adapted system through social dialogue. But the “Grande sécu” project threatens this operation, and therefore the complementary health insurance business itself and the tens of thousands of people who work there.

And the state of the insurance world?

It is very tense. During the health crisis, there was talk of a drop in health care costs that was much talked about. It was therefore normal to see a recovery of these expenses in 2021 and 2022. However, the current level of spending goes far beyond a simple catch-up phenomenon and remains at a very high levelin particular following the impact of the health reform at 100%.

The phenomenon exceeds the forecasts of the sector and the usual trend in health expenditure, and determines a strong imbalance on models and contracts. To this particular context is added a further difficulty : the number of work stoppages also continues to rise. It was even higher in 2021 than in 2020 and continues to grow in 2022.

Faced with this unfavorable situation, major price rises are to be feared between now and the end of the year. However, both companies and individuals, some still affected by the crisis, are not ready to face these additional expenses. The imminent arrival of these increases, made necessary by the increase in spending, therefore appears difficult. It is in a period of crisis like this that the mutualist model shows all its strength.

What exactly is the added value of a mutual model?

The Mip is a mutual, therefore non-profit: we do not remunerate the shareholders and our reserves are dedicated to the support of our shareholders. Accompaniment, in my opinion, is exactly what the French are looking for in these complicated times. Beyond a simple reimbursement of their care, they want to find support in the face of the health difficulties they may encounter.

All healthcare professionals have understood this and are stepping up their efforts to provide services and support to their members. I am convinced that the world of mutual insurance, due to its proximity and its strong social dimension, has a key role to play alongside the French in the years to come.

As such, what are the changes brought about by the new identity of the Mip?

Above all, it is a question of repositioning ourselves on the market as a group mortgage specialist, our historic business. Go through both a complete review of our offerand a reactivation of our various distribution channels.

Supply side, we are completely renewing our standard range, aimed at individuals, self-employed workers (TNS) and VSE. We are also equipping ourselves with a quick and easy pricing tool for companies with between 50 and 300 employees and strengthening our technical team for 100% bespoke pricing for companies with more than 300. employees.

At the same time, we are also enriching our service offering in order to better support our members. Therefore, we systematically offer teleconsultation and 2nd medical opinion and will continue to provide new services to our clients and members.

Our strategic change also involves a reconnection to the marketthrough a review of our distribution channels:

  • The direct channel: our historic channel, through which we continue to support our historic customers in the energy and oil sector;
  • Local brokers: we are rebuilding our network of brokers, to whom we propose to distribute our standard offers, which have now been renewed. A digital sales support tool offers them great autonomy in pricing and sales;
  • Main brokers: we got back in touch with the big brokerage, which welcomed us very well. Our reactivity and our professionalism, in addition to the ability to offer an alternative to the large risk carriers, immediately won them over and allowed us to conclude new deals starting from 2021;
  • AG2R THE WORLD: our development partnership aims to form an Energy Pole together, bringing together client companies in a logic of affinity.

This strategic shift, which began last year, is already bearing fruit. We show thus Contribution growth of 4.6% in 2021and growth continues into 2022.

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