Melysa Stephenson: Miss Guyana’s latest 2021 shoot

On July 16, Melysa Stephenson will return the crown of Miss Guyana 2021. A handover preceded by a last photo shoot for the beauty queen offered by the Patawa association. Which evokes in passing some anecdotes and memories of filming her during this year of reign. The latest for Melysa Stephenson. After a year spent … Read more

Meta / Facebook Made Millions From Fake Account Network Ads Company Banned Accounts Promoting Misinformation, But Kept Money

Frances Haugen, leaked a cache of Facebook’s internal searches to the media and the Securities and Exchange Commission in hopes of better regulation of the company. In one such complaint based on these documents, she indicated that Facebook’s own research shows that the social network amplifies hatred, misinformation and political turmoil, but also that the … Read more

The health crisis didn’t just hurt … – Moroccan ladies

Alaoui Yasmine Professor-researcher and consultant specializing in territorial attractiveness and marketing between September 2021 and January 2022 conducted a scientific study on more than thirty-seven tourist facilities and at the same time a study with 675 national tourists who had stayed in a small tourist facility. this same period. Here are the conclusions and findings … Read more

Identity theft of influencer agents: how to fight?

On your Instagram account, you revealed that you were a victim of identity theft as the CEO of the influence agency Soeurette Productions. In practice, how does this phenomenon translate? Janane Boudili: On Tuesday, June 21, I received messages from girls on my networks to inform me that professional emails had been sent to them … Read more

Hadrien Brassens in Australia: “I’ve been coming for 6 months, I’ve been living there for 14 years”

In 2008, Hadrien Brassens left for Australia for six months. Fourteen years later, he’s still there, becoming a recognized digital entrepreneur and starting a family. After so many years in Australia, does he have any plans to go back to France someday? What do you recommend to young people who, like him, go to Australia? … Read more

Menstrual Hygiene Management Market Size Overview by Industry Trends, Market Share, Growth Factor and Forecast to 2029 –

The Menstrual Hygiene Management Market is expected to register market growth during the forecast period, from 2022 to 2027. Data Bridge Market Research analyzes the market for growth at a CAGR of 6.30% over the above forecast period. Increased awareness among physicians and patients of the benefits of hygiene will help propel the market growth. … Read more