Personal branding: commenting on job search results (without being able to)

Published October 1, 2021 at 7:00 amOn October 1, 2021 at 10:14 am

Curriculum vitae, disposable video editions, journalistic detours, concise posts…, affiliates of young people in social media and marketing, market research, change or stage. Souveniz-vous de Lenna et son CV inspired by the magazine L’Equipe ou de Valentin, the disguised candidate.

If you contribute to your promotion and make the personality and talents of these young people visible, they are not epiphénomène in this queue of appelle plus largement le self-promotionunderstand the marketing of soy. “The idea is to communicate who you are, what you have done, what you want to do or what you want to do, and how you feel that communication is coherent, specific and masterful”, auretit Aurélia Dine, professional development consultant in Marseille.

To help you get the most out of it, the best thing you can do in the world is go to business school, marketing school or a pub. The presence of very simple patterns for your personal branding, especially on Linkedin, is the preferred choice of aunts.

Play with words, likes, content…

At the best time, the Apec consultants insist on the use of Mots-Keys in the summer with their goal, the higher sector «With your diploma you can do anything at school and you have experience». They can be seen in the “About”, “Education” and “Skills” sections of your profile. «You multiply the chances of repairing recruitment searches»assures Aurélia Dine.

Also possible, plus surprise and friendly application: «Enter a period or change a character in your profile title». Perfect for linking Linkedin’s algorithm and visibility booster.

Use your level of knowledge, use a sample, publish photos or videos of reports in a report with your professional project, share your portfolio of articles and articles in the press with your (future) measure or field of activity, story your ability, to rest in heaven. Like or comment on job offers, business bosses or experts in expert groups. The content of the content is always in line with professional interests of interest.

Lucas Paupy, student of the study of an alternative to the Republic of Croatia, spoke under the hashtag #LesTrouvaillesdeLucas about regularly regulated advertising by publishers (podcasts, books, articles…). A nice and structured format that can be used to evolve into a question: Do you know? A day in the evening, an exchange of information, an idea or a concept (Susan Kruger Winter’s pyramid of success, the Pygmalion effect, the Kirkpatrick model…) is one of the most interesting areas of interest.

For Kevin Pilot, director of recruitment at Harry Hope, all these techniques «From the relief of a simple CV» and present the adventure “I take the personality of a candidate.” On parfois l’impression de le connaître avant meme de le convoquer à un entretien », sour the head of the head. Encore faut-il savoir maîtriser votre digital identity.

Mastering the traverses

«Gardez bien en tête que tout ce que vous écrivez, liker ou commenter nourrit la qualité de votre profil i le potentiel perçus par les recruiteurs», alert the Advisor Apec. And this is about other social media posts like twitter, facebook, instagram and/or tiktok, you must have a CV online and blog. «Soyez coherent absolutely. I want to find out the dates or titles of different roles between a candidate’s profiles », Pointe Aurélia Dine.

For guests, Numberiques certifies sont à proscrire comme les fautes d’orthographe, un language trop parlé, une foto de profil trop cool, des likes à repeat sans rapport avec l’objectif professionalnel ou des contenus intimes ou polemiques. “Evitez les prizes de position religieuses ou politiques. Rest toujours in the domaine per », advised Aurélia Dine.

Attention also to virtual reality and reality. “I have come to identify candidates who are currently building a very dynamic profile, are volunteer and socially attractive and lack authenticity.” watch Kevin Pilot. A skewed distortion of the Apec advisor: «Ce ne sont pas toujours ceux qui font le plus de bruit qui deviennent les meilleurs assistants ou sont le plus aptes à tenir un poste».

In fact, it is the level of your masterpiece self-promotionthe priority for recruits is still well pragmatic. “We always pay attention to the training, the courses and the skills”assures Kevin Pilot.

Plutôt rassurant, isn’t it?

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