President Elyse’s team

Cabinet of the President of the Republic

General Secretary: M. Alexis KOHLER
Cabinet Director: M.Patrick STRZODA
Head of State Major: Amiral Jean-Philippe ROLLAND
Diplomatic Advisor, Sherpa G20, Sherpa G7: M. Emanuel BONNE
Advocate General Adjoint: M. Pierre-André IMBERT
Special instructions: M.Pierre-Olivier COSTA
Remember the memory: M. Bruno ROGER-PETIT
Assistant Director of Cabinet, Director General of Services: M. Jérôme RIVOISY
Chief of Cabinet: M. Brice BLONDEL
Adjustable cabinet projection: Mme Cecile GENESTE
Technical Advisor against M. Pierre-Olivier Costa, Special Advisor: M.Tristan BROMET
Adviser technique against the Secretary General: M. Raphael COULHON

pole racks

Interior consultant, security: M. Frederic ROSE
Outre Advisor: M. François GUILLOTOU de KEREVER
Judicial Council: Ms Hélène DAVO

diplomatic field

Advisory Council for Advocacy – Strategic Affairs and Disorders: Madame Alice Rufo
African Council: M.Franck PARIS
Conseilère Afrique – Diasporas: Mrs Marie AUDOUARD
Conseiller Afrique du Nord, Moyen-Orient: M.Patrick DUREL
Continental European Council – Turkey: Mrs. Isabelle DUMONT
Global Business Advisor: M. Olivier RAY
Global Management Consulting: Mrs. Ombeline GRAS
Guide Europe: M.Alexandre ADAM
Technical Advice Europe: Mrs. Chloé GOUPILLE
Technical Advice Europe: Mr Jerome GAZZANO
Council of Asia and Oceania: M. Walid FOUQUE

social and health sector

social counseling: Mrs Annelore COURY
Healthy accommodation, disability, people: Mrs. Anne-Marie ARMANTERAS

National education sector, higher education, research and innovation, sport, culture

Educational advice, superior knowledge, research and innovation: Mrs. Anne LAUDE
Consultant culture: Mrs. Rima ABDUL-MALAK
Conseiller sport, JO 2024, club commitment, youth: M. Cyril MOURIN

area economy

Concept of economy, finance, industry: M. Alexis ZAJDENWEBER
Advice on tax and mandatory benefits: M. Gregory ABATE
Consult industry, research and innovation technology: M. Matthieu LANDON
Macroeconomics and Trade Policy Advisor: M. Charles-Henri WEYMÜLLER
Advice on technology, financial services, attractiveness and export: M.Philippe ENGLEBERT
Advise the technique of public participation, consumption and competition: M. Victor BLONDE
Advice on public and numerical action: M. Mohammed-Adnène TROJETTE
Consulting technology for small and small businesses, crafts, tourism and social and solidarity economy: My name is Julia CLAVEL

Area of ​​ecology, agriculture, energy, transport, housing

Concerning energy, environment, transport and agriculture: M.Paul DEDUC
Energy technology consultant: M. Stanislas REIZINE
Environmental technology consultant: M. Benoît FARACO
Transport technology concept: Mrs. Alice LEFORT
Agricultural engineering concept: Mrs. Maud FAIPOUX
Request logging technique: M. Cédric LORET

Territory Advisor: M. Jean-Marie CAILLAUD

Parliamentary field

Parliamentary Advisor: M. Pierre HERRERO
Advisory Board Chairman: Mrs Charlotte DEWITTE
Policy Advisor: M. Maxance BARRÉ

communication field

International Communications Council: Mrs. Anne-Sophie BRADELLE
National Press Council: My quittery LEMASSON
Advisor advice: My name is Sophie WALON

Download the relevant arrests on the composition of the Cabinet of the President of the Republic: September 18, 2017, November 20, 2017, February 2, 2018, August 28, 2018, December 29, 2018, January 11, 2019, February 5, 2019, May 16, 2019, December 12, 2019, January 27, 2020, March 8, 2020, May 19, 2020, July 24, 2020, September 14, 2020, October 5, 2020, October 20, 2020, December 23, 2020, February 2021, April 26, 2021, September 6, 2021 and October 19, 2021.

Principal State of the President of the Republic

Head of State Major: Amiral Jean-Philippe ROLLAND
Chief of Staff Extensions:
– Colonel Jean DE MONICAULT
– Captain of the Vaisseau Nicolas LAMBROPOULOS
– Colonel Pierre REAL
Commissioner and head of the 1is Class Jean LE ROCH
Chief Physician of the Presidency of the Republic:
dr Jean Christophe PERROCHON
Storage help:
– Lt. Col. Cédric LAVISSE
– Captain of the frigate Charles LOY

– Lieutenant Colonel Hugues FOUQUET

Coordinating national recovery and counter-terrorism efforts

National Coordinator for Reconstruction and Counter-Terrorism: M. Laurent NUÑEZ
Coordinator next to the Renaissance and the fight against terrorism: M. Hugues BRICQ
General Secretary: M. Stephane LETORTU

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