Professional Email Signature: 8 Mistakes to Avoid

The email signature is a key element for some companies since most of their employees send emails every day. Thanks to its daily visibility, the email signature is a true communication channel in its own right. Overview of common mistakes to avoid.

1. Not having an automatic email signature

Let’s start with the basic rule. It is important to set up an email signature that will appear automatically every time you want to write a new email. The advantages: you won’t have to retype your data each time, there will be no typographical errors or omissions, and your signature will always be identical and well presented, a guarantee of your professionalism.

Advice : There are two solutions to get automatic email signatures: they can be managed by specialized email signature tools, or you can do it manually in Outlook or Gmail messaging.

2. Use only one image as an email signature

If your email signature is a simple image in JPG or PNG format, you will face several problems. You run the risk that your signature will not appear at the end of your email, but rather as an attachment in certain messaging services. Another downside: your text elements like your phone number or email address can’t be easily copied and you can’t add different links depending on your needs (social media for example).

Advice : If you prefer the text format for your contact details, this ensures that your items will be displayed to your recipient, and that the recipient can easily retrieve these items if needed. However, this does not prevent you from adding a marketing banner in addition to this text.

3. Not harmonizing company email signatures

If the email signatures in your company are not harmonized, this can affect your brand image. It is recommended to standardize the email signatures of your collaborators: logo, colors, fonts, text sizes, structure, etc.

Advice : you can create a common signature template for everyone (or a dedicated template for each sales team) and apply it manually directly through professional messaging. Another possibility: there are tools that manage your employees’ email signatures from A to Z and make it easy to update them with all departments.

4. Use fonts that might not display

Be careful with the fonts you use, some may not be displayed correctly in the mailboxes of your customers or suppliers. This can happen if you use a font that is not one of the standard fonts that come pre-installed on most PCs.

Advice : Here are some common web-safe fonts you can use in your email signatures: Arial, Tahoma, Verdana, Trebuchet, Courier, Lucida, Times New Roman, Georgia, Palatino, Impact, and Arial Black.

5. Not including your email address in your signature

Some email providers don’t display your email address in the sender’s “From” field, preferring to display your name instead. That’s why it’s relevant to include your email address in your signature, making it easy for those who want to quickly copy your address to send it to someone else, for example.

Advice : make sure your email address is clickable. In Outlook, if the email address is inserted correctly into your signature, your contacts can click it to create a new email for you.

6. Continue to display banners that are out of date

Classic bug: keeps showing an email signature that is no longer up to date. It’s actually very easy to forget to change your signature. For example, you inserted a marketing banner to promote an event organized in March and continue to distribute this banner in April. This does not reflect a good image for your company and can cause a feeling of disappointment among your customers, prospects or suppliers.

Advice : To avoid this type of problem, you can set an alert on your calendar to remind you to modify your signature on a specific date. You also have the opportunity to go through a specialized email signature tool that will allow you to configure the distribution period of the banner in question.

7. Add too many links

Have you planned a firework display of links in your email signatures to increase your conversions? Is not. If there are too many links, your email signature will appear too “busy” in the eyes of your recipients, and perhaps a little too “commercial” as well. Finally it is relevant to add a limited number of links with fairly short text.

Advice : If you want to add your social networks, select the accounts in which you are most active, it is not necessarily necessary to put them all. Instead of adding text links, favor social media icons (smaller and more visually appealing).

8. Forgetting to test your email signature on different messaging systems and devices

Each email service has its specificities. Your email signature template displays correctly in Outlook, but is it in Gmail? On the support side, the representation of your signature may also be different on mobile since the screen is reduced.

Advice : remember to test your new signature model by sending an email to the main messaging systems (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Apple Mail). Also test on your smartphone to make sure there are no annoying lags regarding your contact details and embedded links.

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