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Start-up specialized in Adtech-Martech, Dataïads intends in its business to connect the website and the media seamlessly. But it’s not that simple when advertisers don’t always check their first-party data. Raphaël Grandemange, its CEO, details the contours of a study he requested to raise the debate. And offer solutions. Interview.

CB News: With Happydemics, Dataïads publishes a study on the relationship a marketing department maintains with its first party data. Such a mysterious relationship?

Raffaello Grandemange: We know, as a matter of fact, the end of the use of third-party cookies is near and it is a movement at a good point. For almost 18 months, the most advanced marketers have been trying to measure the impacts and understand the effectiveness of the various alternatives, numerous and constantly evolving. Through this study, during which we interviewed almost 200 marketers (CMO, Media Director, etc.) last January, we tried to understand what the impacts were for companies and the most promising alternatives from the point of view of decision makers.

CB News: Is the end of third-party cookies the starting point, the marker of a new era?

Raffaello Grandemange: The end of cookies is to reshuffle the cards of the market. Several alternatives have been identified, but none have yet really taken hold.

Contextual targeting: I target an audience based on its context (e.g. men on the team.fr or through a semantic page analysis).

Registered Audience: I rely on authentication data to activate high-value audiences, retouch them, and / or create similar extended audiences.

Cohort logic: I appeal to a large group of people with similar browsing habits and whose members presumably remain anonymous. This is, for example, Google’s TOPICS test solution.

The use of proprietary data known as first party data: I use my proprietary data (analytics, CRM, stock, etc.) to create high-value audiences that can be activated in the media.

Our study shows that advertisers are inclined to find new solutions from the end of third-party cookies and will continue to test these alternatives for several months to determine the most effective devices – the right mix of ROI, privacy and consumer trust.

CB News: an equivalent marker for all sectors?

Raffaello Grandemange: The impact is felt in all sectors, without exception. On the other hand, it is true that sectors that have access to proprietary data (retail, travel, finance, etc.) have a more efficient and sustainable alternative. We also note that the level of digital maturity and the size of the company create significant disparities. 26% of respondents have not yet identified a sustainable alternative by testing in the past 18 months. This is an opportunity for them to perform faster by being accompanied by specialized agencies or consultancy firms.

CB News: What are the most surprising results of your study for you?

Raffaello Grandemange: I am surprised at the low usage of proprietary data. Another 40% of advertisers don’t use them and only 30% use them a lot in their campaigns. The brakes are clearly identified by advertisers: data quality, interconnections and a lack of technological tools.

CB News: Did the results question you?

Raffaello Grandemange: The results of the study are fairly consistent with what we observed in our discussions with advertisers and partner agencies. However, it’s interesting to note that proprietary data is often associated with analytics, but few advertisers use it in their media campaigns. We really see a disconnect between the website world and the media when it’s a very strong source of value creation.

CB News: What are the answers given by Dataïads?

Raffaello Grandemange: Dataïads allows you to connect the site and the media without interruption. We allow through our innovative Post Click Experience approach to personalize the user experience as close as possible to the specificities of the online acquisition levers. We create landing pages for personalized media campaigns using proprietary and media data. Thus, thanks to our technology, we allow to increase the return on ad spend (ROAS) of acquisition campaigns by up to 15% and with an extremely rapid implementation in a few weeks and with minimal IT intervention. In just a few months, around twenty first-rate clients such as Galeries Lafayette, Conforama, L’occitane and Vestiaire Collective have already placed their trust in us.

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