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Wavestone is a French company specializing in management and digital consulting. She founded this fund in 1990 under the name Solucom and officially changed it in 2015. In the plenitude of the crown, the Wavestone group received a large majority in their recruitments.

Wavestone presentation

In 2019, the group realized a number of deals worth 359 million euros. The company employs 3,500 people worldwide and is represented in 14 countries around the world.

Mission of Wavestone

In order to define Wavestone’s mission, it is important to refer to it in the doctrine The Positive Way. In an environment of constant change, Wavestone strives to integrate the big companies and world organizations in the transformation process in a positive position for all. The corporate purpose is effective have a positive impact on the world, the environment, in aid companies that are not. Wavestone defends the idea of ​​being transformed into a transformation without revival without enthusiasm.

Description of the Wavestone activity

Wavestone is not an advisory cabinet in an MMB strategy. The group fait you Consulting on transformation and digital, this is a way of helping the structures to change their function, products or economic model, integrating the logic of new technologies. He is a specialist in cyber security, IA, big data and digital strategy.

Wavestone has six areas of expertise: Supply Chain, Finance and Risk Management, Management and Innovation, Marketing and Customer Experience, Strategy, Change and Men’s Management.

Wavestone a night of work on la Eurostar experience refund, or help Orange Bank launch new platforms 100% online.

Company history and values

The Wavestone Group was founded in 1990 by Michel Dancoisne and Pascal Imbert (who is currently the company’s CEO). This is an initial société de advisil en reseaux. She was born in 2001 in Idesys, a company specializing in security technology. The group also acquires other companies in this field and measures their development (Arcome, Dreamsoft, Vistali, KLC, etc.). In 2009, all brands will be brought together under the SoluCom umbrella. Its activity is aujourd’hui regroupée en six practices.

In 2015, Solucom met with Kurt Salmon, a subsidiary of Management Consulting Group. The two entities are merged and present under the unique Wavestone name.

This group is divided into other Council cabinets Culture very welcome to be employed, who prefers the persistence of innovation and goodwill. C’est aujourd’hui toujours Pascal Imbert qui assure les fonctions de directeur géneral.

Wavestone business model

group organization

The Wavestone organization is designed as a classic cupboard, you’ve come to the right place. Bureau répartis dans le monde entier. Wavestone to 8 other locations in Europe (not 4 in Paris, Nantes, Paris, Lyon and Marseille), two in the United States (Philadelphia and New York), Casablanca and Hong Kong.

The Cabinet is controlled by an Executive Committee headed by the General Directorateconstitute elle-même des membres du Directoire.

In addition to bringing the teams together at the objects within the framework of a unique project, the Executive Committee is large and integrated with the team representatives.

Who are Wavestone’s main competitors?

Contrairement à ce que l’on pourrait penser, Wavestone is not in competition with the Big Three (Bain, BCG and McKinsey). The company is fully equipped with cabinets in RSE, digital cabinets and digital conversion cabinets, as well as special cabinets with circuit breakers. On the other side of the competition are Square, Stanwell Consulting or Sia Partners.

Wavestone customers

The Wavestone clients are switched on very different profiles : Management consultancy for banks, insurance companies, industrial companies, telecommunications companies, media, public sector players

cabinet action

Wave stone is a Cottage company in exchange, on Euronext Paris. 35% of the courses are floating. The FIH grade is 25% Wavestone and 15% FDCG. 9% of the company’s salaries.

Wavestone Development Strategy

Wellenstein a four dominant axes to look for the preparation of the world. The company will be able to pay attention to the bank of the future, which will be revolutionary for technology and will not offer to diversify more adapters for all customer profiles.

Wavestone is looking for a comment item to redefine demon mobility to be more ecological and to work on Mobility As a Service.

The group also deals with the modernization of the state, not only thanks to Govtech, the startups working in new technologies and the public sector. Wavestone’s last chanting is accompanied by the conversion of energy notation to digitization.

Would you like to work at Wavestone? The next section is great for you!

Wavestone: Recruitment, Preparation and Entertainment

Discover all the information about possible resources, search profiles, in the recruitment process, the internal mobility program, as well as the facilities that we have collected in this section.

Recruitment: The offers are possible at Wavestone

Wavestone offers more resources: in consulting, in business development and in cross-divisional functions. The company also offers junior consultant levels, as a Junior Account Manager or in various positions, such as in the Republic of Croatia in the Finance Directorate. Certain contributions are equally accessible and alternative.

Which profiles would you like to recruit at Wavestone?

creativity and ability to innovate are in the Wavestone consultation process. They are two cardinal values ​​for their actions, all the assistance, the competence of the team, the example and the passion. Yearly, lThe company organizes the company “The Idea”, a challenge one day to create an innovation capable of occupying the people of its employees.

When starting a business school, they are more natural, the profiles of engineers who are skilled in big data and AI are very welcome.

Recruitment process at Wavestone

After a classic candidacy procedure (curriculum vitae, letter of motivation), the postulants pass a state rehabilitation candidate and a party with a company audit for the candidate election. Postgraduate candidates for cross-sectional and commercial functions pass the PAPI® test . It is possible for provincial or provincial candidates to pass part of the recruitment process in Visioconference.

Internal mobility program: a force to recruit Wavestone?

Wavestone Church too Promotion of internal mobility of employees, that is a change of job or a change of office.

Remembrance Grill: What are the recruitment facilities at Wavestone?

statute post Office salary
CDI Junior Advisor €40,000
CDI Junior Consultant (3 years experience) €45,000
CDI Senior Advisor €50,000
CDI Industrial Engineer (Junior Level) €40,000
CDI Industrial Engineer (Senior Level) €56,000

These salons are indicative and based on data we need to get back.

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