Search Results: 7 Steps to Finding with LinkedIn

If you want to work, this is not your priority. I want to make your decision from your freshman year. Et pour cela, you are LinkedIn! Not at all, the student explains the strategy of using the most professional social media of the most popular.

LinkedIn: In some years, the American professional network is an unassailable job hunt. How do I get the maximum profit? Perform a second stage fashion.

1. Create your study profile

“The time to build and install a professional solution. A student cannot discover LinkedIn at the moment of searching for a stage or role, Prefect Cécile Garofoli, career development consultant at the APEC (Agency for the Employment of Frames) of Bordeaux. This is the first year of higher studies, you have to create your profile, “You have to be a professional project, not very precise yet, not very mature for Baccalaureate + 1”, said Cécile Garofoli.

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If you have 50 new contacts or 60 people trying to keep their attention, you should be able to solve your problem by the last year of the course. “In return, as 12 or 15 comrades you have the rise and your responsible formation or your tutor on stage, you are always there!” said Cécile Garofoli.

2. Make your profile attractive

Profiles with photo seraient 14 fois plus consultés que ceux qui en sont depourvus, à en croire LinkedIn. You know an image you have in bravery. Make sure to have a live phase with them Vestimentaires codes your future employment ou, à defaut, jouez la sobriété. Snap a photo of a festive setting with a Hawaiian chemist!

Choisissez ensuite un titre percutant avec un adjectif pour vous distinguished. You don’t want to be able to spell “student” like you have a good profile name. You are right in my life, in this formation or in this facility this year : “Sophie student at the Rennes School of Business”, “Quentin student in 3rd year of modern license at the University of Paris Est-Marne-la-Vallée”… De toute façon, vous pourrez modifier le titre de votre profil au fur and to measure what you are doing in your training courses.

3. Reduce the summary to the words

The summary serves to attract recruits. Count between 40 and 50 mots. Reduce eyebrows and concise by declaring that you are unique and correspond in the slightest to your (future) professional university : digital marketing, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, engineering… You can add a summary of your documents by email in value and proof of competence.

For now, you can copy the “Education” sections to “Work Experience,” mentioning the possible positions, jobs, benefits, and other engagements. Like a classic resume! For the sake of experience Reveal the song with the keys, play the mission concerts and the results are similar to those used.

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I do not know your other competencies as a master of an extracurricular language, a sporting or artistic discipline, as well as the possible training in the line that you must dedicate. These elements are very different. “Are you studying accounting at business school? I have a job as a salesman at Decathlon, specifically Cécile Garofoli. , for example.”

4. Reject contact and referral requests

Ceci fait, vous pouvez soliciter vos premieres recommendations i other des mises en contact. “Misez sur la quality plutôt que la quantity”, said Cecile Garofoli. We recommend you to a professor, a responsible teacher, a colleague or a manager who has given you a lot of professional experience (degree, stations, alternatives). The component is the first circle of your professional network. Dans vos demandes, mention competencies for lesquelles vous voulez être recommended: Community Manager, Expert du Java…

Find out about personality influences in your domain : Valérie Dagand for digital transformation, Stéphanie Carpentier for management and human resources, Olivier Cimelière for communication are the first competent voices on LinkedIn, which publishes a ranking of “influencers” every year.

5. Solititez des Entretiens Metier

Plutôt que de leur demander s’ils on off stage à offrir, use LinkedIn for joindre of professionales and williciter of “entretiens metiers”. “The agit – au-delà de votre savoir académique – d’apprendre le quotidien concret du metier auquel vous vous destinez”, translated by Cecile Garofoli. I don’t like the trailer.

On this basis, it is a plus that you can apply for a candidate that matches a company’s certificates. “Do not hesitate to include the specialists who are interested in you”, Alexandre de Gennaro, housekeeper. You can learn how to complete your studies in three, six or 12 months and what advice you can give for starting your career. Complete a 15 or 20 minute meeting in person or over the phone as needed.

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A tactic you can backtrack with a wealth of information and more than the help of your prospective contractors.

6. Publish your first posts

Your articles (posts) are credible and will help you establish yourself as a professional in your field. “What you learn in the course you will be able to evaluate the community of your community to take on a stage or a job”, specifically Cecile Garofoli. First thoughts about the adopter: “Enroll in a report with your future teacher in groups. Recognize what will be the help of other professionals who can “like” or share.” You can also build your next line“.

The most beautiful works to share are articles that have been edited. A little girl can be married to a post that is in the middle of nowhere. For example, if you are a student at a business school majoring in human resources and you have decided to do a job in vocational education reform: you will be interested in a community of responsible HR. Attention: prefer an idea for the post. If you have ideas, you can look at the feuilleton and plan the publication of your articles for three months.

7. Use LinkedIn to prepare your listings

Response to an offer, spontaneous application y ya y est: vous avez enfin décroché un rendez-vous pour un entretien de recrutement. One last recommendation: Consult LinkedIn companies and people links with questions you need to visit. For businesses, you need to work on your activity and news activity. With the people (plant manager, HR manager…) you can discover the similarities or all of our areas of interest. Vous pourrez ainsi lancer, ou relancer, la discussion à partir d’une passion commune – à beginner par le metier – et ainsi briser la glace.

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