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Here is a series of 3 videos on natural referencing learning, training, knowledge monitoring, what’s new in the field and monitoring that is always needed. In this first video I wanted to show you the general overview of learning SEO as I see it…

Learning natural referencing is a process that can be quite lengthy, but must be mastered from start to finish as part of a rigorous methodology applied over time.

This involves several phases that I invite you to discover in this video, as I envision them, and which formed the basis for the creation of the various websites and services of the Abundance network… But of course this diagram applies to many others Opportunities available on the web.

So you will learn more about it by watching this video number 225:

SEO training and learning: general overview – video #225 proposed by Olivier Andrieu (Abondance). Source: Abundance

Transcript of SEO Video 225: “SEO Training and Learning: General Outline”:

“Hello and welcome to this 225th Abundance video where I wanted to talk to you about learning SEO in the form of a video series: How do you ultimately learn SEO and how I definitely see it. So I wanted to start this first video with the overall chart of my SEO opinion.

Of course, learning SEO comes at the beginning: we have little information, little knowledge, so we have to learn the theoretical basics of SEO. That’s the sine qua non and the obligatory passage, you have to learn the theory. And you can learn that either through quality training – you honestly can’t ignore training, you need training x or y, we’ll talk about that again – and or reference books on the subject. There are a number of them. Once learned, one has acquired these basics, there is no picture, one must put them into practice. This is how we learn SEO: first the theory and then we create websites, our own websites for example, and we try to position them, we try to optimize them, etc. Hands in the SEO mud! This is how you really learn SEO by putting the theory you learned before into practice. Then, of course, when you have a few hours flight, you shouldn’t stop there and continue to pursue your knowledge, because it’s a world that more or less changes, well, changes over time, years, over months and sometimes over days. Here, too, knowledge is monitored via two building blocks, I would say: the news, i.e. the news from the search engines: Was there an update that was started by Google? Are there new beacons? Etc. So it’s really just news, new things, things that happened recently. And then there’s the day before, which are feature articles, testimonials, or informational articles, etc. It’s not necessarily pure and hard news, but it’s people telling a certain number of things, and that can be interesting. It’s a watch we make by reading articles.

There we are on the global SEO learning chart for me, and in fact it was this chart that prompted me to create the Abundance Network 25 years ago because I really wanted to answer each of these points, each of these building blocks: the education I hope is of high quality with, the books you may have seen are presented from right to left on the site, daily news with and then the day before and in – Article once a month on Where abundance is a bit of everyday life, I’m definitely trying to make it everyday SEO practice, Réacteur is more like a magazine, with much more in-depth articles and much less up-to-date. This is how I see learning SEO and this is how I created the Abundance Network on top of this structure.

But of course you are not obliged to follow Abundance’s training courses, books and pages! There are obviously other options and we will see them in future videos but in terms of training I think there is one thing that is very good at the moment and that is what SEO Camp is doing – I have the URL on here inserted into this slide – which is in the process of identifying and validating good SEO training somewhere in France, flagging it, and it really is something that is very good! I think if you do one of these training courses with the SEO Camp label, you won’t get any nasty surprises. I think that’s important at this point because unfortunately in this space we find a little bit of everything over time. For reference books it’s not complicated, just go to an online bookstore or your favorite bookstore, it’s easy. For the news and the day before we will talk about it in the following videos.

Of course, three sources of information are essential and unavoidable for the news: Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal, which offer a lot of information about SEO, but that will be part of the next video, and in the next video I will talk to you about the Talking about monitoring how I do my monitoring and how we can set up quality monitoring at an SEO level, but that’s for the following videos.

As usual there are some videos to look up on here about training, learning etc. SEO, I’ve done quite a few of them. Don’t hesitate to watch them again, it’s also part of the training to review videos uploaded in the past. That’s it, thanks a lot, have a great week and see you soon for a new Abundance video! Thanks very much ! 🙂 »

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