“Shift by Converteo aims to promote simplicity and transparency in a world known for its opacity and complexity.”

Can you tell us something about your Shift By Converteo offer?

Layer of Converteo is an offer aimed at helping advertisers win back digital media purchases through various interventions ranging from strategic advice to management and operation of search, social, programmatic channels (display / native / video / audio / …) and affiliation are enough. In other words, we help advertisers gain transparency, agility and performance.

By offering our clients to place our consultants directly at the heart of their teams, we offer our clients a better understanding of the different media buying techniques and consequently regain control of their investments and strategies. As a fighter for a transfer of skills, our interventions are always transparent, both economically and operationally.

With the merger of the consulting company and a media agency of the new generation, Layer of Converteo aims to promote simplicity and transparency in a world known for its opacity and complexity.

After a year of activity, what is the evaluation of the Shift by Converteo offer?

This first year of activity was marked by great successes. Overall, we have been able to help several advertisers go further in their digital media mastery.

Several types of customers have trusted us in this first year.

  • Retailers looking for flexibility and optimization of their media investments in increasingly complex omnichannel strategies. Our support, which integrates both consulting and operations, has made it possible to ask the right questions about management, which is increasingly torn between multiple goals.
  • E-merchants looking to gain in responsiveness and economy. The integration of Postponement by Converteo teams allows the acceleration of a certain number of projects, allowing to control the activations according to the business problems
  • Multinational companies that streamline their investments through the regionalization and hybrid internalization of the tools and skills inherent in the management of the main channels.

In any case, we have managed to demonstrate several significant advantages:

  • The need to bring operational media professionals closer to marketing managers and directors
  • A practically systematic financial gain, even if media purchasing is entirely entrusted to Converteo consultants (gain that can exceed 20%).
  • The ability of the internal media buying model to redefine media strategies according to each advertiser’s challenges

Is the notion of internalization still relevant in the current healthcare context and the standardization of telework?

Yes, more than ever, because the hybrid internalization that we can offer our customers is not incompatible with teleworking. The sense of belonging to a company, to a project and to a team is not only conveyed by being in the same premises.

Overall, by offering consultants to a client, we facilitate the integration of our teams with the advertiser. Our consultants find themselves invited to all internal committees (as if they were employees), this unique internal agency approach at the advertiser allows them to understand the issues of a company in detail and thus more effectively translate them into strategy and implementation media campaigns.

Media buying professions have become more complex in recent years: evolution of platforms towards more automation, centralization of investments in walled gardens, difficulties in measuring in an omnichannel and cookie-free world, … the profession of search, social or programmatic media retailer necessarily needs to be in daily interaction with members of the other marketing teams to meet its new challenges. As part of our missions, we therefore participate in numerous projects in coordination with the CRM teams on Audience Journeys, with the data teams to continue measuring despite a context of more complex data collection and processing, or even in e-commerce and analytics teams to To provide digital pathways that facilitate conversion. Aware of the challenges inherent in the industrialization of businesses programmatically (i.e. search, social ads and programmatically via DSP), Converteo has all the skills to help advertisers maximize their investments using proven methods (Build) and to optimize the management of campaigns in platforms by media buying experts (Run).

More than 300 consultants at Converteo dedicate themselves to data topics in the service of marketing. Our 40 media experts maintain a strong proximity to all other areas of expertise of the company (analytics, CRM, data, customer knowledge, etc.); As a result, they become stronger and more sensitive to the digital and data-related challenges of our customers.

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