Should we still be doing SEO in 2022?

We regularly hear that SEO is dead because Google increasingly favors direct results without linking to an external page. But what really is in 2022? Still need to do SEO? Let’s check in!

The internet has evolved over the years. Also, the way a website should advertise itself. As I am sure you have understood, we are talking about natural referencing (SEO). At the beginning of the millennium, SEO techniques were very simple: all you had to do was spam a keyword to get the best possible positioning in the search engines of the time (including Google). From now on, it’s easy to believe that strategy is becoming more and more content-centric. Therefore it is legitimate to ask whether it is still necessary SEO in 2022. let’s check in

Google’s developments in 2022

As every year, natural referencing is evolving, and 2022 is no exception to the rule. In addition to the fact that the content is becoming more valuable and therefore promoted by the American giant, other developments can be observed.

One of them might be particularly interesting: spam If you don’t know what it is, it’s just SEO abuse. Specifically, it’s about making search engines like Google believe that a page is of good quality, when it isn’t necessarily the case. For example, one way to do spamdexing is to create mass backlinks to the website you want to point to. Result: Search engines might think that the website (or one of the pages of the website) is important when it isn’t. Nowadays, This type of technique is heavily penalized by Google.

However, this is not the only development for this year 2022. We could also talk about the MUM algorithm that allows us to better understand the searches of Internet users, the passage ranking that highlights an excerpt from a page or the sites again with highlights best user experience. Anyway, referencing your website in 2022 has never been more important… and perhaps complex ! In fact, having multiple skills is crucial to accomplish this.

How to optimize your website for Google

With complexity increasing every year, it is often necessary to turn to a natural referencing professional. For this, Hire an SEO agency or consultant like, which is a valuable help for those who want to learn about SEO, turns out to be reasonable. So if you bring in a professional of the genre, you have two solutions: take a training course or delegate the work.

By training with an SEO expert, you will learn all the basics of good SEO for Google, but also for other search engines. We could make a small list:

  • Create relevant content
  • Fill in SEO tags (Title, H1, Description)
  • Get to know search engines like Google
  • Development of a global SEO strategy (as well as netlinking)
  • Know how to use social media to your advantage
  • Learn how to speed up your website
  • Make your website easier to navigate
  • Etc.

The advantage of such training is that you improve your skills every day. What you learn will always be useful for your SEO in the long run! However, as we have already explained, natural referencing is a technique that has evolved over the years. To go further it is necessary to consult a consultant or an SEO agency to delegate the work.

Therefore, if you have the budget, working with a service provider is the best solution. The latter are always up to date on developments in search engines such as Google. Better still, through his skills and experience, he will be able to highlight all the strengths of your activity while eliminating as much as possible the weak points: These are the basics of a real SEO project. In addition, you can gain a lot of time for your activity, which remains the heart of your company.

A growing interest in natural referencing

For almost 20 years, more and more people have been interested in SEO. You just have to consult Google trends to notice it: Searches for the term SEO are becoming mainstream. How can this be explained? In the end it’s quite simple, companies now use SEO agencies or SEO consultants. The development of a website is therefore no longer possible without natural referencing and companies have understood this.

By addressing a web referrer, companies are therefore first looking for an SEO audit to be carried out. This allows, among other things, to know where they are located and which axes need improvement. Plus, it’s almost a necessity now: if your business doesn’t do it, the competition will take care of it (the interest in natural referencing clearly shows it), and you’ll lose positions on Google… And so, over time, in sales. Anyway, having an SEO strategy and working on your digital marketing is more than essential these days if you want to develop your business.

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