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Mobile gaming has exploded in recent years. Research shows that the number of mobile game players worldwide will reach 2.69 billion in 2022. Additionally, mobile games dominate the App Store revenue share (66%). We can expect these numbers to continue increasing in 2022.

We also see from more detailed data that the mobile gaming boom has brought more people to work in the mobile gaming market in recent years. According to SocialPeta’s White Paper on Global Mobile Game Marketing 2021, many regions around the world are reporting increasing numbers of mobile game advertisers. For example, North America had over 41,000 mobile game advertisers in 2021, an 18.7% year-over-year increase.

It is believed that mobile app companies will increase their spending in the new year as more and more of them have felt the need to constantly optimize their project setup and product marketing strategies. Product quality competition is a growing trend in the mobile application market, especially in the mobile game market with increasingly improved game graphics and gameplay. Therefore, game companies must win with their technical and innovative skills in the future.

SocialPeta has been in the mobile game and app industry for almost 10 years and has worked with over 70% of the world’s famous mobile game and app companies. Using proprietary advertising data and analytics, SocialPeta helps game and mobile app companies track macro market trends and help them differentiate their great apps in highly competitive markets.

Help Soha Game reduce its CPM by 15%

In order to get more installments of their mobile games, Soha Game’s marketing team invests big money in ad creation and brand promotion on social media every year. Before using SocialPeta, they had to spend weeks analyzing their competitors’ creations and games, as well as market trends. Many opportunities were lost due to wasted resources and time in mobile marketing. With SocialPeta, they can now effectively take care of all these issues.

According to Soha Game’s marketing team, after using SocialPeta, there was a drop in CPM of around 15% and a drop in CPI of around 10%. And with tons of ad data provided by SocialPeta, Soha Game doesn’t have to waste money trying different ads. Because SocialPeta gives them better options and more data to analyze the advertising effectiveness of their competitors.

Help Garena stand out in highly competitive markets

As a leading developer and publisher of online games with operations in over 130 markets around the world, Garena needs to constantly and closely monitor marketing trends and changes in competing products in different markets. Working with SocialPeta is a very effective way for them to get to know their target markets quickly. SocialPeta’s ad intelligence provides Garena with a massive database of over 1.2 billion ad data, which helps Garena perform multi-dimensional data analysis. Garena can draw inspiration from many advertising campaigns, which saves it a lot of time in ad design, and it can also gain insight into its competitors’ actual advertising activities, including their advertising platforms, their target markets and the changing trends in their marketing campaigns.

Discover more features of SocialPeta

SocialPeta is one of the world’s leading advertising and marketing platforms dedicated to providing advertisers and publishers with the best ad creation and marketing strategies.

SocialPeta covers 70 countries and regions and more than 70 well-known advertising channels around the world, including Unity, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. We offer nearly 1.2 billion ad creations and update millions every day. SocialPeta is the best source of inspiration for ads.

With tons of creatives tracked by SocialPeta, you can better understand the newest and most popular creative templates on the market.

  • Spy on the marketing strategies of advertisers, agents and your competitors

SocialPeta offers over 5 million data from app advertisers and provides analytics on ad creation, copy, channels and other insights to help you understand market trends.

Know the CPC/CPM/CTR rankings in major countries. Look for different presentations of CPA data, such as purchases, activities, payouts, etc. You can learn more about your advertising costs by comparing the big data above with advertising data for your own products.

SocialPeta has many other global partners, such as Tencent Games, NetEase Games, MOONTON Games, and AdSide Media. Big data analyzes are becoming increasingly important. SocialPeta has been actively expanding its business worldwide and is striving to establish cooperative relationships with more companies around the world. We look forward to working with more companies and differentiating their products from their strong competitors.

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