Solid results and strengthened CSR approach

We want to be a local organizer of our territories and set to music the great challenges that await us. In particular, we want to work on the CSR approach (corporate social responsibility)“, She said Christian Moutte, president of Crédit Agricole PCA, during a press conference on Thursday 12 May. “We want to reflect on its economic repercussions, on agriculture and tourism in particular. There is also soft mobility, which must be considered for the future, and housing. We must also think about digital inclusion, about supporting the weakest“continued Mr. Moutte.”For us this is nothing new, we are genetically CSR, with a sustained and historical presence on the part of society. You know us for our actions in the area to support associations“, has explained Stephan Benoussaid, Director of Marketing, Insurance and Multichannel, Communication and Mutual. “We wanted to expand part E of the CSR. This amplification will be based on a double objective: to be exemplary and to use the specificity of our business to embark, help, support all our customers in this transition, in particular environmental“.

“Native CSR”

On April 15, the CA PCA also launched a call for projects entitled “Acting for the climate and the energy transition“, around four themes: soft mobility, eco-housing, the sea and its protection and responsible tourism. Applications are possible until July 31st. The 16 winners will share the sum of 100,000 euros. Thierry HardyDeputy General Manager, noted that “theThe real change in behavior and what makes us quite happy is that customers today show their interest and concern for CSR issues. We have had responsible solutions for a long time, but we have had a hard time getting people interested. We have a whole range of responsible savings solutions. We are natively CSR, in our genes, in our statutes and in our beliefs“, he assured. As for the results of 2021, José Santucci, chief executive officer, welcomed a net result in excess of € 100 million (€ 106 million). “This strengthens our equity and solidity of the company and gives us the ability to support our customers.“, he confided.”Soon, we will have to support our territories. In the medium term, I think we have an economy to reinvent. We will have to reinvent our manufacturing capabilities. It is a challenge for the territory and for the world. We will try modestly to play this role on the ground and for this we have to be a solid actor“.

José Santucci also recalled the development model of the regional mutual society: “100% human and 100% digital“.”Our customers are attached to the human model“, Confirmed Thierry Hardy, specifying that they also easily used the application and the website.

“Customer satisfaction”

After the periods of imprisonment, «lThe clients wanted to go back to the agency. In all of our agencies, we had two million visits over the year“, José Santucci exulted.”The main performance indicator is customer satisfaction. We see our number of clients increasing regularly and we are on a horizon not far from one million clients, individuals and professionals (934,219, of which 511,157 members) in our three departments (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Alpes- Maritimes and Var)“.

The CA PCA has strengthened its teams, is opening and plans to open new branches. There are currently 203 branches and 2,744 employees. The press conference was organized in the Nice Félix Faure agency, emblem of the new agency model. “On an architectural level, we have done everything possible to facilitate the reception of our customers.“, has indicated

Sebastian Clerc, director of the agency. “It is a real hub of skills, with individual and professional consultants. There is also an entrepreneurs center upstairs and the private bank next door. On the ground floor, we have about 10,000 customers under management, managed by about twenty consultants. We welcome around 500 customers every week“.

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