SoPost tries to adapt the sampling campaigns to each market

A campaign managed by SoPost integrates into brand communication environments through a multitude of digital channels such as social networks, e-mails, influence, SoPost tester communities, as well as various possibilities for on-site integrations. Each target consumer is invited to interact with the SoPost module in order to provide their contact details and their consent in a 100% customized brand universe..

Once the product has been received and tested, each consumer is invited to share their feedback. We offer them to leave a comment and rating and alternatively submit a tailor-made questionnaire with the brand, to get quantitative and qualitative insights. The campaign is part of a communication path with the consumer, before, during and after the product test “, To explain Hélène Tournesac, Director of Partnerships France at SoPost.

The solution also guarantees a final redirection phase on the site, e-commerce or product page of a site dealersuggesting theinvitation to purchase of the product in actual size.

Data and consents

All data collected by SoPost is the property of the brand. SoPost simply takes care of the collection and processing.

There are two types of data. When the contact data necessary for sending is exchanged, the consumer is also offered the possibility of an opt-in. If agreed, your personal data will subsequently be used by the brand for CRM marketing / communication purposes. This consent remains optional but we find on average that nearly 50% of people who have ordered their sample give their consent. “Says the manager.

We do not collect data indirectly, it is always unforced declarative data, not behavioral or contextual data. The positioning of SoPost has always been to play the absolute transparency with consumers and in perfect alignment with current regulations.r ”, adds Hélène Tournesac.

A positioning to which the solution must adapt regulatory constraints of the various markets. ” In Germany, for example, double consent is mandatory. The form offers a first consent and then via email we again ask you to confirm your willingness to entrust your contact details to the brand “, Explains Hélène Tournesac.

A campaign based on local specificities

Founded in Newcastle 10 years ago, the company now extends beyond its priority markets that are England And United Statesto focus on new European and international territories, including the France And Germany for nearly a year, or even Australia, where the opening of an office is expected shortly. By setting up local teams, SoPost intends on the one hand to better address the cultural characteristics of each country, as well as the various regulatory constraints relating to data management and routing in order to ensure perfect optimization of executions.

It is important to adapt to the local culture, especially the language. And also to know the legal framework of each country. Since there are specificities, they require that the solution be perfectly adapted to the digital level. And for the routing part, by developing close relationships with our local logistics centers, we can learn about the regulations on all packaging, labeling and shipping. This is very important, there are prerequisites for sending samples depending on the country. Finally, it is a strength to be able to operate in multiple markets for the coordination and harmonization of operations on the same brand. “Says the director.

A multidimensional solution

As offered, the SoPost electronic sampling solution meets several brand goals: directing an overall marketing strategy, influencing brand reputation, developing an audience, increasing sales, and collecting data for marketing purposes.

We support our customers in choosing and activating the most appropriate digital environments for their strategy, in order to reach a relevant audience based on their communication plan and their objectives. The solution offers an end-to-end sampling path, both online and offline. The idea is to ensure a rich and flawless consumer experience. What the solution allows is above all to work on targeted sample distributions, therefore to rationalize volumes and distribution, but also to track the course and acquire feedback. Targeted sampling has become essential for brands today concludes Hélène Tournesac.

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