Soy Marketing in Action

Self-promotion or marketing is the application of building, developing and enhancing your image, notoriety, career and job search.

A clarification of the notions s’impose

The marketing of stays exists. Aujourd’hui, we found the names of modern fashion trends: self-marketing and self-marketing, which is defined as the realization of one’s marketing, marketing staff, which is the marketing of the individual, self-promotion, who is also a marketing employee. All these things are very important, they look like similarities. In France, marketing is very important for the management of its management strategy.
Celaconcern tous les individual: Entrepreneur, self-employed intern, consultant, coach, manager, executive, job seeker, politician, animator TV, radio…
Marketing is essential for the person who wants to realize a professional project to be recognized in an activity. This sign means that you can develop and make your own marketing tailored to you, build your image, build or improve your reputation, but also appreciate the great help of new Web 2.0 tools. “Be a good professional and don’t choke, you can do it” read on in the magazine Social relationships. In addition, thanks to the Internet, society is facing a revolution in communication. A professional peer shareholder is an expert with millions of interns, an advisor can be promoted to a professional plan via a blog, a coach can gain exposure on your website, conduct a private search and post on social sites.

Soy Marketing: The 8 Pillars of Redness

It is fundamental to set up the marketing of soybeans. The aim is to support an interesting and structured application method for the individual.

Do your self-diagnosis

The first stage of the concert is the implementation of your self-diagnosis experience with the SWOT (1) user in a very individual way, this is a direct analysis of the external analysis with opportunities and changes and the internal analysis with forces and forces. Cela summarizes the balance of its external analysis in four points: market, competition, demand and environment. For this analysis, the individual chooses his market and professional environment. Ensuite, the diagnostic self-determination of the powers and fables of the individual, is the exact result that is realized in the company.
This work of self-diagnosis serves to evaluate your strengths, your values, your hobbies, your passions, but also to identify your flaws. The synthesizer of this diagnosis is to ask the best questions:

  • Who are the best in the mother? Who has 1 numbers in my domain?
  • How do you develop your possibilities and your strengths?
  • How to dominate your men and women?

The result of this self-diagnostic work is to perform the test and provide a reliable diagnosis of its plastics. The key is in the suite to define personal and professional objects.
(1) – Regarding the SWOT matrix: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat.

Develop your marketing strategy for differentiation

You need to determine your differentiation strategy as part of your marketing plan. Effective, the key to resisting the strategy of the strategy, always differentiated from other reports, being able to detect innovations in the domain considered and the most ambitious realists. Prenons the example of Alain Afflelou, distinguished by his name.
In the department, the kiss is difficult to pronounce. He decided, on the advice of Jacques Seguel, to use his identity and his expertise in optics to establish a strategy of differentiation in life that gave him a legitimacy. Differentiating means thinking about what you can offer to differentiate yourself, specifically having a different marketing strategy, different, unique!

Enter your position

All companies establish a position, the individual ability to reflect to the outside world. How is the situation? C’est le terrain de jeu où vous allez agir, en prenant en smatération les attentes du marché, les positionsnements de vos concurrents, et vos propres atouts personalnel différenciant, qui repondent bien entendu à un besoin du marché.
L’elaboration de son positionnement, c’est la valeur unmistakably que l’on souhaite trouver face à la concurrence sur son marché. For example, a marketing consultant who has expertise and expertise has a position of expertise in benchmarking that can be distinguished from other reports. When implementing the marketing concepts produced by the person, marketing his position is a reliable methodology on which it is possible to make specific and unique offers.
Alain Afflelou is able to be an innocent, modern and dynamic entrepreneur, close to his customers.

Structure your project and your offer

It is necessary to structure your project and/or offer products/services in a global product look. A coach is characterized, for example, by his distinctive characteristics, his CV and his professional studies. Ensuite, the practical value, the benefit of the consumer who has always designed his project, but also his expertise. Ensuite, il décline le produit média, c’est-à-dire tout ce qui se voit (identité visuale, brand…) le nom de son entreprise en tant que coach, son logo, sa carte de visite. Enfin, the related services are the escort missions, the formation of which is clarified among the free services (entry mission of the gratuitous mission) or payers (mission of the 3-month descent mission, RDV of the escort mission…).

Soigner your communication offline

The objects whose marketing is known, promote their image, are notorious, affirmatively as professional as possible. Il ne s’agit plus de savoir-faire, mais plutôt de faire savoir, c’est-à-dire de communiquer sur vous-même en tant qu’individu, de promovovoir ce qui vous rend si different. Thinking about all the means of personal communication is a big stage that counts on your ambitions: elaboration of a badge for a consultant with a photo for communication, implementation of a direct marketing campaign with a different CV for those looking for work.
Staying sober, sticking together and talking about your issues, avoiding detention, and socializing are a priority. Taking Alain Afflelou as an example, in such a person, the marketing of soybeans to penetrate the scene, all using his name, a partner in his life and activity, for the campaigns “It’s a failure Afflelou !! ».

Realize your online communication (via the Internet)

Doing this on the internet is a priority. The use of Web 2.0 is continuous: the creation of a blog, the development of a website that represents the interest of offering access to available search engines in order to improve their availability. The position on the Internet contributes to the development of interactive communication in an instant: an entrepreneur who learns about the issues, a responsive marketing salon with comments on the salons or columns, a consultant who has written and distributed an e-book. Aujourd’hui, each individual has a strategy for online communication with specific tools and a reliable coherence of communication, graphic identity and graphic diagram.

Develop your presence on social networks

They need to be present on social, professional and personal issues, to speak to you, to show you, to develop your image, your notoriety and your reputation. Be active on social networks to expand your network and multiply your contacts and relationships. It’s a great opportunity to create a presence on Linkedin, Twitter, Google and Facebook to be professional, build and develop your impact and visibility.
Everything is important: you must represent your content (profile, experience, skills) but also photos and images, images in lien with your personal identity. It is important to communicate the photos you have in bravery with support, a dynamic attitude and an appropriate gesture. The absence of a photo may be a basic or unrecognized photo (a photo of a child, a photo of an animal on your behalf, a photo of your child) as part of improper marketing.

Get your numerical identity

It has a numerical identity and can monitor the use of personal information on the Internet. It is impossible for an individual to communicate over the internet prior to marketing. This complex complex is intended for a person who wants to use the Internet as a showcase of communications. The development has a 360 ​​º communication, it is a direct view of all the tracks of the tracks to master your image and notoriety. A person’s numerical identity is composed of formal data (coordinated, certified…) and informal (comments, notes, tickets, photos, articles ()).
All of this information is organized into the numerical identity that characterizes an individual, their personality, environment and habits. This online personal information with soy marketing constitutes an individual’s ADN number.
In summary, marketing soy is a mistake that you can use to develop your reputation and reputation. Internet connection to communicate about your identity plus life and with plus effect. Your personal marketing strategy in full compliance with your online and offline communication strategy is the key to developing your soybean marketing.
“Upgrading your expertise, realizing your staff position, communicating your distinctive skills, regaining your visibility, developing your experience are the forces of the marketing chain. Well, you should be your webmaster and your community manager! ». Marketing the Possibility of future prospects: It can be a numerical identity, besides, it has a numerical identity, and besides, marketing is such a reinforcer.

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