Spontaneous application for a stage: our model and our advice

How do you write a good letter of motivation for a spontaneous stage application? Discover our model and our advice to make a difference.

What do you want in a motivation letter to demand a stage?

Determining how to address a company for a company stageThey want a little work and a little introspection. Spontaneous candidature, I don’t want to be forced into “spontaneous discourse”! D’autant plus si, à l’origine, l’entreprise ne cherche pas de stagiaire. The master mot is donc: seductionBroadly speaking, follow the 5-step guide:

1 – Continually, look at the company and have a stage convention: emmagasinez le plus d’information possibles afin de demontere que vous êtes rigoureux et verítablement interest. A few quick searches on the internet can be used to provide basic information such as the address, the address of incorporation and the directors or those responsible for recruitment. A plow on the social network can be very useful for making a lot of money on a spontaneous candidacy for a stage, saving on the car all the time, and in addition to this, beautifully transforming the values ​​​​and culture of the company, the customer, its products and dreams in progress for your discourses.

2– Save your presence on the toilet : It is possible to read the comments on the candidate on the Internet. Take the tour of your photos and protect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. accounts. Items you must prefer. Enfin, create your own LinkedIn profile describing your education and professional skills (which are similar, you may not be able to report directly on your stage) or employees.

3 – List of Qualities (Soft Kills): You can be your team member and need to work in a group, your team will be analyzed and you will be pragmatic, you will be able to work together! You have to be as meticulous as you have to do a good job and get it done. Enfin, if you are an athlete, you can show by example that you are an endurance athlete, be competitive and help you get rid of the problem. Inspire yourself with your quotes, your passions and your passion to make your comments so perceptive is an exercise that is very important.

4- List of Skills (Hard Skills) : can one be more logical than the office suite (Word, Excel etc.) or Photoshop? Lors de preceded preprets, vous avez pu faire de la vente? your advice? The maintenance? Any competency that is purely intellectual or manual can reflect your personality. serve you!

5– What level would you like to charge? level 3 and 4, Select your qualities and competencies, as well as the meanings for building your discourses and engagement in business engagement, indicating an information function to draw on (cf. 1st level) and your field of activity. Fort.e de tout cela, personalize your CV and your letter of motivation (or email) for your spontaneous stage application as much as possible. It doesn’t matter how brave you are for two men and you have to start!

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How do I spontaneously apply for a stage?

What is the mode of transmission, it is original personalize Your spontaneous stage candidacy. Addressee to the interlocutor or to the service (such as HR) is available and off to a good start. Visez les postes de Responsable des Resources Humanes, Charge.e de recruitment, Talent Acquisition, voire meme de CEO or Director, pour les companies de plus petite taille. Think for the whole consult The website, LinkedIn Yes indeed Video, to unleash the identity of your future recruiter. In addition to the letter of recommendation, which will be processed by one of your professors, for example, you may also have additional insurance that can support your candidacy after the visit.

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Send candidature by email: our model of spontaneous application email for one stage

Avant toute chose the most important thing to respect your mail:
● Choisir a clear and concise object how “Spontaneous candidacy for a stage”. If you’re inspired, you can have an item plus the original and also increase your chances of being there, but watch out for any companies that aren’t open-minded and prefer neutrality.
● Make your figure noun, your E-mail and your phone number.

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Our model of the spontaneous application email for a stage

Spontaneous application by courier or in the main course

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Spontaneous stage candidacy by courier or decree mainly pure remainder of an ongoing option.

Usually as part of a referral, guarded by the expert that certain companies reserve only for staff access. We recommend that you apply for a single envelope or deposit your candidacy in the post. For security, do not hesitate to open your phone inside the phone.

In your case, you should attach your CV and write a letter of motivation. Discover our motivation model for stage motivation before the start.

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