Stéphanie Fraise (BlaBlaCar): “Building around the company’s culture and values”

decision makers. How have human resources crossed your path?

Stefania Fragola. By chance, but above all out of passion! I come from marketing but I have always wanted to support organizations and people. For three and a half years I held the position of Human Resources Director at Dailymotion and my goal was to restructure the entire HR function. With my teams we have worked out a new strategic roadmap to support growth problems. My role in BlaBlaCar is equivalent. I believe that human resources are the best commercial partner of companies: they allow them, as well as their collaborators, to grow peacefully.

How would you define your HR practice?

Our policy is based on BlaBlaCar’s culture and values, which underpin the entire employee experience. Our goal is to promote the best possible match between our needs and our talents, to offer them a path that helps them grow by enabling them to have an impact within an environment that we want to be diverse and inclusive. I like to say that ours the practice covers the full spectrum of employee experience, including hiring, compensation, performance, and the management community.

What have you implemented in BlaBlaCar?

First, we have optimized the quality and quantity of hires. For example, as part of our diversity and inclusion strategy, all of our job description have been re-examined to ensure a tone gender neutral and an inclusive approach. We have organized interviews that are structured so that all our candidates are received equally. Additionally, we have redefined performance and career prospects for our employees. Finally, we have built a set of transversal skills, which reflect the strengths necessary to achieve our goals, our culture and the challenges we face, and we have reworked the definition of our managerial model. To do this, six modules were created to lay the foundations for this new model: career development, performance management, team cohesion, alignment with business strategy, leadership and well-being at work.

“The digitization of human resources practice is only in its infancy”

What place does digital play in your human resources?

Digital is present in many of our talent management practices. We work, in particular, with the Simbel platform, for training: this allows us to automatically manage the registrations of our employees. We have started a partnership with Unow, a professional training organization, with a view to development transversal skills within the BlaBlaCar entity. We have focused on a few in particular, such as the business priorityi.e. the ability to recognize and choose the right priorities in everyday life, grow mentality, i.e. the ability to learn and grow and other cross-functional skills useful in team federation such as agility, good change management, understanding pressure … Also with Unow, we have also developed modules to increase leadership in our teams and encourage our employees to become inspiring leaders, as well as training courses on public speaking, self-confidence and the culture of feedback. All of this took place remotely and we implemented a large number of digital tools.

We also use Elevo to manage performance, goal setting and achievement, and career interviews. To measure the commitment of our employees, we are used to working with Peakon.

The theme of my thesis, as part of my HR Executive Master, was on artificial intelligence at the service of talent management. I deeply believe that digital and AI, in human resources, are just a vast field of possibilities and so on transversal skills are fundamental: they will help us characterize human beings in the midst of machines and algorithms.

How does digital serve human resources?

Digital is a real treasure for human resources and represents an extraordinary opportunity to multiply talent management approaches, personalize them and implement them on a large scale. I believe that the digitization of human resources practice is only in its infancy and I find it fabulous, especially since HR Tech is very active in France. It promises! Many things await us!

Interview by Clémence Galland

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