Strategies to decree a job to see the relay

The drill – we have two interviews and it was a live stage at the festival Cutlet. Another coincidence: authentic Laurie Dumulong the Felix Vachon caressent le rêve de devenir cadres en communication. Le grenier a demandé à ces étoiles montantes en devenir quelles étaient leurs demarches pour dénicher un premier emploi, le premier “vrai de vrai” après un passage sur les bancs d’école.

The Reality Theory
Diploma of ‘Laval University Business Administration, Concentration Marketing, laurie Revele qu’on voit principalement la theorie dans les cours traditions. C’est plutôt son implication en dehors des classes auprès de son association étudiante, or elle agissait comme VP aux operations et development des affaires, qui lui a permis de mettre la teorie en praktique. She also took part in the most important academic competitions Releve Marketingorganized by l ‘Association of Creative Communication Agencies (A2C). “Those are the experiences that are great for me on stage,” he said, which he’s totally ready for Desjardins This is the last time in marketing, it’s an opportunity to touch offensive assets. with enthusiasm, laurie we took part in the campaign “Life is full of surprises”. Arnaud SaltWhat grenier Released Aug 2021.

Imports from the network of contacts
Regarding employment, what are the subjects of our two diplomas? To the laurie, the search for the beginning of school. You are advised to take the opportunity to develop professional services for school institutions to train your resume and conduct job interview simulations, including others. Your overall studies or the level of support for additional activities organized by your marketing fraternity, Denmarkor from SOCOMyou can find a little more than the various metrics offered by agencies and see what interests you.

Along the way, he has built up a network of solid contacts that can be used. As? “I thought I was the host of my stage stage Desjardins. You can also contact us LinkedIn after participation in a university competition and afterwards Soiree 15 minutes. Je pense aussi à tous tes les étudiant es que j’ai côtoyé es lors de mon parcours: ce sont Certainement des contacts que je voudrais garder pour le futur », dit-elle.

I go Felixqui a œuvré 3 ans à preamble communicationthe student student of ‘Laval University, during your studies in Public Communications. The item is recommended in communications for the Minister of the Executive Council of Quebec. Once you do, this is often implied by the committees and all the parasitic activity that their development encourages. All like lauriethe participation in the Soiree 15 minuteslui permettant de décrocher un stage chez Cutlet. “If you don’t go to that soiree, you can’t go to the person who wants to go to the agency.”

We have two diplomas. If he thinks so network to be constructed que lorsqu’on debute sa carrière – on a tout faux. Our first contacts take place within the framework of our school courses: an opportunity to clean up and encourage a professional start!

Which sites are you surfing on?
Ayant déjà sa petite idée en tête des agencies for lesquelles elle aimerait travailler plus tard, laurie Consult your careers section to see new news offerings. Other platforms that are a loving partition LinkedIn, for and see the offers on the news page. quant to FelixStudent in Quebec and planning a Monday in Montreal, spending 3 to 4 days a week grenier new to see the opportunities that may be offered to you. Et, tout comme sa comparse, considering that linkedin It’s a beautiful platform of visibility. Felix partage qu’il faut s’ouvrir aux opportunités. «For my part, la Soiree 15 minutes to take advantage of this advantage to be able to make contacts that meet new people. I am well aware of the results and outcomes! “, locksmith.

Implying, building a network of contacts and being open to possibilities. As for the lucky answers, they are not in the truth of what they say, but they can definitely help you advance your career!

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