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content marketing (or content marketing, in French) has become essential for any business looking to establish an online presence.

Much more than just a tactic designed to bolster your marketing strategy, this approach is now ultra-comprehensive and integrates many tools.

If you need generate more traffic to a site or your social networks, to improve your conversion rate, or to assert your reputation as an expert in your field, content marketing lends itself to all situations.

Content marketing, what is it?

Content Marketing consists in producing and publishing, in a perfectly targeted and very regular way, content with high added value for its audience. Newsletters, blog posts, social media posts, videos, podcasts, white papers … all digital media that could be enjoyed by your target audience have their role to play.

The content created must, by definition, be customer centric. The goal is to offer the latter concrete and coherent answers to the questions he asks himself, inform him about topics that fascinate him, or even offer him a moment of fun or escape.

The inherent difference between content marketing and other communication categories is here: the brand creates commitment taking the step of going to his audience, of giving him something. Unlike traditional advertising, it’s not about trying to convince your product or service is superior. Rather, the goal is to establish a sincere connection with your audience.

Brands who decide to use content marketing need to not only stick to a sustained content creation program, but also, and more importantly, deliver the “right” content. And you can’t improvise!

It is for this reason that many brands choose Studio Eskimoz to develop and execute an effective content marketing strategy.

Content marketing, brand content, inbound marketing … How to orient yourself?

For the uninitiated, it can be difficult to know exactly what these countless expressions are used alternately in English and French and which treat all Internet Marketing ! Therefore, we often confuse content marketing (or, remember, content marketing) with inbound marketing.

If it is content marketing produce quality content for a targeted audience, inbound marketing, on the other hand, refers more specifically to the efforts made to generate traffic, qualify leads, and convert visitors. We can therefore consider content marketing as a strategy that is part of a more global inbound marketing approach. It can be combined with other strategies.

Content marketing, brand content, inbound marketing ... How to orient yourself?

Among these other strategies, that of brand content (or branded content) is also easily confused with content marketing. It is based on the distribution of editorial content (texts, videos, etc.), but it is at the level of the content of the content itself that the difference manifests itself.

Unlike content marketing, which works to meet the needs of your audience, brand content revolves around your brand. Rather, it is a matter of highlighting it through a wise man mastery of narrationfor a result closer to traditional advertising.

Content marketing: a multitude of media

The specific materials for content marketing they are multiple and diversified, allowing each company to find suitable means of expression.

Blog posts

The blog is a space that lends itself particularly well to the publication of textual content with high added value. The latter are also wonderful in terms of SEO. And Effective SEO results in optimal traffic, often synonymous with conversion.

Blog posts

Remember to analyze your people as needed to offer them information that meets their expectations. Feel free to create your own blog in order to encourage users to continue visiting and reading more articles, including via links and a “you might like it too” block.

The more your audience benefits from your universe, the more they will feel close to you and the greater your chances of seeing your clientele grow.


Videos are used extensively in content marketing and in brand marketing, and not without reason! This format is, to date, the one preferred by Internet users, especially on social networks. Tutorials, inspiring, entertaining videos, reportage, behind the scenes or even unboxing … the possibilities are numerous.

With technologies readily available to everyone today, you’ll be able to deliver enough production value for most platforms at a lower cost. With a slightly higher budget, you can also try your hand at animation or motion design.


The internet without images would be very monotonous and most internet users are intrigued by an image long before they start reading text or watching a video. On social media, quality images can practically hold their own.


For your visuals to create maximum engagement, focus on quality and be sure to establish a graphics card that provides all the necessary consistency. Photos, infographics, mini comics… let your inspiration express itself.


Whether you regularly host a podcast or want to post a high value-added interview, audio has its place content marketing strategies. Such a format offers excellent potential to target your audience and stand out from the competition.


E-books represent the ideal opportunity to offer content with a very high added value, absolutely unique and based on the skills that your company is the only one to possess. Do not hesitate to publish manuals or other writings that strengthen your skills to better increase your visibility.

Whether you choose to use it on its own or integrate it into an even more comprehensive inbound marketing strategy, content marketing is unmatched in strengthening. the effectiveness of your sales funnel. Create the surprise to better engage your audience and offer them an experience that will make you stand out as your list of potential customers grow.

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