Study of influencers in France: profiles, platforms, services, revenge…

This study was conducted by Reech and was conducted in a survey of more than 1,400 French influencers between October 23rd and November 8th, 2020. It is based on the relationship between influencers and brands.

Profile of «Content Creators»

Premier constat: Ceux qu’on appeals to “influencers” preferentially être designed as “créateur de content”. In fact, 67% of respondents responsible for the Creator/Content Creator vocation, only 18% prefer the Influencer/Influencer vocation.

It states that 3/4 of content creators are content creatures, of which 74% are women. Concernat l’âge, the tranche 19-35 ans represente à elle seule 70% des creaateurs avec a moyenne d’âge à 30 ans (+1 an par rapport à l’année dernière).

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The influencers are not a minority to carry out this activity full-time. The majority are work in progress and they are also students:

  • 39% have a professional activity in the salon,
  • 22% on self-employment,
  • 15% are students,
  • 15% are fully affected,
  • 7% are in search terms,
  • 2% other (firefighter mother, parent’s day, youth detention, disability, retirement ().

Predictive reading themes are the following:

  • Lifestyle (87%): Fashion, Beauty/Beauty, Travel, Food, Family/Couple…
  • Loisirs (43%): Art/Creation, Sport, High-Tech, Humor/Entertainment…
  • Culture (10%): general culture, music, books, photos, cinema, series…
  • Commitment (10%): Respect and protection of the environment, equality / women…
  • Business and Entrepreneurship (3%)

The platforms and privileges

In 2020, the platforms of choice for influencers are: Instagram (94%), Facebook (31%) and the blog (25%). Instagram reste réseau preféfé des céateur de de contenus et contre toute attente, le blog come to preserve sa 3e place sur le podium car de nombreux Influenzers influenzerest utilisent encore le canal du blog. Notable changes that day: YouTube has dropped from Twitter to 4th place, TikTok has left Snapchat and landed at 7th place. It’s almost on par with the 3 new additions to the class coming next: Twitch, the Podcast, and Mapstr.

Concernant plates on lessources so written on the impacteurs cette année, on retrouve TikTok largement in tête: près de la moitié des optimizers interrogés (41%) so written on l’application de viseos courtes cette année.

The Plateforms and Influencers are enrolled in 2020. © Reech

Le choix d’une plateforme reste generationnel, on constant une forte segmentation selon l’jage. The platforms for Snapchat, TikTok and Twitch are privileged for the youngest (24-26 years old), following Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest are privileged for the most active people for 30 years (34-35 years ago).

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Concernan Usages on Instagram, Les Types de Posts Les Plus Utilisés Sont Les Suivants: Posts Simples (90%), Posts Carrousel (56%) and Posts Video (30%). When it comes to stories, preference is given to simple stories (82%), stories over “sound” stories (60%), “question” stories (48%) and “quiz” stories (21%). Concernant la dernière fonctionalité Instagram, les Reels, elle a déjà été utilisée par 28% des Creators.

Cooperation with brands

Influence marketing is a reliable strategic lever for brands. Plus codes are subject to retention:

  • 81% of influencers were affected by less than 1 year partnership,
  • 51% of influencers on account plus the demand for partnerships in 2019,
  • 47% say they have these contacts directly through the brand.

The 3 platforms plus the utilities for the partners are:

  • Instagram (87%),
  • the blog (24%),
  • YouTube (24%).

TikTok, reconnects as a platform in fashion for the influencers, reste malgré all pour le moment 5e du classement.

It involves an emergence of the practice of content amplification, which applies media brands directly to the content and on behalf of the creator. This year, 45% of YouTubers are affected by a partnership in 2020 because of the practical application of content. 73% of creators positively oppose this practice and the nature of the information and impact of the project (plus transparency), and 63% agree to be recognized in accordance.

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Revenge of the Influencers

The study shows that the reunion of monks will increase by 15% in 2020. The number of partnership proposals with an increase of 51% per report to the last day, the first prison sentence and the final rash of claims and compensation in court.

The majority of the creators did not live up to this activity, they lost the numbers, only 6% of the amount plus €20,000 per month at the time of the influential activity. Concernant les revenus moyens, ils augmentent de 8% cette année.

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The Covid-19 Effect on Influencers

The crisis of the global pandemic and the associated restrictions, auront permis à some of the creators of augmenter leur rythme de publication (35%). More than a majority (57%) say they can interact with your community. Enfin, 50% of the creators are indifferent to the acceleration of the community of this community.

Crisis a donc été autant une opportunité qu’une contrainte, les creaateurs on pu d’un côté traiter de nouveaux sujets (51%) mais d’un autre côté, ont aussi du en laisser de côté (35%) et en leavener Certains (18%). In the end, 1 person created on 3 declares that they have not changed their bad health crisis practice.


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