Sup’de Com launches a bachelor’s degree in communication and influencing professions

The promotion will be sponsored by Tatiana, a young influencer best known as @Tinka (278k subscribers on Instagram and 243k on Youtube). It will accompany them during their first year and animate them 6 masterclasses on the topic of influence e content creation.

Training forming in the influencing professions

New technologies have led to the creation of new professions for which to date there is really no training: influence. Thus, according to a public study by the Observatory on consumer behavior by Odoxa and Emakina, 59% of young people between 18 and 24 have discovered a product through influencer posts. 41% of French people say they have bought, abandoned and recommended a product on the advice of an influencer. If the the consumption habits of 18-24 year olds are increasingly focused on social networkswe note that Advertisers have also understood the importance of influence marketing and reinvent consumption patterns. According to a Reech survey, 92% of brands integrate influencer marketing into their communication strategy86% consider it an effective leverage e 95% of brands admit that they favor Instagram to carry out their influencer campaigns.

THE orientation fair not to be missed

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You will meet experts, professionals and young graduates to discuss your future career. It is also a unique opportunity to discover the many existing professions (communications officer, press officer, internal or external communication manager, etc.) and to ask your questions during e-conferences.

Professionalize influencer marketing practices

Furthermore 4 Degrees in Communication Manager (level 6 certified title) already offered by SUP’DE COM, the campus of Grenoble will offer a new Bachelor’s degree in September 2022 dedicated to influenza.

The course on communication and influence professions will revolve around 180 hours of teaching in the 3 yearsand will enable students to deepen their knowledge of influence marketing, social media, community management, and content creation. These specific lessons will complement those provided within the Bachelor in Communication Manager with lessons such as understanding the basics of influence marketing, mastering the tools of influence, image work, community animation, development of video, photo and storytelling skills. After the Bachelor’s, it will be possible to enroll in the Master in Communication Manager of SUP’DE COM by choosing, for example, the specialty Digital Marketing and Social Network or Communication, Lobbying and Influence Marketing among the 12 available in the entire cycle to continue to evolve in the theme of influence and social media.

An influential sponsor to accompany the promotion throughout the training

An influential godmother will accompany the class throughout the training and participate in the development of students’ skills. This year it comes @Tinka (278k subscribers on Instagram and 243k on Youtube). It offers fashion and lifestyle content on its networks aimed at a community made up mainly of young adults between 18 and 24 years old. He will thus be present on the day of the new school year and will conduct 6 masterclasses during the year. A concrete example for the promotion to better understand the functioning and the codes related to this sector that attracts more and more students.

A new Bachelor that meets the needs of recruiters and regional specificities

SUP’DE COM continues to develop the brand strategy across its network of establishments and to meet the needs of recruiters and communications professionals. For this reason the school puts in place various levers such as the Expert committee which brings together communicators from all walks of life, or the Communication professions barometer that questions companies about their recruiting needsbut also on market trend. Two consultations that allow you to identify the skills and know-how preferred by recruiters and to optimize the lessons provided to meet their expectations as much as possible. With the opening of this Degree in Influence Professionsthe school of communication pursues its desire to offer new training in the area and to satisfy both the requests of the learners and the needs of the labor market.

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