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About iGaming

The iGaming.com Group is an outstanding organization operating in the digital media industry that has demonstrated outstanding performance, experienced explosive growth and is financially strong. Our group of industry professionals publishes and maintains easy-to-use comparison websites in a variety of countries and languages.

iGaming, often known as online gambling, refers to the practice of betting money in certain forms on the outcome of an event or game over the Internet, whether the outcomes are randomly generated or not. Activities that involve gaming on a computer can include things like poker and bingo. Operation of online gambling, including slot machines.

Comparison between gaming and iGaming

Although the terms gaming and iGaming sound the same, they are two completely different industries. The first term refers to classic video games, while the second describes any type of online game that is governed by chance and chance, and usually involves wagering money.

Both the traditional gaming industry and the online gaming industry have seen phenomenal growth over the past decade. And despite the fact that there are distinguishing features between the two (like using real money), we’ve seen the two influence each other over time, with each mimicking certain traits of the other.

Gambling involvement in any of these activities is the main difference between traditional online gambling and iGaming. While online gaming refers to multiplayer games for recreation, iGaming refers to various online gaming establishments such as casinos, poker sites and bookmakers.

What does the AFFPApa do?

Recently, the organization has compiled entries for 20 different awards, showcasing both iGaming partners and operators. Members from all regions creating a real melting pot that illustrates the remarkable evolution of the online gambling sector over the years. It is a platform where you can get information about other companies or websites related to iGaming and betting.

Sports betting partners

Here are some popular sports betting partners: Paddy Power Sports, FanDuel Sports, 5k Betting System, Betting Gods, Bet365, Betfair, Draft Kings, 888 Sports and many more. These sports betting affiliate programs are eligible to be featured in the AFFPApa iGaming Awards for their prominent role in the betting world. This allows you to easily access the necessary information and know their current programs as well as the right reports.

How do sports betting affiliates work?

Affiliate marketing encompasses three to four different facets. The affiliates, the company or the brand, the network and the customer play an important role. Affiliate marketers need to promote the brand across different channels to participate in the process. If they are successful, they earn a commission on the sales they generate or the customers they bring. So not only do the companies that offer sports betting benefit from this model by attracting new customers, but also the affiliate marketers because they too have the opportunity to benefit from it.

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular due to the immense benefits it offers. Many people invest in sports to experience the entertainment value it offers, the opportunity to grow wealth, the convenience and ease of implementation.

What should be considered with casino affiliations?

Each affiliate targets a unique market and has its own set of criteria, it’s impossible for you to manage them all. There are many different factors to consider when looking for a partner, such as: B. GEOs, bonuses, language and even labor values! Of course it can get overwhelming, but don’t worry, AffPapa has you covered! You can choose the criterion of your choice and start a fruitful collaboration using the different filters available on our website.


AFFPApa iGaming Awards was set up to create an environment conducive to the database of information or articles for other betting sites where to find the information necessary for successful and safe gaming. It also highlights credible and outstanding affiliates with track records.

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