System U recruits in e-commerce

In recent years, with the pandemic profoundly changing consumer habits, food e-commerce has broken records for growth. In 2021, the website exceeded one billion euros in turnover. Almost all of the cooperative’s discount network (Hyper U and Super U brands) now has a drive service, or 890 points of sale. At the same time, drive-thru and home delivery are being developed in the local network (U Express and Utile), in particular through local partnerships with operators such as UberEats.

To respond to its customers’ new practices, Système U has significantly strengthened its digital teams. The brand opens up positions with new professions such as data scientist, e-merchandiser, product owner and conducts exciting large-scale projects through which employees can develop their skills and thrive. The evolutions, therefore, are rapid and motivating.

At the end of her two years of work-study as a store digital project manager as part of her master’s degree in digital marketing within the cooperative, Stéphanie, 26, was offered a position as an emerchandiser at the 26-year-old Stéphanie. internal customer and digital marketing department.

Interesting career prospects

“E-commerce is growing. Today we are three e-merchandisers. We give life to the Courses U site. Our objectives are clear: to facilitate customer journeys, make the shopping experience easier to develop the site’s turnover ”, explains the young woman, happy with her new position. “There are always new projects emerging. It is exciting every day. And this suggests interesting career prospects ”, continues Stéphanie.

Fabien, 34, has also seen his career accelerate with e-commerce. This Digital Uses Project Manager, who has worked at Système U for three years, has just been promoted to Digital Back Office Domain Manager within the same customer and digital marketing department. “I am responsible and responsible for the Back Office and all the productivity tools that revolve around it, explains Fabien. A new CoursesU Back Office has been launched nationwide. This summer we will have overhauled the entire park, which is almost 900 shops. It is a colossal and professionally very stimulating project “.

This new back office will be better suited to Drive requirements: a scalable and more secure solution, new features, optimized processes, all to reduce operator difficulties, ensure greater productivity in the store and, of course, improve the service rendered to our customers.

E-merchandising, e-commerce, web analysis, traffic management …

To meet the new expectations of its clients, U recruits many young graduates or confirmed profiles capable of providing skills in their profession. “We are looking for e-merchandisers, e-commerce project managers, web analysis or traffic management experts. More generally on the digital side, we are looking for product owners, digital project managers, CRM project managers, Lead Webmasters ”, explains Cendrine Maillard, Talents and Skills Director.

Furthermore, the brand, after modernizing its logistics tool, has launched a project to modernize its IT tools over seven years, for almost 300 million euros. “This project, led by a new director of transformation, requires the recruitment of many profiles of IT and digital experts. continues Cendrine Maillard, Director of Talents and Skills.

And this will also involve numerous and substantial internal developments. “Our digital team is constantly evolving and new positions are regularly opened, which creates a dynamic of internal mobility,” concludes Sandra Lossy, Customer Marketing & Digital Director. Changes can be cross-functional, such as a change in scope, projects, or a move to another digital profession. There is also the option to vertically evolve and hire a management team. In U you can grow professionally and personally and progress. “

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