The “missing link” and the need to change the discourse on long- and short-term marketing?

“According to Grégory Ollivier, CEO of Microsoft Advertising in France, brands need to rethink their vision of brand marketing and performance marketing. “ All marketers know that it takes time for the impact of brand marketing to really make itself felt: they understand how successive waves of investments build up over the years to ultimately … Read more

The “Workday Consumer” is logged in; Towards an adaptation of digital marketing strategies?

The porous boundaries between professional and personal life have forever transformed the customer journey; however, many brands are taking a big risk by continuing to rest on their digital marketing laurels. Until recently, many consumers flocked to offices Monday through Friday to carry out the various activities that made up their professional life. At the … Read more

“Shift by Converteo aims to promote simplicity and transparency in a world known for its opacity and complexity.”

Can you tell us something about your Shift By Converteo offer? Layer of Converteo is an offer aimed at helping advertisers win back digital media purchases through various interventions ranging from strategic advice to management and operation of search, social, programmatic channels (display / native / video / audio / …) and affiliation are enough. … Read more

Awam: Bordeaux communication agency | metropolis of Bordeaux

With a portfolio of over 30 recurring customers, it has developed a strategic national network in 9 years to promote its multiple skills. For 2 years, Awam has experienced a strong acceleration: a doubled workforce and a growing turnover, which stands at over 1.5 million euros in 2021. To fulfill its strong ambitions, the company … Read more