“The digital BtoB agency has no choice but to reinvent itself”, François Fossati (Indexel)

Digital has made marketers’ daily lives more complex, requiring fragmented and increasingly specialized skills. Certainly many tools, easy to access and useful in marketing practices, are now integrated and used by customers. More generally, companies are developing the movement of internalization of activities that were once reserved areas for agencies, even if the phenomenon continues … Read more

“We enter the era of influenza forever”, Lucie André Calschi (AmazingContent)

It is impossible for French leaders, after the latest IPCC report published last April, not to keep in mind the imperative of social and environmental responsibility for their own company. CSR is now a key component of the transformation of many organizations and all claim to embrace it. However, the reality is plural. In 2022, … Read more

“Don’t think about your silo acquisition campaign anymore”, Chloé Six-Latapie (Gamned!)

Like the screens that have multiplied in our daily lives, the paths traveled by Internet users on them, up to the purchase, now form an increasingly complex network of connections to identify and connect. Display, SEA, SEO, social, emailing, affiliation, etc. they are all acquisition levers whose performances must be monitored by the advertiser in … Read more

A glimmer of hope and many worries after two years of crisis

Tourism activity is starting to take an upward curve and everything suggests that the year 2022 will be a good year or at least experience a recovery. A glimmer of hope is emerging in the opinion of professionals, as Mr. Larbi Choukairi points out (read the three questions on…). Same feeling to Ilias Benzitoun, General … Read more

“Pinterest, an underrated platform with great marketing potential”, Olivier Amici (Semrush)

2022 is another investment year for Pinterest, which wants to focus on content development and purchases. Four new features are planned, including the launch of Your Shop. In fact, the platform innovates regularly to adapt to market trends: integration of a purchase feed, product recommendations, new exploration features such as Browse and Watch, creation of … Read more