Tarn-et-Garonne: To establish the reputation of your company, you rely on the Internet

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While word of mouth is the best advertisement in fire protection, Grégory Baeza understood that it was essential to have a digital showcase to stand out from the competition.

After a complete university career in communication, there is no need to explain to Grégory Baeza the importance of taking care of one’s image. When he takes over the management of BSI 82 in 2021, he already knows that the image of this fire protection company must be based on a clear and well-maintained website. “A website is the gateway to the company, also its business card with customers. In my business, it’s not on the internet that you order a service or buy a fire extinguisher, he admits. Direct contact and field experience are essential before signing a contract. But presenting his work, his products, his references on the site is the setting and offers a guarantee of seriousness. In a highly competitive business, the quality of your website can make all the difference. As soon as he took over the management of this company founded in 2007, he turned to the Tarn-et-Garonne Chamber of Commerce to launch a digital diagnosis. Very quickly the need to rethink the ergonomics of the site emerged and Grégory Baeza even went so far as to rethink the logo, the brand and the graphic code that he now uses on his intervention vehicles, the work clothes.
“I worked before in a large national fire protection company and I understood that customers had to be reassured about the seriousness of the service. Our products are designed and installed to protect them. They need to have confidence, and the brand image is essential, says Grégory Baeza. Once the contact is established, it is the human relationship that confirms the customer in choosing him. He then asks a webmaster to redesign the site, validate the Google my business page, and collect “five-star” reviews on his presentation page. Referencing him quickly makes a difference. A marketing orientation that allows this company based in Meauzac to hire, going from one employee to three, but also to triple its turnover from 2020.

“A good website is the best gateway to a company”

Since then BSI 82 has been referenced by the Andrieu company (one of the French leaders in fire extinguishers) and won the contract from Tarn-et-Garonne Habitat, the largest social landowner in the department. But these references and these figures are not there to turn the head of this entrepreneur who has chosen the place to no longer have to cover a large geographical area as in his previous company. “The local market is strong enough. I like to build links in my department, partner with local associations like Montauban Swimming, ATM or Coquelicots montechois rugby … Being locally established doesn’t stop me from having to question myself regularly and take care of your brand image. A good reputation does not fall from the sky, it is built day after day. And having a good website is now a mandatory part of the equation. “

Stéphanie Roumy: “We must use the Internet to revive local trade”

Business consultant on digital, Stéphanie Roumy supports VSEs in the development of digital solutions and tools.

Stéphanie Roumy, digital business consultant at CCI 82.
DDM – Manuel Massip

What relationship do companies and businesses that use your services have with digital?

Since the Covid crisis, digital technology has experienced an unprecedented increase in power and awareness. In the organization of work, the implementation of tools for teleworking and video meetings is evident.

During this period Internet commerce developed. It is still so?

If online sales are no longer a demand from merchants, we see that the click & collect service still works a bit to satisfy some customers. But in general, shops and companies now know well that you need to be visible on Google and on social networks to reach new customers.

At the very least, what does it take to be seen on the Internet?

A Google “my business” page allows you to easily communicate your address, opening hours, nature of your business… simply to have an existence on the Internet! Merchants have believed for too long that the Internet was the death of local commerce. It’s wrong ! It is a perfect tool to energize it.

How come ?

Even locally, a customer searches the Internet before visiting a store. As the price of gasoline rises, this is even more true. A visit to a company’s website is very often the action that precedes an in-store purchase.

What tools do you have to help companies go digital?

As part of France Relance’s digital commerce plan, the CCI last year supported 14 companies in the department by establishing a diagnosis and proposing work paths. About fifteen information meetings on digital technologies were organized during the year, bringing together numerous participants. We organized a workshop in collaboration with Google France last November. Made in the form of personalized mini appointments, this session was a huge success.

Does your digital experience relate to other areas?

Our starting point is always a digital diagnosis that takes stock of communication with customers, digital operation in the company with the implementation of collaborative tools or sharing of documents, but also the entire data component.

Meaning what ?

Attention is systematically drawn to data security within the framework imposed by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). As soon as we have personal information, it must be protected. For example, a marketing database containing a large amount of accurate information on the location, age and purchasing behavior of consumers is considered to be a processing of personal data. Businesses need to protect this information.

What support can be offered after the digital diagnosis?

At the end of this meeting, we list the areas for improvement and propose funding, technical support and access to training. In 2021 we enriched the regional Presta digital directory which lists digital professionals, of which about fifteen in Tarn-et-Garonne alone. So you can find developers, SEO service providers near your home.

Are there currently interesting digital-related funding?

Last month, the France Relance Digital Tourism plan was launched which targets restaurants, accommodation facilities, leisure facilities … For a year, the consular chambers launch free diagnoses and offer training. Professionals can contact CCI 82 if they wish to better reference their website or even develop online reservations.

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