Tendances Marketing 2022: How do companies support their local visibility?

In 2022, plus Jamais, the businesses can raise money near potential customers. To do this, they want to help customers and optimize their online profiles. Encore faut-il connaître les actions quo vont permettre de se demarquer de la concurrence pour attiser la curiosité des consommateurs, rassurer et convaincre des prospect qualifiés de se rendre en point de vente, puis les accompagner jusqu’à l’acte d’achat.

Trend #1 – New performance indicators for pilots with local visibility

In 2022, the survival of the presence and evaluation management strategies that will increase the visibility of the local company will continue to be professional to exert its influence on the crisis of companies.

After obtaining a good local reference and careful consideration of the prospects of qualification, it is of paramount importance to be able to present homogeneous information to the traveler of the year of the year, search engines or GPS applications that will be available in more complex versions. External presence management solutions help you achieve the best and optimize the digital presence of plus points of sale. These external solutions are not at the forefront of the experience of a vision of the ensemble of platforms and outlets, but they also provide an advantage plus performance indicators. In the inverse of the example Google Company Profile, they know the data of three others and present the conversion rates of the case of applying the example.

Côté Review Management, the calculation of the code of influences of customer reviews helps to reduce the investment return (ROI) of customer reviews. In order to increase the effect of cancellation, this is the direction of the focus of customers with the end point at the point of sale, or the final closing of the money, which is also due to the increase in budgets. Beyond the extension, part of the public budget will be dissolved in order to do more justice to the efforts of the digital presence and to break down the qualification prospects.

Tendency #2 – Emergency registered by registered customers

Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa are not available. These wizards are also a reflex to look for a good number of consumers.

Consumer protection is a plus and harder to maintain. It is nice to have time or it is possible to send very long documents or requests from a questionnaire. Before opening the news, read the opportunity to comment on the topic, including relevant and complete information.

Trend #3 – Emergence and democratization of the voice of the client manager in France

As a souvenir, we tend to live on the other side of the Atlantic. Abbie Griffin and John R. Hauser introduced the concept of the “Voice of the Customer” and its methods to traverse the Marketing Science Review in 1993. However, the names of international companies are emphasized by the tendency to be polite. At Apple, Amazon or Toyota. Desormais, cent de veritable programs Voice of the Customer qui permettent de booster l’attractivité et le taux de fidélization client des companies. And thank you very much, plus more companies on the customer journey line and give them a post of customer manager voice.

Jusqu’ici, the Voice of Customer Managers trend is timed in France. But at the risk of exploring in 2022, she responded to customer attraction and loyalty, important to an activity’s priority. Companies across industries, such as Qonto and Clarins, are in the process of adopting a 100% customer-centric strategy and proving its effectiveness.

Tendency #4 – Dedicated import of Google company profile for local visibility

75% of French interns use the Google search engine to search for interesting companies and consultants. Last but not least, this Google Maps application is one of the top 5 privileged sources. In 2022, companies do not want to return to Google to increase their attractiveness and generate traffic to their points of sale.

Thanks to Google Business Profile, the professions can create, review, modify or revise the experience of creating the Google search engine and the Google Maps application. These new events will be implemented in 2022, among other features that will improve the presence of professionals on Google and our interactions with customers.

With these solutions, more and more professionals will be able to edit more than just their local reference and compete with Google tools. Make sure to optimize your Google Business profile to improve your prospect visibility results.

It has the presence and digital reputation to be crucial to the activity of French outlets, which will be crucial in 2022. The game is authentic communication, strategy of 100% customer center and uniform information for everyone. For these reasons, the presence and evaluation management strategies continue to accompany professionals in their piloting activities, facilitating their survival and the crisis of the affair in 2022 and every year to come.

Edited grandstand by Clément Poupeau, Sales and Marketing Director of the Guest Suite

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