The 10 social media tips for May 2022

1. All about the new Facebook, Instagram and Messenger privacy policies

This is the information of this month from May, the metagroup announced the modification of its privacy policy for 3 of its applications: Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. If you do not change the specifics of the fund and the account should not be affected by your personal data, you can forward the notification to you to open one of your apps. The number of services affected and the date of entry in Vigueur is set at July 26th.

2. Instagram: a new message with full-screen photos and videos

The news in a hurry to grind your teeth plus one: Instagram is testing a new news post that’s timely, with photos and videos that take your screen’s integrity into account. This evolution of the application, which can be enhanced with the advantages of videos and reels, is not a rapper model used by TikTok and Instagram no longer inspires. The goal is: to engage users who use more videos on the platform.

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3. TikTok: You can use this program for videos in the application

This is very good news for community managers and marketers: TikTok is a partner in a partnership program with key players in the management of social issues. Result: You have the option to publish all your videos on TikTok. Using one of the 8 solutions recognized by the platform (Hootsuite, Later, Sprinklr, Sprout Social, Khoros, Emifi (), you can schedule your content, create a cross-platform post, all of the following are achievements of your posts and respond to comments.

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4. La mise à jour de l’algorithme de LinkedIn: ce qui va changer

In order to improve the quality of your users, LinkedIn provides their algorithm with a month. Find the clickbait content in the professional network! This allows you to accept the import of posts that contain artificial engagement or contain public opinion polls from members you don’t know. In other words, you should be able to add fresh news to your network, as well as the news and insights of thought leaders, experts, and partisan creators in business centers.

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5. Instagram starts sharing the stories of users who have posted a lot

Share the stories Stories quotidiennes on Instagram? This test menu for the current application certainly has you worried: these are the 3 first stories of a series of accounts available for people and people who publish content. Your followers appuyer devront sur le bouton “Afficher tout” s’ils souhaitent poursuivre leur presentation de vos Stories. In the opposite case, Instagram goes to the next user. This test is not available in the car, it is a sign that there is a certain number of accounts that can be reduced on the platform. Conversely, this new function, generalized in this way, should also be able to offer a better user experience.

6. Meta facilitates notifications for customers on Facebook Messenger

On the occasion of his event conversations, Meta a notamné adnoncé qu’il comptait ameliorer la relation between marques et les internautes grace à l’envoi de recurtifications et de messages personal via Facebook Messenger. The companies also help to contact their customers to find out about the products, receive the notifications about the prices and recommendations, the promotional codes or the compensation for loyalty, as well as consensus advice.

7. TikTok offers payment subscriptions for the life of the creators

Monthly subscriptions are offered by TikTok and you can be recognized by the creators of settings that spread the life of the application. It can be used in exchange for exclusive adventures, as a badge, personal emoticons, or to improve the ability to switch with the creator to have an exclusive chat. With this pay-as-you-go model, TikTok is based on Twitch, which presents a simulation program for the streams of its creators. À noter quo vous devez être agé de 18 ans and disposser of 1 000 followers u minimum sur votre compte pour pouvoir souscrire à cette option.

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8. Metas Tools to support PME on WhatsApp Business, Instagram and Messenger

If you use any of these 3 platforms, you will benefit from new tools introduced by Meta to help TPE and PME connect with your customers. You can also create more than your Facebook and Instagram posts directly from WhatsApp Business platform. Parmi les other nouveautés advertised: le filtrate de prospects dans les instantanés formulani, des Instant Forms plus flexibles or exclusive content.

9. Snapchat Launches Parental Control Center

The new Snapchat Parental Control Center designed by Family Center is open to parents and oversees parents to monitor the application for children. Functional features are available such as B. the ability to view Snapchat friends list, consult recent discussions, you can also help signal an abusive or unhealthy state. Good evening: The fauce that your youngster accepts your invitations to seize the opportunity to receive information.

10. Facebook with fin Podcasts and its audio capabilities

Alors que l’engagement autour de l’audio a nicement diminué ces derniers mois, Facebook semble changer ses plans en la matière. It governs the functionality of podcasts, which have been rolling out since June 2021. Other options are not limited to suggestions such as soundbites (audio excerpts), but also to the general audio hub, which is not ont rencontré le succès escompté. On the other hand, Live Audio Rooms, which is based on the Clubhouse application model, can be retained and integrated with Facebook Live.

Bonus: discover our analysis of BeReal, the French application that offers a new vision of social research

To conclude the tour of the May social media news horizon, among other things, we will be able to (re)discover a collapsible platform: BeReal. Launched in 2020, the idea of ​​a social network is not based on the concept of two words: “soi vrai”. In a strange way, every day you received a notification for a poster with a photo of you on the train. The principle of the instinct is to go to the extreme, with clichés on sur vif and without filters. The fact that participation is the same: you have to post for you that your friends are also participating.

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