The 20 new retail trends to know in 2022

Consumption and purchasing behaviors have undoubtedly evolved. Space trade, post mortem consumerism, virtual worlds, live trade, second hand, NFT, cryptocurrency … Aware of these changes, Wunderman Thompson agency unveils its report Commercial Futures 2022, to help professionals to project themselves but also to structure relevant offers, for the year to come and beyond. To do this, the top 20 business trends you need to know are included.

A rebirth for brands and consumers

The pandemic has irrevocably changed the way we consume and buy. Indeed, the acceleration of e-commerce adoption is giving birth to new businesses and new models. The latter are increasingly responsible for simplifying procedures for consumers. Regardless of their age, they will never buy the same way again. Also note that the shopping possibilities seem endless.

For brands this means approaching their business with a decidedly open mind. But also knowing how to anticipate the needs and technological advances associated with them and review their long-term strategies. Because yes, the decisions and investments made today will determine whether companies will be able to meet the needs of consumers tomorrow.

It is therefore with this view in mind that Wunderman Thompson Commerce reveals to you, following his report on the 100 creative trends in 2022his new relationship Commercial Futures 2022. A report that offers an overview of the trends that will structure demand over the next decade. A decade that we hope has proved to be full of innovation and enthusiasm and free from pandemics.

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The future of commerce: 20 trends to be part of!

This 20-page report takes you on a whirlwind and inspiring tour of the 20 top trends identified by the agency. Key clues, deciphered by Hugh Fletcher, Global Marketing Director at Wunderman Thompson Commerce, detailing the steps you can take to help you navigate with confidence.

  1. Space trade: a giant leap for business : The space trade has already started and it’s not just for the ultra rich.
  2. Consumerism after death and endless spending: the consumer and the concept of consumption are changing.
  3. Paranoid shopping and a wave of fictitious crime: fear represents a business opportunity.
  4. Bank and expense with your favorite marketplaces : With markets around the world accounting for 42% of all online spending, how much will they represent if they also control consumer money?
  5. Child trade: our youngest children are conditioned to make decisions
  6. Game Trading: It’s more than just a game : 41% of gamers believe their avatar is part of their real-life identity.
  7. Purchase and fun after the covid in the wish list: In a world that still suffers from post-traumatic stress, there has never been a better time to encourage consumers to indulge themselves.
  8. Aggregators attackers : if you have the interface, you have the client. If you have the customer, you have the data. If you have the data, you have the future.
  9. The dilemma between environment and service: sustainable development is important to consumers yet few companies know how to meet their needs with concrete actions.
  10. Direct neural interface and zero user interface: every moment in a person’s life will become a moment of purchase
  11. Distributors as advertisers: distributors must evolve to survive and thrive in this modern world of distribution
  12. Live trading: Bringing the worlds of entertainment and commerce together, live commerce is a trend set to explode this year in the West
  13. Reuse and renegotiation: Consumers are more likely than ever to buy used items Press release – 18 May December 2022
  14. Virtual worlds … where everyone is master of the universe: the metaverse is here and is expected to grow and have a major impact in several areas, including commerce
  15. Back to feedback: the number one thing consumers would change in e-commerce would be faster delivery
  16. The run started in the compressed trade: faster ecommerce sites earn more and improve customer satisfaction.
  17. No more problems with smart supply chains: last mile delivery is arguably the most important part of the customer journey
  18. The physical store is dead, long live the physical store: 64% of consumers said they want distributors to be both online and physical, so the model and offerings need to be reinvented
  19. Twin to win it: the digital twin can be used to test simulations, study performance problems and make improvements.
  20. How NFTs Shake More Than the Art Market: whoever sees this phenomenon as a niche trend for specialized sectors risks being left behind …

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