The 50 Preferences of Community Managers

The community managers use *beaucoup* d’outils au quotidien. We surveyed 1200+ social media professions to know the most popular tools. There are classics of the genre (like Hootsuite or TweetDeck) that classify to find the different facets of CM.

They use Photoshop, Canva or Illustrator, use SEA with Facebook’s Business Manager and Google AdWords and are SEO with SEMrush and Yooda at the same time. The video is in trending format, the community managers are on hand and using more than one of the specialty services like Final Cut Pro and iMovie. For those who want to explore the best CM tools, we have listed 50 tools plus other community manager utilities.

A platform that includes social media users’ data: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram… The free version is limited to 3 social profiles and one user. The plans cost between €20 and €500 per month without statistics (stats, group programming, RSS, personalized URL…).

TweetDeck is Twitter for professionals: you can see different differences, perform searches and reply to interns without leaving TweetDeck. It’s free.

Celebrity photo editor Adobe Creative Cloud takes the podium. The community of managers posts socially themed photos to maximize engagement and help promote quality imagery.

Canva is a full online photo editor with Photoshop, but I have the ability to download: a free and effective version of the proposal, social media dimensions are included in some model numbers and easy to use. .

Buffer is easy to use to schedule your packets on social networks. It is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+. The free version is limited, the version at 10 euros per month is available from TPE / PME, the Business version at 100 euros per month is adapted to large companies.

Agorapulse is another platform for social networking conversations and publications. For 50 euros per month for three social profiles and 300 euros per month for large companies.

Post content on Facebook, which is not the most important thing for the community managers. You can use Business Manager to advertise and get more results from Facebook.

Community managers don’t have the content to analyze their social skills. You can also check the impact of your actions on internet traffic. Google Analytics provides access to information about visitors to a website, the free version is used by the vast majority of digital professionals.

Without help for your projects and projects. It is a service adapted to your personal organization and very convenient for employees. The free version is relevant in the first part.

If the community managers’ orthograph is irreducible, they’ll be able to do all the meticulous stuff with the ciphers! Beaucoup uses Excel to calculate, generate reports and evaluate the performance of their actions.

Feedly is the RSS flux reader available on Google Reader. Great, it’s totally free: the accounts are kept on received privileges (all lit) but the new ones are limited to 100 sources and 3 collections.

Bitly is the most popular player. Contrary to the legend, it doesn’t make sense with Twitter, the social network can open the pages automatically t.cobut the CM still uses the tracker to generate traffic.

To communicate internally, the Slack community managers privileged with other solutions of the market (Microsoft Teams, Facebook Workplace, Skype ().

The veil is one of the Community Manager’s responsibilities. It is possible to use Mention to draw attention to an internal online business.

Photoshop is not the only language used by Adobe. Also use Illustrator to create or modify vector features.

Community management and content management are very important. Try again: WordPress CMS popularity is based on the tools plus utilities on the CM.

Digimind is a full user of social media monitoring. A dashboard allows you to see all the conversations you can have, measure the performance of your content and chat with your friends.

After launching in 2005, Netvibes launched this Dassault Systems project and changed the profile: the dashboard allows flow (RSS, social research), filters results, searches by topics and realizes RSS exports.

Radarly is a “Social Data Intelligence Platform” developed by Linkfluence. She is able to analyze an audience’s feelings, identify the influencers of your field of activity and conduct conversations on social issues.

Adobe’s logic is on the side, I remember the community managers! It is logical to create a page alongside the creation of print documents (flyers, brochures, books, magazines) and the web (e-book, number books). The Creative Cloud Suite party.

Iconosquare is the leader in the Instagram market (ex-Statigram). He worked on a solution ideal for community managers using Instagram. It can analyze your account, improve your results and manage your time with a range of additional accounts, additional and modern comments with a unique section. Iconosquare integrates an advanced search engine that has an interface to facilitate Instagram post scheduling.

Talkwalker is a platform that can be assembled with a variety of web topics, social media, TV, radio and print. 500 euros per month with a commitment of 24 months for 10,000 results.

Onlypult is an Instagram post scheduling tool (for €100 per year). You do not need to take any action at the time of publication. Beaucoup de professionalnels l’utilisent, mais soyez vigilant: the CGU d’Instagram interdisent aux outils Tiers de Publisher Directement and Contenu Planifié (à votre place). The hosts, the respectful CGU auront toujours besoin de vous at the moment of publishing a photo. The disrespected services can only be banned on Instagram and the accounts using these services are also available.

Google alerts contain an email or email (via RSS feed), the new content is indexed by Google in the capacity of a member: a person, a company, a field of activity, an Internet center…

Socialbakers is a suite of professional tools for analyzing and publishing on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ for publishing). Socialbakers are dedicated to their organic and public appearances.

Community managers become parsooning experts. And for your email, you are a privileged Mailchimp, free access to about 2,000 subscriptions and 12,000 per month. Price history is based on number of subscriptions and features (A/B testing ().

Gramblr is a free desktop login for sharing photos and videos on Instagram. Practice posting photos to Instagram since PC.

Google AdWords is one of the top 30 most popular tools in CM. Nominal community managers support the SEA cartridge to serve Google advertising and the Google Audience Network.

A GIF reaction is another long discourse. The GIF search engine has many tools for community managers.

Later, ex-latergrams, is a tool that makes it easier to schedule posts on Instagram, more current: Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest work with and later.

Final Cut Pro (Apple) is the premier video editing logic for community managers. The video is a trend on social networks, CM is a good idea.

Asana has developed a tool for managing projects and projects. The features are more than just a ready-made interface. With the free version, you can create a series of illiteracy games and collaborate with 15 colleges.

Crowdfire is a “marketing assistant” that advises the community manager to stop. L’util is used to support the mass of users on Twitter…

Sociallymap is a veil and marketing automation tool to automate posts on social issues in the definition of self-employment.

The community managers are all-inclusive, they use utilities like SEMrush to optimize content content.

With a social hacker you can engage your community and recover the leads (games with instant competition, sorting, personalization…).

This is a great way to learn about popular hashtags on Instagram: you need to enter a topic to add it to your keywords and related hashtags.

With you can download content, automate social media posts (marketing automation) and generate leads (paid version).

Sprinklr is a professional social network management tool: 21 built-in channels. Sprinklr permet de centralizer le marketing, la publicity, l’emailing, le CRM et le suivi des ventes et des commerciales sur une seule et meme plateforme.

Repost is the favorite application of the community managers lorsqu’il s’agit de partager la photo d’une autre personne on Instagram.

Anyone who can’t use Final Cut Pro utilities for iMovie on Mac. The free application will be able to edit movies on iPhone and Mac.

Sprout Social is a platform that implements, interacts and publishes a veil on the principles of social networks. You can also create personalized reports and compare your performance.

Yooda is an SEO user that monitors your positions, identifies improvement axes and observes your competitors’ performances.

Photoshop and Canva aren’t the only tools used by CM to create custom visuals. Spark, Adobe’s free delivery of images – and videos – to social media is hugely popular.

Schedugram is an alternative to other tools for scheduling Instagram posts (photos and videos). Technically, Schedugram doesn’t violate the rules of Instagram more than two phones posted on your site.

Mailjet permet de gérer ses envois d’emails (gratuit jusqu’à 6 000 emails per month). You can also set your transactional emails (automated).

Spreadfast is a social marketing platform that centralizes the programming of creation and publishing. You need insights to evaluate the performance of your actions and easily interact with the interns.

For free images under the Creative Commons CC0 license, the community managers choose the celebrity Pixabay.

Audiences (ex-SocialBro) is a platform that allows you to get previews ($3,500 worth of reports) and have an effective presence on Twitter (for $31 a month you can post about 150,000 contacts).

The community of managers who can’t afford to use Photoshop and who have an editor plus can be invited by Adobe Spark to take a look at the bulk of GIMP, an alternative that allows them to edit their photos for free.

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