The best tools for social networks

Plus besoin de perdre des heures à Jungler d’un compte à l’autre, la plupart de ces outils vous permettent de visualizer et de vous alerter, de programmer et de planifier vos publications, sur vos different murs et tableaux de bord.

A real time saver when you are at home, les français passat 2h22 sur les reseaux sociaux chaque jour (GlobalWebIndex, 2018)!

agora pulse

Plus online services are part of the market for these essential companies for their social and parmesan services open to less than 17,000 users.

What do you want to do?

Basically it is a professional tool for marketing, digital and social media actors. You can center it on a board, all relevant information from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin accounts. You don’t want to miss a single comment or post on your account.

And with all the functionalities offered, Agorapulse should be able to maintain an ergonomic interface that is essentially clean and easy to use and that can be used as a social resource function.

Without checking the details of professional planning tools, advertising campaigns, audit reports and traffic management, Agorapulse will be able to oversee the needs of social workers across the United States and the publication program to all your responses from a single interface.

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Agorapulse’s big competition is Hootsuite. You can follow Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin to be on your own interface and your notifications will be centralized to save you time.

L’un des Forces d’Hootsuite, this is the best son application for smartphones, info and features, the app and millions of installs. Quand on said qu’un français pass en moyenne 78 minutes par day sur son smartphone, Hootsuite a Bien fait de concentrer ses efforts sur son mobile application.

Veil tools, publication programming, the scope of advertising campaigns, audience analysis reports and management of usage rights for the members of your team or your clients are the functions of three professional applications of the author: marketing and community manager. It was a good idea to find social resources you need to have a specific time for the grand prize.

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Sproutsocial is less touring than its competitors. These clients are a clearing of marketing agencies, trading companies and entrepreneurs involved in managing their communications with the best companies.

With Sproutsocial you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest and get more profiles on these social networks. Statistics, timing optimization based on various publications with centralization of notifications and comments, integration of editing tools to change images or integration of an instant messaging system (chat) that offers a range of mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Seoul bémol à cet outil performant, so interface est en angais.

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Available in the form of online service or mobile application for Android or iOS, meaningful offer of centralization functions and reporting of your digital activities on social issues. Proche de ses concurrents, Sendible dispose néanmoins d’autres avantages comme la gestion de ses concurrents SMS et de vos mass email campaigns.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin all revolve around a single and central user interface. The notifications, the messages, the comments that you quickly parry, and vous pouvez les gérer directement sans changer de logiciels and sans aller sur votre compte en ligne. Sure, these services come at a great price to ensure you have a good time.

For professions, statistics and analysis reports facilitate the survival of marketing campaigns, publications, organized games and listen to the consumer brand audience.

Une vraie mine d’or for entrepreneurs!

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Available for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin, Buffer offers an application for Android and an extension for your navigators to know more about your publications on social media accounts.

Buffer is one of the most popular social media services available in a free version with limited functionality. Selon vos besoins, cette version gratuite peut s’avérer suppisante pour les particuliers puisqu’elle vous permet de gérer 3 comptes et de programer 10 messages.

At the level of tools available, Buffer will not be able to compete with the market leaders, but will be able to optimize the pace of your time to publish your publications, answer your questions and analyze your audience.

The interface and the mainboard are ergonomic and clear for the use of the utility rooms of the community management. Find out the number of clicks or followers you have on social media, view the stats for each post and check your impact on your global marketing strategy.

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Tweet Deck

Unlike other social media management services, TweetDeck is free and you can use your Twitter account for more than just a lot. Online service, mobile application and downloadable logic, TweetDeck You see the only thing you can do is all relevant information from your Twitter account. He posted on the board table in the Home, Notifications, Messages, and View Twitter accounts sections. You can access the Twitter account home page, which you can use to add new repertoire columns with recent activities, program releases, etc. The interface is in English, but the icons are explicit and persistent to make the most important tools of your disposition.

A simple speedboat to reorganize your columns. The other benefit of TweetDeck is multi-computing. You can also get 5 sets at a time with the interface.

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to hum

Besides the top social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube, Buzzbundle even accepts the most popular forums and blogs.

You will not be able to monitor posts and interact with interns, create and create relevant credentials, respond to various messages, view audience statistics, and prioritize discussion files.

The power of the Buzzbundle increases in creating new profiles and managing multi-accounts, fasting and fasting to grow account and grow community and your brand reputation. On regrets that the interface is soit en anglais et qu’il ne soit available qu’en versionlogicaliel (pas de service en ligne ni d’application mobile).

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Zoho Social

Online service and mobile applications for Android and iOS, Zoho Social is a complete tool to help you fit your needs and budget. You can benefit from monitoring functions of your social media accounts and programming commands for publications, but also assign modification rights and validations to different members of your team. The communities of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business and Instagram accounts can also be used to share a single interface.

For professionals, the extension for navigator, CRM and assistant module technology can also increase the capacity of Zoho Social. This logical suite breaks down the multitude of accessory tools for your communication.

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Social Pilot

Compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google My Business, Social Pilot is an online service and mobile application for Android and iOS. Comme les other plates de management de vos publications, le service vous permet d’afficher toutes les notifications, alertes et messages importants pour rester toujours connecté à votre communauté. Its intuitive user interface facilitates the work of community managers and communication agencies, but also helps business owners to enjoy web marketing and digital reputation.

Management of additional accounts, planning of publications, analysis of services and monitoring of the topicality of your trade publication are essentially part of the functional principles. You can make a challenger figure by reporting to Agorapulse or Hootsuite, Social Pilote has essential and indispensable features to be able to help.

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Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin or my blogger, eClincher brings together all resseaux sociaux, including personal and professional pages.

Monitoring of comments, editing and programming of publications and joint projects are among the tools proposed by eClincher. There are many new reports for others, but the best online service is the media library, which is part of the partnership between the various collaborators and the integration of graphic design tools such as Canva or Giphy. Plus Bengon de Jungler between the different comptes de reseaux sociaux et vos outils d’edition. Everything is disassembled and accessible through its interface.

This online service offers a series of video tutorials to learn about the most important functions.

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If you are a professional web marketer and have the ability to complete your communication and the content of your content, CoSchedule is good for you. Contrairement aux autres outils presentés dans cette selection, CoSchedule ne vous permet pas d’effectuer de veille sur vos reseaux sociaux ou d’analyzer votre traffic et votre audience. In turn, you can automatically optimize your multi-plate publications, generating a publication and a good image, avoiding repetitive manipulations. You must provide your title, text and image and service online and you will be charged for creating a personalized publication for your account.

The CoSchedule editorial calendar is the great power of this online service that facilitates the organization of your publications but also all your communication actions. The application of dismantling is also an element of messaging services to quickly respond to interns.

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All the tools presented here are not for everyone: you have time to optimize your activities on social issues. You have a professional web marketing professional or a private business with e-reputation (internet probation), you have to find this selection of the best people to help you solve social problems, all you have to do is, to connect with your friend. .

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