the colloquial trade derby as strong as an Olympique Lyonnais-AS Saint-Etienne

Don’t know anything about CCaaS? Don’t panic: if you recently appreciated that an e-merchant informs you via SMS or WhatsApp about the status of your sneakers delivery, that an analysis laboratory sends you the results electronically, is that, like millions of patients or consumers around the world, you appreciate being informed, informed about what happens to your orders, your sales acts, your invoices. Conversational trading is based on the principle that everything of the customer journeypatient, the company, the real estate agency with which one is in contact, can consolidate the relationship and strengthen customer satisfaction by avoiding the worst of the little pains: the lack of personalization of information.

Two actors, one French, the other Dutch, but installed all over Europe, are healthy competition in France. The first was created by a crazy customernot the steering wheel – Antonio Dini – the second was recently directed by Pierre Garrigues.

Don’t Call Me Jennyfer brand, better known as Jennyfer, won the RCS challenge, awarded by af2m, for an RCS corporate messaging campaign run by conversational commerce specialist Conducted in the 4th quarter of 2021, this campaign aimed to test the new functionalities of RCS – Rich Communication Service – a new Business Messaging standard supported by the main operators and by Google which already has over 17 million users in France. “We were looking for a new channel that was both enriched, more mobile and more conversational and RCS responded to all these problems,” explains Julia Foucher, CRM manager at Jennyfer, which has 270 stores in France and 1.3 million followers on Instagram and has been a textbook case of a successful turnaround since its acquisition by Sébastien Bismuth in 2018. Meanwhile, the brand had become the leader in the 10-15 age group and innovate for attract a wide range of new technologies.

Promotion and traffic generation: the nerves of the campaign

For this test, the brand has tried to dematerialize and personalize the Christmas catalog, through carousels, revealing a selection of customized products corresponding to the tastes of customers. The digital catalog therefore wants to be both in line with the ecological concerns of young customers, who are the brand’s core target – as evidenced by the choice of singer Eva Queen as inspirational muse or the collaborations with McFly and Carlito – but sensitive to environmental issues, but which also anticipates the “Oui Pub” law, which will limit the circulation of paper prospectuses. The aim of the campaign was to generate maximum traffic both on Jennyfer’s mobile site and in its stores, geolocated on dedicated smartphone applications.

A new channel that already offers strong coverage

The first lesson of this operation is the strong coverage of RCS, a technology compatible with most of the new Android smartphones marketed in France.

“More than a third of our customer base is already RCS compliant, which is very good for such a young technology, and much better than what we generally get with relationship emails,” adds Julia Foucher, CRM manager at Jennyfer.

“RCS is a premium channel that can serve not only performance objectives but also awareness, through more visual, more interactive and more impactful messages”, adds Clémentine Bourreau, Business Development Executive of

The trade of the future is “conversational”

The figures – click-through rate or sales – are not shared, but partner satisfaction is, well aware of the change in model taking place.

“Our feeling is that users no longer just want to be ‘notified’ and then bounce off a site or app. They are really ready to consult the product carousel, to dialogue with the brand, with a conversation time that has reached almost one minute on average. This is clearly a new business for us and we believe the next step could be to test RCS’s M-commerce (mobile commerce) capabilities and really engage in conversational commerce, ”explains Julia Foucher. Fayçal Kaddour, AF2M’s Business Messaging Manager, is also not mistaken: “As an association of multi-operator solutions, AF2M is proud to participate in the animation of the Business Messaging ecosystem in France. We intend to capitalize on the 20 years of SMS experience to make of its successor, RCS, an essential lever in the brand marketing mix. We congratulate Don’t Call Me Jennyfer and for this challenge as well as all our aggregator partners, who contribute to the influence of this format in France ” .

Cover photo: Local opportunities – credit © Edouard Jacquinet

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