The Crisis Cell


in summary

The crisis of the three complementary missions:

  • anticipate and prevent crises;
  • Make the events, work out the strategies to meet face to face;
  • learn the lessons from the crisis.

Why use?


The Crisis Cell has a priority to offer an approach to guiding the company in the workload of reflection and logistics in dealing with a crisis. Pendant la crisis, la cellule de crisis organizes le partage des information, affine en permanence son diagnostic, construct des scenarios possibles pour répondre aux evolutions probals de la situation. The decisions are based on these adjustments in the context of the development of the context. The crisis cell plays an important role in building a vision of a community to create an unstable situation.


The composition of a cell of the variety varies depending on the level of preparation of the enterprise and the nature of the war crisis. Technical techniques, research and development, and security play a key role in industrial crises, but also help to limit social crises.

how to use


  • before the crisis. Form the crisis team and know what the members of the regulation have to regulate and protect from the crisis management (scenarios, cell mobilization, procedures, working methods, information and communication issues).
  • Followers of the Crisis. The content of the crisis management team is based on internal and external communication within the company. They are included to ensure the consistency of the messages. They identify the sensitive points for dealing with the emergency. All-encompassing resources are organized between the crisis management team and the local actors. The role of the crisis cell is not to predict the development of events that form answers to the analysis of pure information.
  • after the crisis. The crisis cell has an analytical effect on their working methods and with the rapid acceleration of land reclamation measures. This tally is complete with a few weeks plus a reflection on the depth of the crisis lessons.

methodology and advice

The members of the crisis management team should be able to work together: organize plan exercises.

The crisis can arise from an invisible trend. Ne focusisez pas sur un seul point, vous risquez d’occulter certain aspects of reality.

Don’t ignore the analysis phase. Il serait dommage pour vous de repartir dans le quotidien sanstirer les enseignements de la crisis.


  • The crisis team can process the information in real time and focus solely on crisis management.

take precautions

  • The crisis cell is a souvenir that is considered a miracle solution in the face of crises. Please wait until you know the problem and the solution. The cell of crisis is a Moin, but not a single one. It is important to determine the role of the actor and to coordinate the actions.

How can you be more effective?

Organize a crisis room

Choisissez le lieu et pensez au plan bis

The crisis room is also a souvenir of a meeting room equipped with communication materials. It can be used to prepare another room for the main building. Cette solution vous permettra de travailler dans le calme si les journalistes prennent d’assaut l’accueil et si vos locaux sont inaccessibles (indation, incident, explosion, occupation).

Equip the hall

Benefit from additional resources or access to the Internet. You can also quickly consult various information sites, access online files and listen to radio programs directly. The officials in the restaurant offer you the option to share the files. Pensez ο vous doter d’un numero vert pour recevoir les appels suplémentaires et ne pas engorger votre standard.

Install two faxes with a set of masks provided solely for messaging issues and other goals. This formula will help you find 200 cups of press to put your strategic strategic note in. To improve the work, a copy machine can be used for security reasons.

You can set up a TV station and a tape recorder to record and record TV journals, interviews and reports affected by the crisis… and to prepare the port’s interventions. Adjust the number of tape recorders for radio broadcasts.

Equip the lounge table or lounge for our ideas and decisions of the crises of the crisis.

Don’t look at the base fittings

Les crises ont tendance à se declared durant le weekend ou la nuit quand le placard des fournitures est inaccessible. Release a small supply of paper towels, sheets, pens, sticky notes, stables, USB sticks.

Take the working documentation

Immediately open the board journal and mobilize all of the following resources:

  • Manual Crisis with procedures, reference scenarios and associated action plans, analysis of simulation exercises;
  • argumentative classes in crisis topics;
  • Data scientific and technical;
  • Yearbooks and Numbers (Members of the crisis team, list of Porte-Parole, press files…);
  • magazines and press reviews.

Think comfort items

The members of the crisis cell will be important and burdensome day and night. The thermos with coffee, bottled water and fruit juice, a fast food service. You’ll also want to put some comfortable shoes in the oven.

EXAMPLE a crisis team organization in a community after major incidents

Roles and Missions

The crisis cell advises the mother to erase the decisions of my fittest in situations of great risk or major events (e.g.: floods, industrial site explosion, sanitation crisis).


The cell consists of complementary pollen:

  • command post;
  • the home;
  • Logistics;
  • the communication;
  • The secretary.

Chacun des poles peut compter one personne ou plus et associotier ponctuellement des experts en fonction de la nature des crises.

The Crisis Cell is in constant alignment with the Operations and Security Commander.

Alerted and disenfranchised

A dispositif d’allerte est mis en place: il avertit le maire des risques qui menacent la commune (service d’annonce des crues, Météo France, témoins, journalistes). A responsive field is a precautionary measure (dispositif de pré-alerte). The crisis cell was confirmed and the warning was confirmed.


Each member of the crisis team is formed to manage the risks from a regulatory and technical point of view. The focus is on prevention and safety methods. Simulation exercises to deal with scenarios are regularly regulated.

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