The CV and studies of the Miss France 2022 candidates

The Miss France 2022 election will take place on December 11 at the Zenith de Caen and will be broadcast diffusely on TF1. The student analyzed the CVs of 29 candidates who had completed all of the postgraduate courses. Medicine, law, sociology, commercial and engineering schools… Child studies, diplomas and professions.

Quatre ans après l’essor du mouvement #MeToo qu’est-ce qui peut pousser ces jeunes filles à pariciper au concours Miss France, souvent décrié comme sexiste ou ringard?

“It’s a little girl’s dream and we can send messages,” said Julie Cretin (Miss Franche-Comté). One parent in a professional or student life is considered for the participation of the participants in the competition. Bien sur, all the postent beaucoup of videos and photos on your account Instagram… elles ont aussi pris soin de créer an account on le reseau professionalnel LinkedIn!

Health studies: general medicine, dental surgery, pharmacy…

Cette année, cinq Candidates for 29 se should be a doctor in general medicine, dentistry or dentistry in pharmacy. More health studies is not a health promenade

internal medicine in Montpellier, Anaïs Werestchack24 years old (Miss Auvergne), ainsi bouclé cet été son stage de six mois en Cabinet près de Béziers juste avant de se péparer au Koncurs Miss France.

“He or she learns from the students during their studies how important it is to find a balance between professional and personal staff”,confe Anaïs, who was on Instagram for a journal of an internal board, giving advice from fans. “How well do we treat our patients and are we our own?”

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Marine Sauvage23 years old (Miss Lorraine), at the end of the year of pharmacy studies at the University of Lorraine and her diploma in 2023. Cecile Wolfrom, 24 years old (Miss Alsace), student of pharmacy, six years old, at the University of Strasbourg.

Valeria Pavelin, 24 years old (Miss Côte d’Azur), intern in medicine with a 3-year degree in dental surgery at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. She will graduate in 2023 and be able to enter the competition.

In competition and peut-be future consœur Florence Bascou, 19 years old (Miss Martinique), she’s not the one starting her birthday courses: she is Student in PASS (Specific “Sanitary Facilities”) option right, a branch of Mise en Place education in 2020 aimed at students studying their profession in the medical field. A formation with a lot of pressure, doubling is not allowed.

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Two candidates future engineers

Two other candidates from this edition of the Miss France 2021 contest are young engineering students. After a first preparatory year for the MPSI (mathematics, physics and engineering), Carvalho line (Miss Pays de la Loire) for the second year of the science class (MP) at the Lycée Dupuy de Lome de Lorient (ENAC) et devenir pilote de ligne. The young woman was born in 2016 with a certificate from the Aeronautical Initiative (BIA) in the aeroclub of the Côte d’Amour.

His son Ambre Andrieu (Miss Aquitaine), 22 years old, was preparing a degree in Engineering and Chemistry in Physics at the ENSCBP de Pessac (Gironde). It has a preparatory effect for the INP, the integrated preparatory class of the large engineering schools of public engineering of the INP group.

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Sept candidates are eligible for Commerce, Marketing, and Sales

The 29 candidates for the Miss France 2022 election are in the process of the general culture test. // © Laurent VU/Sipa/TF1

The young women are the most important in trade, sales and marketing are the names every year. This year is no exception to the rule. You have the choice between the type of course.

ainsi sarah conan, 20 years old (Miss Bretagne), preparing for a master’s degree at a major business school, Rennes School of Business, an institution that will be paralleled in the region in 2020 by the number of admissions after a license in economic and social administration at university is of Rennes 2. She benefited from the opportunity to take care of her master 1 and her master 2 to consume in the miss competition this year.

at 21 years, Julie Cretin (Miss Franche-Comté) has a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing and a series of studies: she prepared a certificate in digital marketing and social research in her communication school Sup ‘de pub in 2021-2022.
Donatella Meden21 years old (Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais), specialized in Marketing and Communication in Fashion and Luxury at Isefac School.
diane leyre, 24 years ago (Miss Ile-de-France), you are preparing for your Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in four years in Madrid at the Instituto de Empresa business school.

Hayate El Gharmaoui, 21 years (Miss Picardie), studies and management of sports management at ESG Sport, a technical college for a bachelor’s degree in three years. Even as a local politician, the young woman is an investment in the old politics: it is advised by the municipality of Compiègne.

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Economic and social baccalaureate title, Lena Massinger, 20 years old (Miss Champagne-Ardenne), the Board holds a 2020-2021 Annual License in Psychology. Most courses distanced from the sanitation crisis can be realigned. She is currently preparing a BTS in international trade and plans to create a business suite.
Anne Ousseni, 24 years old (Miss Mayotte), is a specialist in international trade. He holds a responsible bachelor’s degree from the Import-Export Zone of the Salle Saint-Charles school or a master’s degree for manager in international development.

Julie Beve, 23 years old (Miss Limousin), a lively bachelor training at the School of Tourism of Tunon de Toulouse, a quinto training in the air of the hotel at the Institute of Aeronautics Jean Mermoz de Caen. “Je détiens mon CCA (cabin crew attestation, un certificat obligatoric for exercer, ndlr) et mon Toeic (test de niveau en anglais, ndlr)”, Explique la jeune femme passionnée d’aéronautique.

Chloe Galissi, 21 years (Miss Bourgogne), effort of the mannequin of all in the preparation of a BTS-Immobilier, a professional diploma with a salable sale fort. Chloe’s objective profession is to open a real estate agency.

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Three candidates are formed for communication purposes

Three candidates on 29 are for communication and event purposes.
ainsi Charlotte Faure, 20 years old (Miss Rhône-Alpes), second year student of BTS Communications at the Lyceum of General and Technological Philippe Duchesne (Itec Boisfleury) near Grenoble. The young woman who has worked in sports journalism and in the events of the event is also a high-level sport: she is a professional, she has developed in a national team 2.

His son Eve Navarro, 19 years old (Miss Provence), second year bachelor’s degree at a communications school to become a specialist in public relations and events.

Enfin Hannah Friconnet, 22 years old (Miss Midi-Pyrénées), second-year degree in information and communication at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès. She also completed a degree in the paramedical field: She was born in 2020 with the professional titles of orthopaedics, orthography and podiatry.

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Three candidates are formed for finance, accounting and management purposes

Three candidates are formed with numbers, management understanding, compatibility and finance.

Ludivine Edmond, 20 years old (Miss Guadeloupe), is preparing for the degree of competence and management (DCG in three years) at the ICS Bégué une parésen de coméme parisienne et ambitionne de devenir gestionnaire de patrimoine. It’s a reorientation. The young woman, holder of a scientific baccalaureate, has completed several medical studies in the past thanks to PACES (paid PASS and LAS training courses).

Marion Ratie, 20 years old (Miss Languedoc-Roussillon), also prepared for DCG. She is currently in her third year of studies in Montpellier.

Enfin Dana Virin, 22 years (Miss Réunion), preparation for Assistant Son Master 2 in Monnaie, Bank Finance and Insurance at the University of Reunion. She is a member of a pro-business and trade-friendly board and holds a license in economics. She holds a position as Assistant for Professional Affairs at BNP Paribas. She invested heavily in violence against women and used her Miss Réunion statute to give time to the national police in the area of ​​violence against spousal violence.

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Mathematics, science, STAPS aut d’autres candidates au scientifique

Three candidates out of 29 competing for various scientific studies.

Emma Renucci, 18 years old (Miss Corse), first year of licensure studying mathematics at Paris Dauphine University and planning to work in finance.
jade long, 19 years old (Miss Center Val de Loire), meanders around the university: She studied natural sciences at the University of Orléans in the first year of her license and aspires to a school professorship.

passion for sports, Youssra Askry, 24 years ago (Miss Normandy), spent much of her studies at the STAPS branch of the University of Rouen: she is in her second year of Masters and Physically Adapted Activities.
Enfin, côté social sciences, Melysa Stephenson, 19 years old (Miss Guyane), second year of Sociology License at the University of Guyana and suitable for the course of Digital and Event Marketing courses.

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