The debuts of a no-code community in Quebec

From the creation of a community, the organizers saw the birth of a new metro: cellui de “no-codeur”, not playing the role of design, implementation and maintenance of digital products on behalf of other companies. (Photo: courtesy)

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THE TECHNO PORTE COUNCIL. The debuts of establishing a no-code community in Quebec and the emergence of the no-code measure. These are the points to maintain the leading event No-Code & Design on May 12th in Montreal, organized by DesignWare and the community Slack “no-code France”.

“To be absolutely clear, we need to really leverage and leverage this community,” said Lucie Loubet, director of marketing for DesignWare’s development company. “The days of new tools as well as the days that other people can find,” he mentioned in an interview with Les Affaires.

Katherine Martel, co-founder of Studio Maze Design, a marketing and development agency specializing in Shopify, is also helping. “There is a great lack of inter-plateau community that undergoes a shift in competence in continuity,” he said.

Lucie Loubet presents a “strong fortress” for the technique of the 25-person event. “The no-code is a discrete part of what you can say, but more people use it,” he said, adding that he only uses one of the no-code tools without saving it.

Simon Mazerolle, co-founder of Studio Maze Design, noted that the core of Gens was shaped for the no-code as well as the lack of numerical endurance to dissect, change and ask questions.

The no-code code that breaks the simple interfaces to democratize the concept of no-code gens tools or solutions such as: B. the websites or the automation of certain tasks.

Specialize in one tool

From the creation of a community, the organizers saw the birth of a new metro: cellui de “no-codeur”, not playing the role of design, implementation and maintenance of digital products on behalf of other companies.

This is just Studio Maze Design’s expertise presented to our agencies. The ongoing Pandemic Fund, this is the first opportunity to embark on a journey for the two start-up co-sponsors.

“This is exactly the timing of our actions,” said Katherine Martel. “It’s a good thing to do with the world and it’s all about the good place,” said Simon Mazerolle.

Speaking of internet, the two co-sponsors who said participants would have a memory comment in this case would be an agency like theirs.

“Anyone who wants to do this and that deserves not only a team of full-time employees in this measure, they are one of the only experts and they will not be able to save.” quoi que ce soit d’autre » , said Katherine Martell.

If you’re also using Webflow to build a website for a client – the project just featured for the event – to be a Shopify expert. Ils ne souhaitent pas agrandir leur champ d’expertise pour accueillir plus de clients, malgré l’inconnexion des différents autils no-code.

Power “prototype” of a creative vision

It is also possible to help participants with the ability to develop code for rapid development of solutions without being able to build a development team.

“Plus, the most useful users have the autonomy to prototype a creative vision,” says Katherine Martel. Elle estime du meme souffle que les companies ont all à gagner à faire affair avec des experts en no-code.

Lucie Loubet and croit also, surtout qu’il ya un tel besoin de main-d’œvre i de development au Quebec.

Samuel Girard has also performed a number of songs using the code to develop the Briance housing association number. This is the initiative of a Webflow advertiser who discovered the technology described as “taken for granted”.

En effet, il dit avoir toujours eu de l’interétê pour le le web web. It is possible to take a course in practice, but the resources for web developers to conceptualize “What are you”.[il a] en tête «a rendu le tout» impossible «.

Thanks to the no-code, it is possible to reposition the company, which goes from 10 to 3 in the number of employees, to the cause of the pandemic. The $500 cipher is the initial no-code investment.

Samuel Girard found an advisor in the “community” sections of the no-code outlets, the Beaucoup de Viennet de Montreal. Too bad the Gens are talking on Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s not up to you to debate or debate.

“Je pense que si la communauté est connue, les gens vont la rejoindre”, Mention-t-il.

Lucie Loubet expects this first event to be the start of more benefits, but this is the time to organize a trimester time.

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