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Do you want to create, launch and manage an influence operation, independently? Or, find an opinion leader who agrees with your values? Willie could be THE solution to these challenges. And for good reason! This all-in-one Marketing Influence platform focuses the skills of the WOÔ agency and offers various tools for brands and agencies. With it, making an influence campaign has never been easier, faster and above all authentic. To learn more about this SaaS tool, the team of I have a friend in the com spoke with Thomas Sertorio, CTO and Head of SaaS of the WOÔ agency.

Interview with Thomas Sertorio, WOÔ CTO and Head of SaaS

JUPDLC: Can you introduce Willie in a nutshell?

Tommaso Sertorio : Willie is the influence marketing platform created by the WOÔ agency for brands and agencies looking for tools to manage their operations: casting, profile analysis, campaign management, reports, etc.

JUPDLC: Why did the WOÔ agency envision such a platform?

Tommaso Sertorio : Technology has always been at the heart of our business. Very soon, we developed our influencer platform. It was about having an internal tool to animate our YOÔ community and to facilitate the management of our campaigns. This platform evolved, then we opened it directly to brands and agencies. For us Willie is a natural extension of our experience and business! It allows you to respond to an evolving market: more and more players want to exert influence and influence on their own.

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JUPDLC: How many influencers does the platform have, how are they listed?

Tommaso Sertorio : Willie lets you collaborate with influencers in our YOÔ community, which includes 300,000 nano and micro-influencer profiles. Instagram, TikTok, creative photographers, prescription dad, influencer in Italy or Rennes … We find all profiles on YOÔ! These are the same creators we work with in our bespoke campaigns and with whom we are involved in an ethical approach!

JUPDLC: Can you tell us a few words about Willie’s tools that make campaign management easier?

Tommaso Sertorio : On Willie we find wiDrive, which allows brands and agencies to manage their influencer campaigns easily and independently. The brand sends a brief there, receives applications from profiles that match its DNA, selects those it wishes to collaborate with, then collects the contents and results of its campaign! It’s a super easy way to activate micro-influencers quickly and regularly. In addition to this service, Willie also offers productivity tools: wiStalk, which facilitates the casting of Instagram profiles (audience analysis, profile list management) and wiScreen, which generates campaign reports (Instagram, Youtube, TikTok) in three clicks.

JUPDLC: How is your customer portfolio composed?

Tommaso Sertorio : With Willie, we exchange day-to-day with all types of customers, which is what makes the experience exciting:

  • agencies (influence, PR, digital marketing) looking for a tool / service to manage their influence operations
  • consumer brands looking to generate content on a regular basis
  • DNVB, influencers looking to gain effectiveness in their campaigns
  • young brands / services looking to develop their reputation with regular campaigns

JUPDLC: How do you position yourself in the influencer marketing market?

Tommaso Sertorio : Today, with our Willie platform, our social media influence and expertise, our creativity and our YOÔ community, we are able to offer the most appropriate response to any customer request. dwarf? Microphone? Macro? Social media? Tailor-made assistance? Standalone tool? A WOÔ client is often advised throughout the year with a strategic recommendation, 3 or 4 agency-managed macro highlights from A to Z, brand-managed content campaigns via wiDrive and opinion campaigns with our nano-influencers.

JUPDLC: What sets Willie apart from other influencer marketing platforms?

Tommaso Sertorio : We are above all an agency of experts in influence, social media and brand content. We have been managing campaigns and developing our commercial skills for over 6 years. This is concentrated in our tools: the entire user experience was designed, tested and used by our project managers. It is this business competence that allows us to offer simple, effective and accessible tools.

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JUPDLC: Can you tell us more about Willie’s interface? How does it facilitate the user experience?

Tommaso Sertorio : As mentioned earlier, the UX of our instruments is at the heart of our concerns. A very simple example: Our project managers were archiving influencer casting Excel files. Each had their own list of “Best influencers” food, fashion, lifestyle, etc. However, the data was rarely updated – when looking for a list, it was not easy to find, for example. Today with Willie our project managers can, from Instagram, add a profile to a list and then share it easily. The data is thus kept up-to-date and enriched by audience data.

JUPDLC: What are your ambitions for 2022?

Tommaso Sertorio : In 2022 we want to make Willie the digital alter ego of our partner customers. Let’s say no more!

To find out more about Willie, visit his instruments page!

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