The faces of the speech

Portrait of the different actors who will intervene in Le Talk. Different profiles, which reflect the diversity of the Reunionese population.

> Amandine Rivière: The host

Let’s start this portrait gallery with the one who will coordinate the entire exhibition: Amandine Rivière. Her name and face will surely be familiar, as the reporter started her career on another local channel. With her experience in the field and on screen, the editor-in-chief will manage the small team of journalists who will provide daily news flashes. As a host, she will also make sure that the program runs smoothly. “Each columnist is autonomous. Each one brings his personal touch, for my part I will make sure that it remains consistent”, she points out. She will also regularly appear in front of the cameras to talk about topics that make the news.

> Rénaldo: The master of ceremonies

Armed with his broad smile and natural ease, Rénaldo Lasaone will have the difficult task of presenting Le Talk, every day of the week. “I will moderate the debate, I will distribute the word to the various columnists, giving rhythm to the show,” he explains. To animate this talk show, he will be able to rely on his experience of him on stage. “Basically, I come from the world of theater, I stood up,” he explains. But even the audiovisual world is no stranger to him, since he graduated from a film school. He also participated in the short film “La Veste”, currently available on the Canal + website. With this new project, the Reunionese intends to hit hard. “I take it as a challenge. I want to open mindsets a little. We can talk about everything, tackle all topics. We will loosen our tongue!”, He proclaims.

> Bruna: The bargain hunter

Curious in nature, Bruna Bottle will offer viewers a selection of good plans. “I am already part of the Journal de l’île, where I work as a product manager. It seemed natural to invest myself in this project developed by the company. I will use my skills to connect the two media,” details the 30-year-old. Each week, he will give you his opinion on a wide range of products or businesses he has tested. “I will express myself without wooden language and share my favorites,” she adds. She who has lived all over the world and who has spanned several careers, is not afraid to take on this new challenge alongside other columnists. “We are a young and dynamic team. Everyone has their own universe, it’s a nice mix that reflects Reunion,” she says.

> Prisca: The sportswoman with a broad smile

With Prisca Sanassy, ​​there will be sport on the set! Always accompanied by her smile and her good mood, the athlete will give you advice on how to feel good in her body and mind. For this, she will draw on her experience of her in the world of bodybuilding. A journey that arouses admiration! She won the Reunion championship in her category in 2021 and was runner-up of France in 2019. For this show, she will be eager to share her advice with viewers. “I can’t wait to get started! It’s a world that suits me completely and I really want to give advice on sports and fashion while keeping my joie de vivre, my humor and my touch of madness!”, Reveals the young woman from Meeting.

> Klowdy: The cultural expert

On the set of Talk, Klowdy will deal with cultural issues, but also with social facts. There is no doubt that his career in song will throw a unique light on him. He will combine his knowledge of information and communication with his stage experience to deliver fresh reunion chronicles. When she was offered this mission, the young artist did not hesitate a second. “Taking part in a new medium made me very happy. I have always loved the world of television and animation. Klowdy also wants to bring something new, both in substance and in form.” I will do reportage, but in vlog format. The idea is to bring the audience with me and to create more closeness with them ”, she explains.

> Shayna: The Internet specialist

Since the beginning of her 24 years, Shayna Layn has a handyman profile. Modeling, music, social networks, … many activities she juggles with. She today she adds another chord to her bow by hosting a regular column for the talk show produced by JIR. Her specialty: the network. “I spend a lot of time on social networks, it’s something that interests me a lot. For the show I will talk about the topics that are causing a stir and show what is happening there, ”announces the young influencer. Her favorite platforms of hers will be the essential TikTok, but also Instagram or YouTube. No trend will escape her expert eye. At ease with her in front of the cameras, she will not hesitate to give her opinion of her on the air and to open debates.

> Kévin: The all-terrain journalist

Camera in hand, Kévin Mouniata will travel the streets of the island to capture news and testimonies from Reunion. “Every day I will go out on the pitch to film big events,” he explains. The images of him will feed the daily news flashes that will be broadcast during the show. The image reporter, originally from Saint-Benoît, will work under the direction of Amandine Rivière to elaborate and comment on the information. A journalism graduate, Kévin Mouniata made a brief detour into the world of digital marketing before returning to his first love. On the eve of the launch of the Talk, he feels a mixture of “trait and enthusiasm”. But he is also looking forward to the idea of ​​contributing to this new format, which he wants to be nonconformist.


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