The great comeback of email marketing

LEmail marketing is regularly the subject of lively discussions, fueling the same theme: is email a dying medium of communication? Many marketers have already claimed that traditional media outlets are giving way to new channels like social media and apps.

Of course, one cannot argue with the diminishing effectiveness of a mass communication medium that sends an identical message to a single target group. But considering marketing automation, do you think email is history? So it’s time to dust off your electronic communication strategy.

TheSkimm’s Danielle Weisberg doesn’t think the email is gone. Since the launch of TheSkimm four years ago, Danielle has directly faced headwinds. Potential sponsors of hers were not kind to her. “Email marketing is at the end of its life. Why don’t you create an app? Her response, they had to digest via email, which perfectly illustrates her point. Email has never been so alive.

Is email really giving way to social media? Let’s compare the numbers. From experience, we know that even the lowest quality email newsletters achieve an impressive 20% open rate. For comparison, a Facebook ad gets an average open rate of 0.01% according to Quora. And that, Mark Zuckerberg had understood. If you thought that emoticons were a revolutionary discovery of Facebook, we are going to disappoint you. Emoticons allow you to like a message but also to indicate that a post makes you sad, upset or, on the contrary, makes you happy. By discovering what influences our mood, ads are now more targeted. A tactic that Facebook has clearly borrowed from email marketing.

Unfortunately, it is often the opposite that we observe. Marketers are simply applying the reasoning behind Facebook ads to their email campaigns. People turn into endless lists and volume seems to be a requirement. At that point, email is no longer a means of communication but a channel. You lose the personal touch that makes an email special. Email is personal and direct. Why not reap the rewards?

In addition to the benefits of personalized communication, email also integrates seamlessly into your recipient’s daily rhythm. Apart from phone calls and text messages, checking emails is one of the most popular uses of smartphones. Therefore, sending an email is a great way to communicate with your recipient. Not to mention that email is also a universal instrument. It’s an extraordinarily easy way to get in touch with someone on the other side of the world.

You also have the option to integrate your email marketing into other marketing strategies. You can tell someone about your most recent post on Facebook. You can notify someone when a webinar starts. You can also warn that an offer is about to expire. Traditional medium or not, email marketing has continued to evolve. While senders used to send their emails in bulk to their contacts, they now use these emails to create a personal connection with recipients through personalization. So emails are perceived as a safe bet rather than ‘traditional’

Don’t let email become a channel, but use it to your advantage as a means of communication. Therefore, it is necessary to add value to it by creating personalized email campaigns focused on useful content. Use data and contextual information from your audience to send the right message at the right time. Instead of bombarding your contact list with impersonal email messages, take the time to analyze your recipients’ online behavior. An intelligent marketer has already qualified his point of view because it is true that traditional communication strategies give way to new strategies.

by Michelle Dassen (Flexible Mail)

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