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Are you looking for an effective solution to accelerate your sales? The 5 stages of the AARRR will help you stay that way. Zoom in on this growth hacking framework.

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Qu’est-ce que l’AARRR?

L’AARRR is the acronym for 5 metrics: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenge and Reference. This strategy is based on digital marketing techniques that serve to boost a business trip. L’AARRR can also be used to develop your ROI over the long term.

According to the growth hackers, this framework is not an easy marketing strategy. These professionals are qualified by the AARRR as credible prior art. Plus solutions contribute to the solution of this strategy, do not use the logic of automation.

The tool for lead generation and automation caspr it’s an adjustable efficiency to quickly acquire high-quality contacts. It helps you create personalized scenarios in addition to a variety of goals before converting customers. This tool facilitates the lead generation process in the same way it is able to automatically provide invitations and welcome messages on LinkedIn.

L’AARRR is based on three main principles:

I. Creativity: the basis of this growth hacking strategy

In order to develop a growth hacking strategy, one must look at a new situation in all respects

with your field of activity. Click here to view the current content. Make sure your website is ergonomic to increase your chances of converting leads and accusers.

II. Analysis and experimentation: two pillars of privilege to improve your marketing strategy

The result of a commercial prospecting campaign is rolled back to the market in the area of ​​additional marketing strategies. Analyze your actions to stick to the more effective goals.

Your main task is to find a suitable solution for your customers. For this reason, without this new strategy, you want to experiment to launch new products in relation to the usefulness of your goals.

III. Content optimization: a cruising phase for the ROI booster

This digital marketing strategy aims to improve your website’s visibility for generating qualified leads. The techniques of a notice Of course, the solutions are solutions to get your publications on the first page of Google. Also, your website is visible and you get the prospects.

What are the 5 stages of AARRR?

The main goal of the AARRR framework is to help you convert leads into customers and trust these issues. The following metrics metrics are determined by the structure:

I. Acquiring new leads leads to qualifications

The goal of this first phase of the AARRR is to attract a large number of qualified leads. It is also possible to optimize the conversion rates of your prospects and customers. When I select the distribution channels tailored to your services, you should consider:

1. the volume of users (which channel has the most traffic?);

2. le coût de l’acquisition des lead par canal (quels sont les frais relatifs aux outils de leagden?);

3. Conversion rates and rebounds (which channel can convert to more prospects?).

You can adjust the selection of commercial prospecting boxes to the content of your attention. Privileges are those that convoke a long-term offering of services and services.

II. Activation to measure cable costs

This second phase of the AARRR consists of converting a maximum of strategies to convert a maximum of leads into customers. The ideal is the privilege of relaying promotions from the Cibler to all Internet users who visit your site.

Reclaim the method of A/B testing to determine the maturity level of your prospects in terms of improving engagement levels. You can view the last based on the number of pages viewed on a lead, not the time spent on your site.

III. customer retention

The goal of this phase is to trust your customers. Vos publications visent ainsi à retenir leur attention. Advertise promotions and invite offers to help with special events. Experts in growth hacking

It is also advisable to send personalized mail to introduce the new services and business offers.

IV. Referring to Your Customers

Reference or recommendation specifically to increase ROI. L’AARRR has the satisfaction of your customers. When you finally trust your business, you can find other new owners as well. Do not hesitate to contact your customers and suggest that you contact us later.

v. Your company’s revenge

The aim of all commercial prospecting campaigns is to attract a significant number of customers, given the increasing number of business events. To quickly generate the event:

1. Offer promotions;

2. withdraw your offer;

3. Encourage your customers to choose a superior range.

Your mission is to implement effective strategies to improve the conversion rates of your prospects into customers.

in summary

L’AARRR contributes to the rapid development of your company. You can annotate the imported phase of this framework. Use an automation tool like Caspr to implement strategies to quickly increase your company’s ROI.

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