The Herige Group reaffirms its priorities for 2025

In 2020, the HERIGE Group announced the outline of its transformation project aimed at profitable and sustainable growth. Significant, it revolves around three main pillars: people, environment, innovation and digital. In 2022 it clearly shows its strong ambition to be the reference for all its customers, in all its territories, contributing to the development of the sector and to decarbonisation in construction and industry. An increase in power which is confirmed by the record turnover of 712 million euros in 2021 and in the significant growth of the three businesses of the Group which are ATLANTEM industrial carpentry, EDYCEM concrete and VM trading. This positioning is confirmed in the first quarter of 2022 with revenues of 193.8 million euros, up by + 10.3%.
HERIGE intends to continue its development, remaining vigilant in the face of developments in the health crisis, inflationary pressures related to the war in Ukraine, the shortage of raw materials or even sectoral recruitment difficulties. These are all market factors that the Group has chosen to exploit to transform them into opportunities for growth, enhancement, creation of new business and innovation.

The Group pursues its ambition and reaffirms its priorities for 2025. It is committed to improving social and environmental performance around four challenges:

• ACT for teams: making the Group a protective, educational and inclusive organization,
• ACT for the planet by adopting an environmental policy and a climate strategy aimed at reducing the impact of its activities,
• ACT with integrity by raising awareness and training its teams on the challenges of ethics and transparency, as well as on regulatory developments in its sector,
• DIALOGUE with all its stakeholders and regional actors.

In line with its roadmap, embodied by Benoît Hennaut, chairman of the board of directors, HERIGE promotes ambitions that result in the implementation of mobilization projects as part of its activities. The recent acquisitions of Activence (PACA) and Audoin & Fils Béton (Aquitaine) strengthen its regional leadership.

HERIGE intends to be among the key players actively participating in the circular economy. Great dynamics are undertaken around the optimization of raw materials: integration of the future eco-organizations Valobat and ecominéro, implementation of MENREC, new concrete recycling business (Audoin & Fils Béton) …
Human and collective progress is the fundamental basis for the success of its transformation. An annual and shared social barometer since the beginning of the year allows for the elaboration of an action plan to engage in a unifying role as an educational, protective and inclusive organization. A company with strong convictions that any successful transformation requires a transformation of managerial practices and attitudes, and must therefore be supported. This is demonstrated by the innovative creation of the HERIGE ACADEMIE, which aims to provide employees with all the keys to participate in the success of change, or even the implementation of a “Graines d’Impact” CSR collective to each become an actor and engine of transformation.

Benoît Hennaut, chairman of the board of directors of HERIGE

“More than ever, the strategic choices made are proving relevant and confirm our ability to pursue our ambitions of profitable growth, while ensuring the social balance of the Group and the impact of its activities on the environment. Becoming a point of reference for quality, proximity and environmental commitment is an ambitious challenge. Suppliers, customers, partners,
collaborators, new talents…, HERIGE wants to be an attractive ETI for everyone, especially for women and young people.
We have strong convictions and rely on a mindset of energy and confidence. We are a united collective for a global, impactful performance at all levels. “

Develop the ambition for profitable growth while ensuring social balance and environmental impact

VM Materials trading subsidiary is refining its specialties and customer experience to drive its growth and consolidate its operating margin through the development of its wood, self-service, insulation and plaster offering, etc. VM is continuing the effort started around energy renewal with the launch of ranges of biological origin. The activity intends to capitalize on the structuring projects carried out in the last two years. Therefore, the new ERP is expected to be gradually rolled out to the points of sale. A new PIM (Product Information Management) is in preparation with the launch of a commercial site in sight.

Circular economy, innovation, digitalization … all constitute opportunities to develop the performance of the EDYCEM concrete sector in a sustainable way. It has made it its roadmap by consolidating the brand’s know-how: performance management, customer proximity, design of innovative products and services. It prepares for the future by implementing a CSR strategy in line with the challenges of RE2020, the implementation of a new ERP, the development of its marketing and digital offering, as well as the security and skills development teams.

The three new power plants and the Audouin & Fils Béton concrete recycling platform complete the growth momentum that has begun. EDYCEM is firmly committed to the low-carbon transition of construction and the circular economy, strengthening its skills and its offer to its customers.

On the industrial carpentry side, ATLANTEM continues to accelerate its transformation. With dynamic growth in 2021 thanks to the ramp-up of its AM-X plant in Saint-Sauveur-des-Landes, the business intends to continue this momentum by focusing on the production tool to meet growing demand. , but also on safety and well-being at work. The brand strengthens its commercial plan with an intensification of the territorial coverage of its sales force, the implementation of the DIGIT’AM digital management service. The acquisition last March of Activence, based in Vitrolles, is part of the external growth strategy, enriching the multi-product offer of ATLANTEM with in particular a range of swing shutters.

Make the company a training, inclusive and protective organization, where it is good to work and grow together

The world is changing and expectations are changing. Companies need to adapt and offer new managerial practices to also meet team expectations and attract new talent. HERIGE places people at the center of its human resources policy, as an asset and fundamental driver of the company.
Training, personal development and career opportunities are among the strengths. Many projects are underway: increase in training budgets, digitization of the HR information system to better monitor annual interviews, creation of a digital content platform freely accessible to all, improvement of the communication of vacant positions, promotion of internal promotions, charter of internal mobility, etc.

Digital projects are realized

Each business carries out customer-oriented digital projects such as a future CRM project or the enrichment of PIM data at VM, the modernization of EDYCEM tools to facilitate access to information for customers. In ATLANTEM, DIGIT’AM, the integrated management solution dedicated to artisans, is the spearhead of the digital transformation strategy. To achieve this goal, the network of digital promoters within the activity has been strengthened in recent months with two new facilitators in the South-West and in the Central Pays de la Loire. They support sellers in their desire to better support customers in the digital age.

Data: a strategic and financial asset to be exploited

Data is at the heart of the main priorities of the Group’s roadmap. An internal reflection was initiated, with the help of an external company, in order to make the best use of the data for the management of internal performances (economic, HR and environmental), of customers, suppliers and stakeholders. This new strategy, which must be implemented at all levels, will require acculturation of the teams, which will pass through the HERIGE ACADEMY. The strengthening and sustainability of the projects will be supported by the digital transformation of processes and services in order to develop a data culture.

The current process takes place in three stages:

– from October 2021 to February 2022, the analysis of the existing situation within the three branches and the holding made it possible to measure in each entity the level of maturity in terms of use of data, technological and governance bases,
– from March to May 2022, the construction of the strategy, through joint workshops, led companies to question their practices before defining a common target architecture that would integrate the needs, the innovative uses for the Group, its customers and suppliers. Several main themes have been identified which group together about thirty shared uses,
– from the second half of 2022, the definition of the trajectory will make it possible to estimate the data program and plan its implementation.

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