The highest paid marketing jobs in France

Among the booming business sectors in France, we find the marketing sector and the digital marketing sector. This field of activity offers many opportunities, both for permanent and temporary positions. Some jobs in this industry offer very attractive salaries and many possible professional career developments. But what are these positions and professions? The answers in this article!

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The highest paid jobs in the marketing industry

Some of the highest paid jobs in marketing include: Marketing Manager, Marketing Assistant, Customer Relationship Manager, and Product Manager.

Brand Marketing Manager or Brand Manager

Within a company, the Marketing Manager, “Brand Manager” or “Brand Manager” is responsible for promoting a product or service. In fact, he is primarily responsible for the management and development of a product’s brand.

As part of his job, the brand manager reports to both the marketing director and a marketing group leader. He has the task of designing a commercial strategy, to be proposed to his management. More precisely, it sets up a brand development strategy and defines marketing action plans in addition to the advertising media used such as print, television, radio, billboards or even the Web and social networks. He collaborates with different departments, in particular: The production department, management control, sales management, the purchasing and supply department, etc.

The job of brand marketing manager is one of the highest paid positions in the marketing industry in France. At the beginning of your career, you can earn an annual salary of between 38,000 and 50,000 euros gross, or approximately 3,500 euros gross per month. For a brand manager with more than 10 years of experience, he can earn an average of 55,000 euros gross per year, or a salary of 4,500 euros gross per month.

Marketing assistant

As the name suggests, a marketing assistant is the right arm of the communications director and marketing manager. As such, her role within a company is to assist the marketing department. She organizes events and trips for the director with her collaborators. You are also involved in various projects, in particular in the preparation of product catalogs.

In addition, the marketing assistant is responsible for the regular monitoring of production, orders and deliveries. Her mission is also to participate in the launch of a product or service by carrying out competitive intelligence analyzes and market studies. Other than that, she is the receptionist for all phone calls. Sometimes a marketing assistant is needed to attend sales meetings and research new suppliers.

In France, a beginner marketing assistant can earn a gross salary of between € 20,000 and € 35,000 per year. With several years of seniority in this sector, you can earn an amount of 2,500 euros gross per month. In a large company, this amount can be up to € 3,500 gross per month.

Customer Relations Manager

A company’s Customer Relationship Manager is responsible for monitoring the customer portfolio after signing a contract or making a sale. Thanks to these management skills, it guarantees the satisfaction of private and professional clients. It responds to their requests and needs in relation to the corporate functions concerned.

The Customer Relationship Manager is also a customer advisor. As such, it is responsible for proposing new products or new lines of service to customers. In addition, he reports to his superior and participates in the definition of a customer relationship strategy.

As we said above, the account manager position is one of the highest paying positions in the marketing industry. In fact, the salary range for this job is on average € 67,500 gross per year, which equates to € 34.62 per hour. For beginners, the salary is around € 50,000 gross per year, while more experienced workers earn up to € 77,350 gross per year.

Product Marketing Manager

In the marketing sector, the mission of the product manager is to follow all the phases of the life of a product, from its conception to its launch on the market. With his team, he takes stock of market studies, competitive products and customer expectations to anticipate the needs of potential customers.

In close collaboration with the production and sales departments of the company, the product manager participates in the development of the product design and the launch strategy following the rule of “Marketing 4P”: Price, Product (Product), Promotion (Advertising) and Place (Distribution). Defines a communication plan such as promotional actions, advertising campaigns, etc. to promote sales. However, when a product is launched on the market, the product manager is sometimes called upon to monitor the evolution of sales and to adjust the marketing plan to optimize the results. The position of product manager is a stable and well-paid job. His salary, when he started his career, was between 2,500 and 3,000 euros gross per month. With several years of experience, he can earn between € 4,000 and € 4,500 gross.

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