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chain in 2000 by two English entrepreneurs, Quentin Griffiths and Nick Robertson, asos (As Seen On Screen) provides star door consumer and fashion accessories. The regularly regulated brand offers and offers items for all relevant exchanges as well as 18.4 million active customers. The book “Brand Success: 50 Exceptional Outcomes of Marketing and Communication” (FYP Editions, October 2019) is based on the following reasons. extras

The power of Asos is a privileged relationship that can only be accepted by the customer. En optant for le choix de non-professional mannequins qui montrent quelques imperfections, the mark permet à la clientele de s’identifier plus facilement. explain help Don’t retouch photos from the applause of the models. (…) The reputation of the platform is built on a free delivery of 25 euros, and Possibility to rent without importing this item, who prefers the pulse of agate. It is one of the best websites to promote.

Asos proposes a guide on how to measure, un Subscription to be paid within 24 hours and 10% discount for students. It’s possible to communicate with a Lequel with very responsive customer service, or it’s possible to communicate when importing. In order to know the customer’s experience as best as possible, Asos a In 2007 he started a magazine. With more than 450,000 copies, the first release of the Royaume Uni fashion is impressive. Initially distributed for free, it is payable in 2018, but the rest will offer customers more than trust. In order to know more about the most important strategic markets, we need to open different offices in the countryside and not in Paris in 2017. The brand will be able to develop the content in phase with the local client with an appropriate strategy choral influencers with soin.

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(…) In 2011, the announcement of Barack Obama’s announcement was accompanied by a photo of a photo of Michelle Obama wearing a red carpet and white goods, with a mark of 800,000 retweets and marked in part by consumer conspiracies. Aces for your bouche-à-oreille marketing strategy missions, without Jamaicans advertise on television in the press.

There is a classic communication on the themes (regular posts, games, sweepstakes, interactions, etc.), all the more interesting it is to be sponsored by the accounts of influencers (Asos insiders), without pseudo-pseudos on Instagram from the brand be identified. « We have arrived at such a level certifies insiders who are partially involved in our campaignsand have begun to appreciate more what is all about the aftermath of a string of successes in Grande-Bretagnespecifically Rachel Bremer, communications director of the world of Asos. For this purpose, the importer can find the influencers that take into account the values ​​that we want to include. We don’t care about relationships that result in simple, time-limited transactions as if they could. That is the idea of ​​the new relationship for the long term. The canal can be built on a given board and the construction of a community building can be done on the fund plus the shape to create a vibrant and prosperous community.1. »In the absence of a certificate of influence, all in transparency with these, Asos has established a relationship plus discretion and interest, with each insider producing their content to support the community. When it comes to addressing prospects directly, she will be a fan of your speech as well. Launched in 2013, this program insisted on achieving very good results, with 45% of the brand’s impromptu social events being available for ambassadors. (…)

1. “Asos ou le pari d’une strategy of transparent influence”,

“Successful Brand: 50 Extraordinary Results of Marketing and Communication” written and directed by Marc Drillech.
– FYP issues

This text is extracted from the title of the track « Brand Success: 50 Extraordinary Outcomes of Marketing and Communication »Written by Marc Drillech, Director of Publicis, Aujourd’hui Director General of the Ionis Education Group. It was published in FYP Editions in October 2019 (22 euros, 219 pages).

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