the leading e-commerce platform in Europe and Latin America

With unprecedented revenue growth of 40% in 2021, PrestaShop continues its accelerated transformation to become the leading e-commerce platform for business growth.

A fast growing Open Source e-commerce solution

Founded in 2007, PrestaShop experienced a year of historic growth in 2021: from “digital native” brands to SMEs and large groups, the 300,000 PrestaShop sites (of which 65,000 French) generated a turnover of 24 billion euros in 2021, with an increase of 9% compared to 2020, allowing the company to grow by 40%.

In an increasingly fierce competitive environment, PrestaShop has entered into important strategic partnerships with META, Google and even TikTok, to address the new challenges that merchants face: offering more and more features and services, increasing acquisition with an ad marketing strategy. hoc or increase their visibility.

By giving them access to the best in technology, PrestaShop allows businesses of all sizes, especially SMEs and ETIs, to grow and scale.

These innovations take shape in particular with PrestaShop Essentials, a wide range of modules designed to simplify the merchant experience. Available on the PrestaShop add-on market, these Essentials cover the main needs of e-merchants.

They go from the payment interfacet PrestaShop Checkout made with PayPal Where PrestaShop pays later (deferred payment solution), e-commerce data analysis and management with PrestaShop metricsweb marketing with PrestaShop Marketing with Googlesocial shopping with PrestaShop Facebook or split the payment with Paylater PrestaShop recently launched with Oney and PayPlug.

PrestaShop, the n. 1 in Europe PrestaShop

Attracting talent thanks to a new organization of work

PrestaShop’s priority for 2022 is to accelerate its development by doubling the workforce thanks to Work from Anywhere, a new organization of work that is more flexible and respectful of work-life balance.

For the new generations, in fact, mobility has become the norm and imposing geographical limits on them no longer makes sense.

This is why PrestaShop has been testing the WFA since July 2021, which is proving to be a real success. To date, about ten PrestaShop employees work from a country other than their country of residence, for example in Spain, Lebanon or Argentina. This cultural shift is already bearing fruit as over 50 talents have already joined the PrestaShop teams in 2022.

With Work from Anywhere, the company will be able to recruit employees from around the world, around the world, offering them an innovative and hybrid organization that combines freedom and flexibility. An essential step for a company historically oriented towards internationality, present in more than 190 countries and which has 250 employees of 18 different nationalities.

A strategic merger to become a world leader

By merging with MBE Worldwide in late 2021, PrestaShop aims to become a European champion of commerce to enable companies around the world to accelerate their growth.

The complementarity of the PrestaShop and MBE offers allows them to cover all the needs of companies, especially SMEs, thanks to a fully integrated approach, from logistics to domiciliation through shipping, up to the last mile.

The skills of MBE (logistics, storage, customer service) added to those of PrestaShop (online commerce, marketing, etc.), are undeniable resources to allow PrestaShop to acquire new customers on an international scale.

In a context where omnichannel has become the rule, this combination of skills should allow PrestaShop to achieve its goal of becoming the reference trading platform to accelerate business growth around the world.

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