The magical structure that generates thousands of euros in a single email

Emails are a web entrepreneur’s best friend. It is thanks to them that we can send newsletters, create a relationship with our audience and SELL. In this article, I’ll reveal to you the exact structure that all bosses in the game use in all of their emails (be it sales or relationship). Go…

Ah, wait for a deep question… Yes, Aymeric?

Why write an email sequence? It doesn’t make sense if you already have a great 11-step sales page that sells damn fire.

So yes and no my cap.

In fact, your email will make the reader want to click to discover the product, and the sales page will finish converting it.

It is very important to have persuasive emails, if you just drop a link like that, no one will click on it, especially if you don’t prepare your list before launch.

“Ah, alright, thanks Captain!” »

Now that you know the importance of a good email structure, let me tell you something…

If I say AIDA, do you think of a middle-aged grandmother, an opera or marketing?

Well, logically you are in a marketing blog so…

You must know this acronym (surely one of the most famous).

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, you’re going to learn things. So sit down.

Looked :

1/ Caution

It all starts with capturing the reader’s attention. Without it, the rest is useless.

3 different ways to attract attention:

tells an anecdote

Talk about something that happened to you. Naturally, your reader will want to know the drop and will stick around until the end. If you can, find a link to your product.

Example :

18:53 Bordeaux, July 12 – I have a picnic with my girlfriend.

Everything is going ideally well, we have absolutely planned everything. Tablecloths, wraps, soft drinks, coolers, beautiful stretch of grass. The sun is shining and a light breeze keeps you from getting too hot. We are fine.

After about twenty minutes, I see a guy approaching behind my girlfriend’s back.

The further it goes, the more I think I recognize a uniform. He was a fucking cop. And guess what? He came to fine us 50 bucks because they wouldn’t let us lay down here…

At that time, I was revered. But a few minutes later…

I receive a notification telling me that one of my products has been sold thanks to my email this morning: + €130

We end the night in a nice hotel 😉

If you also want to receive money without doing anything gnagnagna…

Talk about a painful problem in your audience

Example :

I wake up in the morning, determined to launch my business online. After doing my morning routine, I sit at my desk. And there… it’s terrible. I have no idea what to do to move forward.

I have no idea which end to take the piece from. So I give up hope and scroll on Insta until noon…

It was two years ago.

Now ?

I am free, rich and super perfect. It’s thanks to… a great structure for my emails!

I’ll basically make you my cap, you get the idea. When your reader recognizes himself in his lines, he will just want to devour the rest of the email.

Announce that you have something important to tell her and that it is very interesting for her

Example :

In this email, I will explain to you precisely how I became rich thanks to a magical structure. After reading this…

You can sell in 2 hours a day…

To bring indecent sums…

But also and above all live the life you’ve always wanted…


With one of these 3 things?

You are sure that the reader is immersed in the mail and does nothing more than read you.

Thus, you will be able to start arousing interest.

2/ Interest

Contrary to popular belief, interest is the shortest part of the email. In fact, it’s not even really a part. Just little teasers here and there to spark interest.

You’re going to come in and introduce mysterious concepts, or short phrases between the lines that will make us want to know more.


  • “The Buried Map™”
  • “The key to having X”
  • “I never told anyone”
  • My biggest secret »

On the contrary ?

You mention The Great Idea of ​​your product/service.

You show that it is a pillar of your business, that it is NECESSARY to know it.

The reader will have only one wish: to frantically finish your email and punch in your card numbers on your order form.

3/ wish

Now that your prospect dreams of knowing what you are talking about, that he is hooked on your email, you are going to make him want it, that he wants it irresistibly.

We are talking about a sales email. We don’t want to create the desire to sign up for a Webinar, but rather that your reader sends you money, in other words, you have to give it your all.

Example, if you sell dog training:

  • Show videos, images of your obedient, calm and respectful dog;
  • Explain how your relationship with him changed, how you went from “being embarrassed to take him out” to “people ask me how I got such a well-behaved dog” (hard to say that);
  • Make him want to be just like you, have such a well behaved dog. And above all, make your reader understand that all this: is within reach.

Now is the time to give everything, because the last part depends on the intensity of the desire. So, search deep in your gut for something that makes your reader want.

4/ Action

If your reader has come this far, you have it. All you have to do is nicely slip in a call to action like: Click here to get “CANIN ALPHA” and have a well-behaved, obedient dog, starting next week.


That’s all for this time, this structure should allow you to generate a lot of money with each of your emails (if you apply it). I will let you keep me informed, you have my contact details in my profile.

Here’s how to get a reader to beg you to let them send money.

Very cool.

Finally… a crucial step is missing.

All my content promises to persuade and get maximum sales. But everyone assumes that market research has been done before. Otherwise, your persuasion missile will end up at the bottom of the ocean. It’s just that doing a market study is complicated, it’s long, and above all: it’s terribly boring.

In short: after digging for hours and spending hundreds thousands of euros, I ended up discovering a Buried Card, another solution.

A calling frame, leading your audience to hand you nuggets of persuasion on a silver platter. Purely unconsciously to the point where he can’t help but beg you to let him send you money.

Pretty cool, right?

To get it, click next to the pretty boy in purple up there on my profile

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