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Leaving Google at 25 to become an entrepreneur was Rémy Bendayan and Anthony Chelly’s winning bet. From this unique experience they turned it into a virtuoso and unique project: datashake. The agency works with its clients to implement their digital strategy, make the best decisions and make a difference.

From Google to Entrepreneurship: A Path That Makes Sense

Despite the evolution of work, the line between dependent labor and entrepreneurship remains and often leads to binary opinions. Comfort and security on the one hand, risk and uncertainty on the other, there is no shortage of assumptions. After four years at the heart of Google, Rémy Bendayan and Anthony Chelly saw firsthand what an ideal work environment might look like. An American-style management where the employee can fulfill themselves with flexible working hours, a comfortable salary and a wealth of services and activities at their disposal. In short, the holy grail of every employee.

When they decided to leave this iconic and idyllic way of working, the key word was the lack of understanding of those around them. Aside from the fact that the dream of entrepreneurship could not be silenced, the leap into the unknown was a given. The two want to create their own structure that is similar to them and that comes from their rich experience at Google. After mastering all the pitfalls of a startup in the making, datashake was born in 2019.

datashake: the media agency that focuses on excellence and digital marketing to fuel business growth shake data

Put the digital back at the heart of marketing strategies

After four years of developing at the heart of Google and guiding the strategy of advertisers, Anthony and I have observed a delay in the digitization of companies in France says Remy Bendayan. A study by AFNIC confirms this observation: 63% of companies invest less than 200 euros per year for their Internet presence. Using Google’s experience to intervene at this level was the starting point of Datashake and even its added value. The agency supports and advises companies in their strategy for acquiring new customers. In order to make better use of the marketing data from advertisers, to further optimize advertising campaigns and to generate more sales, datashake is based on this claim.

Because today digital marketing is no longer a pretext, a fad, but a real challenge to work and increase your economic growth. And these four years at Google have only confirmed the delay that companies have had in their digitization and a consistency in the offer of French media agencies. datashake therefore strives to change the game by offering an alternative to traditional operations based on the right balance between consulting, technology and data.

datashake or complete and personalized support

To fulfill its mission, datashake has built its offering around 4 specific support formats:

  • campaign management : Run campaigns based on customer KPIs. datashake sets, orchestrates and optimizes all media campaigns with the most efficient levers on the market.
  • consulting assignments : Whether unique or on a limited scale, each mission leads the customer to make better decisions thanks to personalized recommendations related to marketing strategy.
  • Tailor-made training : Providing enriched know-how, education on current media platforms, Datashake Studio enables companies to use their skills internally instead of relying on external partners.
  • Datashake Studio : embellish your media campaigns with creative visual content, personalized, efficient and adapted to the specificities of each platform, Datashake Studio makes the difference. Launched in 2021, the studio allows the agency to do more.

Thanks to this experiential DNA and a drive to “make things better”, datashake has realigned rapid growth in just two years. No fewer than 200 companies have benefited from his expertise, including Qonto, Alan, Europcar, SwissLife, SIEMENS and Air Liquide. An advertising budget of 30 million euros flowed in this way, thanks to the involvement of a team of almost 30 employees. It must be said that the datashake process has something to shake up the competition. The campaigns set up generate an ROI multiplied by two and a cost per acquisition (CPA) divided by 60%. Other strengths of the agency include operational excellence, team responsiveness and expertise consistently turning to artificial intelligence. Companies benefit from the most innovative functionalities, personalized recommendations, but above all from benevolent and tailor-made support.

Datashake’s ambitions should not dry up anytime soon. Thanks to a model already proven in France, the agency aspires to duplicate it abroad. The opening of an international branch is planned for early 2022. An ambition that will certainly materialize in the medium term in the opening of further branches. A free audit is also a great way to showcase this benchmark agency’s expertise in digital marketing.

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