The millionaires of the women’s rioters against Nicky Cosmetics and their reality TV influencers

En larmes, on his Instagram account, a young man from Herault dénonce. She reviews the design of negative comments on your hair salon’s Facebook page. Marion is in shock. “These are the gens who are not Jamais-Venus, they say that this is a sale, which is the import of those who do not import! These are men’s reports, but what is your choice and work, and in addition to what you do not know about men, this is incoherent. She explains that she has denied all of these protocols, a reliable decision on social issues. Mais pourquoi cette jeune coiffeuse qui a ouvert son salon il ya trois ans subit un tel acharnement?

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In addition, there is a whole article published on your website, Le-salon-vagabond. She and met the cause of the Nicky Cosmetics brand. Marion confirms that shampooing is dangerous. She has read about 60 million consumers, the resources of her customers’ experiences and changes in other hair salons. This is a love for other professionals, Amélie, with accents on mis le fire. After posting on the Nick Client Cosmetics Facebook account posts, Facebook posted a post about a buzz and Amélie posted a message from a friend. Marion decided to write an article about her «Alert consumers and customers. I have a responsibility when I have the right colors to do the most beautiful things for the cause of the brand. Hey, je ne veux pas avoir de problem ». La jeune femme se dit maintenant harcelée d’appel. A screenshot of your mobile phone, 5:20 am the matinee, your phone is on every 2 to 5 minutes throughout the day. She assures us that she has a door.

Look for the brand, a controversial digital marketing agency

Nicky Cosmetics Rayonne on les reseaux sociaux. It is open to the public and has 280 million subscribers. Create the digital marketing agency We Events or invite some of the young gamers to the history of the history of reality TV stars with millions of subscriptions. As an example, Jazz Correia, the “Marseillais” Maeva Ghennam and Julien Tanti or the famous Nabila Benattia are invited as an encore to various cosmetic products. Rachetée par AW Web, a branch of the AWPG group, détenue par l’inimateur télé Arthur, la société We Events a déjà fait parler d’elle par l’un de ses fondateurs, Wesley Nakache. Antique publications Racism du jeune homme avait créé la polemique le 20 juin dernier poussant la sociétà à le pensioner de ses fonctions.

In a Facebook group, it has more than 3,000 users in color. We contacted other young designers who are protesting against Nicky Cosmetics. Our goals are both identical and the declared declarations of influencers and influencers of television reality. In the original group, a young woman who had the opportunity to create something “Meanwhile, in order to refuse service after selling car claims from people in defective condition, dealers have responded to customers without reply. You can say that you want to agree to the request ».

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Laura, 31, du Tarn said she had used these products for years. It can be a day, it can be a great place. “Is craquaient en racine, j’ai perdu ma masse, ils ne bouclaient plus, ils sont devenus ternes, poisseux, j’avais des démangeaisons…» Jusque-là, la jeune femme ne s’alarme pas, puis viennent “The great gods of the crène, like the blacks and the gods of time, the three. I like to look at the expenses and bingo, I don’t think so ». Depuis l’arrêt du produit, les douleurs ont cessé et ses cheveux «Ont repoussé et reprenent vie. À gift, I do not know more than a chemist on my crène. J’avoue que j’ai un traumatisme de ce côté-là … Avoir les tempes dégarnies à 31 ans quand on est une une femme, en plus des douleurs, ça marque un peu ». Your search for Isabelle Cellui, 28 years old, du Var, which has been sold “A lot of fun.” I am sorry. My shoes are terrible at the moment, secs, incoiffables ».

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She chose to listen to Audrey, she was in charge of the hairdresser to buy whatever she wanted. “shoe polish”. She spoke about migration: “On debut I think it’s because of the lenses, I’m totally into ophthalmology. Rien. » After discarding the product for shoemakers, the dispensers are on fire. Crowd in Aurélie, 31 years old, South-East, she was very happy with the board: “I love all the suites, I’m very happy and I love doing decorations and coloring, I always have a complete change in texture. I don’t know if it’s too late to ask questions right now.” Puis après un passage chez sa hairdresser, elle dechante. “It’s all over, it’s a lot of fun. I hate having a problem with my health and I need to make money but I don’t need to signal. You’re the one who joins this Facebook group and the millionaires to that Topic that I have. He confirmed to me that the chemical products are still bad. Depuis, je prends une autre marque et tout va bien. »

Surely enter the company interpellent about the negative comments. All say that their hands are immediately suppressed. Coralie is in touch with Nicky Cosmetics, who also received a 50% coupon code. Another Facebook account, “Nicky for the Fans,” just kisses a cap change in favor of the brand. The administrator of the public advertising group: “J’ai le crâne qui brûle dès que je le touche et ça me démange … je ne sais plus quoi penser.”

Intermediate cost of 60 million consumers

As of last January, the site has 60 million consumers of cosmetic products. It is relevant to the presence of nocturnal products, allergens, irritants and intermediate molecules in Europe. The composition of Methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCIT) and Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) revolving cream creams. These conservatives are between 2016 for cosmetic purposes.

Contact, Nicky Cosmetics dementia. For these the compositions are reviewed, they can be used to create an appropriate composition on the site or «label label». The brand pretends to be “Return of these products from the day after several months according to security measures”. But the side is plus loin and enlivens the presence of 7 allergens in a cream without a ring. On Twitter, @doubleshitfuck (the account is non-existent plus aujourd’hui), the influencer and influencer and producer of Jesus’ dropshipping products is warned of the dangers of Nicky Cosmetics creams and shampoos in the long run. This can also be found on to combat the marketing influence of companies We Events or Shauna Event.

Il ya peu, the site denounces the spots of “Slimmee” grapes. A product that is at the top of the social network social stars, available for many hands on the Chinese platform Aliexpress. Invalidity, le patch irait jusqu’à brûler la peau de Certaines personnes. The site publishes photos of a user, rote rose. We have found another user, Laura, who presents the most memorable.

The role of influencers

Nicky Cosmetics communicates about your tips. For the brand is the proposal of the young Herault boss fake news. It claims to want to sell competing cosmetics and publishes information aids. Concernant faux avis sur le salon de Marion, elle dement toute responsabilité. FrenchCom, which has the interests of the group, announces the deposit of a penalty.

Contact from Slate, said Nicky Cosmetics. Society has found a problem “Preservation mixture of presentations in formulas”. She assures you that you are desperate “Products comply with regulations”. amount of our issues, CEO Ron Boccara said in note “A production of certified products” and assure what you want “Communicate more” in action. The help you have “Restricting this very stressful time and certain personalities as well as the sane others, he could see an effect on his hair and hands.”. The brilliant observations are doubly due to the products “Decolorizers, dyes, defibers that provoke this type of reaction”. Nicky Cosmetics affirms the Jamaica suppresser d’avis negatif. The brand is a certainty that the agents representing the influencers and the influencers used the products that produce Quotidiennement “If you don’t use it, we can’t check it regularly.”.

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In addition to our inquiries about Nicky Cosmetics or Slimmee, all users will have these questions about the discourses of influencers and influencers that are in the promotional leaflet. In a series of superlatives, the stars of true reality are seduced. Maeva Ghennam appeals to communauté “My beloved” and declare the use of all manufactured products. Considering the Slimmee patches, the coupé fame gels, a stimulant for the stomach, the products that are the same “revolutionaries”, “Too good to go, without effort, without sport”. She started promoting cosmetics Neila store a few hours before she was due to join Nicky Cosmetics. With a plastic that makes teenagers and millions of followers, Maeva and her homologues are influencing the ways of consumption of a very young audience. Alors, would you like to confier to your celebrités le soin de recommander ces produits?

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