The social network preferences of community managers in 2021

As part of our survey of community managers, we asked the CM about their social rights preferences: the most important platforms and the most important things and goals of the smaller ones are the best performers (organic and paid posts).

On the podium: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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The 853 community managers intervened in the evaluation of important social issues in the work area. You misunderstood the generation of young people and a complex algorithm that does not facilitate the visibility of posts for brands, Facebook remains le reseau social préféré des CM en 2021. Mais pour combien de temps?

Instagram managed to finish the premiere of the podium l’année prochaine, the car is reduced this year. En effet, Facebook voit sa cote de popularièe baisser (-6 points par rapport à l’an dernier), tandis qu’Instagram Continue à etre de plus en plus important aux yeux des CM (+2.6 points par rapport à 2020) . As for the last one, LinkedIn consolidates in 3rd place (+4.4 points per report for the last one).

YouTube overtakes Twitter, TikTok registers progress

This year YouTube has done away with Twitter without the end of the confinement effect and is on the 4 ). Pinterest occupe toujours la 6e place du classement, suivi de très près par le reseau social adulé par la generation Z: TikTok. Unsurprisingly, the Chinese application recorded a new advance in full force (+ 6.7 points per report in 2020).

Snapchat and declin, depassé from Twitch

With the pandemic beginning, Twitch is open to a supersized audience and brands are on the line of interest and interest. On retrove desormais la plateforme à la 8e position (+1.9 points par rapport à 2020), different from Snapchat.

Clubhouse, this audio application with the success of total restriction restrictions, retrospectively occupies an avant-garde position in the rankings, only 4% of the polls that the platform is important in the field of work. The Clubhouse “hype” author is the only place that is small, the audio network will inevitably compete for the dominant platforms that include Twitter, Facebook or Spotify that deploy similar features: Twitter Spaces, Live Audio Rooms, Greenroom…

The CM Social Preferences Ranking in 2021

  1. Facebook: 85% *
  2. Instagram: 84%
  3. LinkedIn: 76%
  4. YouTube: 49%
  5. Twitter: 40.5%
  6. Pinterest: 18%
  7. Tiktok: 17%
  8. Twitch: 5%
  9. Clubhouse: 4%
  10. Snapchat: 3%

* Read: 85% of community managers think Facebook (plutôt ou très) is important in the work framework.


Facebook on perte de vitesse, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok en progression

To the question “In the context of your work, do you see these social problems as progressive, in the face of life or stability? », according to the CM reviewer, Facebook is currently (57%) on Snapchat (49%). In turn, Instagram is 71% a social network in full rise, and it is part of the opinion of TikTok (72%) and the B2B social network: LinkedIn (62%).

Organic content: Instagram offers the best performance

Selon les CM interrogés, les 3 plates quie permettent d’obtenir les meilleurs results organic sont les suivantes:

  1. Instagram (35%)
  2. Facebook (31%)
  3. LinkedIn (25%)

Instagram shared this page before Facebook. Other key findings to share: The majority of CM found an organic reach base on Facebook 1 year (80%), but they are least responsive to that base on Instagram (currently 44%).

At the top of the ranking, he retweets Twitter at #4 (3%), TikTok (2%), Pinterest (2%) and YouTube (1%). Clubhouse, Snapchat, and Twitch occupy three of the last spots.

Advertisement: Facebook domino bonus, big ses at the same time

The most popular payout results are found on Facebook for 63% of respondents. The social network has a long lifespan on Instagram (22%). LinkedIn in 3rd place on the winner’s podium More is in the report for 2020 (-11.9 points). On Retrouve à la suite du classement: Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat.

Content of the videos: Facebook on topic, only live format used

To the question «Publishing videos with your own accounts? », the majority of CM respondents “Oui” (88%). Preferred platforms for posting videos are: Facebook (87%), Instagram (79%) and YouTube (66%). 4th and 5th on retrouve LinkedIn and Twitter, please TikTok, Pinterest, Twitch and Snapchat.

Refers to the «Live» format, it is for the immediate use of CM, which explains 29% of the direct use of the video. For live video, the 3 CM platforms are among the most popular videos: Facebook (69%), Instagram (48%) and YouTube (26%).

Stories: Instagram’s monopoly is good

The stories are useful for the majority of community managers (85%), and unsurprisingly the most useful for this format is the plus social network: Instagram. 94% of interrogators reported stories on Instagram and 65% on Facebook. The other participants also told LinkedIn and Twitter that they needed to post more achievements (less than 10% of recourse to those platforms’ stories).

The Facebook group dominates, YouTube and TikTok progressively

It’s a great opportunity to be a member of the CM, Facebook continues to be a privileged platform in the field of work. Mark Zuckerberg’s group dominates the social media ecosystem, on Facebook, which offers the best advertising services for professionals, but also on Instagram, which continues to seduce creators and brands. The community of managers is more than just an Instagram user who finds organic reaching very important, which is important on Facebook and whose algorithms are difficult to master. Parmi les other engagements, nous pouvons retenir la bonne résistance de LinkedIn, qui consolide sa 3e place au classement of réseaux préférés des CM.

The beginning of the pandemic is also a favorite of certain platforms, including: YouTube, TikTok and Twitch, which are more important than those of the CM this year. What is interesting is that TikTok is a platform that knows more about the progress of this year than the ranking (+ 6.7 points).

In addition to the fact: Snapchat Pointe Désormais in the newest place in the class, Les community managers who continue to benefit from TikTok or Twitch are continued by community managers who benefit from TikTok or Twitch.

Methodology: an online survey conducted by the BDM on June 22 and September 13, 2021 among 853 community and social media managers based in France.

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